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Anisa Jomha is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber gamer known by the gaming community as anisajomha. She is known for her podcast-styled streams where she discusses a variety of subjects and she has also streamed League of Legends gameplay. She has earned more than 220,000 followers on Twitch. For some reasons she has a toxic hatedom.

Why They're Toxic

  1. If Anisa post a video on YouTube they bomb it of dislikes.
  2. They compare Anisa to Maxmoefoe calling she "Female Maxmoefoe".
  3. They're most from IDubbbzTV Fandom and LeafyIsHere Fandom.
  4. They are hypocrites because they are iDubbbz fans but they hate Anisa, and Anisa is currently dating with iDubbbz.
  5. They attack the Anisa's livestreams on Twitch.
  6. They treat Chris Ray Gun as her boyfriend but her real boyfriend is iDubbbz.
  7. They call her "boobie streamer" insulting her breasts.
  8. They call iDubbbz hypocritical just because he's dating with Anisa.
  9. There is a hate channel called "Pear Fax".
  10. They literally raid the Anisa's livestreams on Twitch.
  11. They call Anisa a "lolcow".
  12. Some of them are SJWs.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. They have a point about Anisa being a terrible Twitch streamer.
  2. They have a good point that Anisa sometimes can be rude with other YouTubers and Streamers.