Bring Back National Dex

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Bring Back National Dex
Do you really think Game Freak should do anything for these people after all the stuff they did to them?
Nickname: NatDexers
Type: Toxic Protest
Status: Extremely Active

Bring Back National Dex refers to the backlash following the announcement that Pokémon Sword and Shield will not include the full roster of Pokémon from previous games and only include Pokémon that appear in the Galar Pokédex. This is the first game in the series that will not allow for some Pokémon from previous generations of Pokémon titles. The backlash also occurred within the Japanese arm of the fandom, where it spread on Twitter and Pixiv under the hashtag #互換切り (compatibility cut).

Why It's Extremely Toxic

  1. To point out what’s oblivious about this whole protest is how many people within this group have a huge hate-addiction Game Freak and Pokémon Sword and Shield. They went as far into tearing apart every single tiny problem with the games as well flatout accused Game Freak of many terrible things in the Gaming Industry.
  2. They will not shut up about wanting their National Dex back, so much that they flood every single post onto the Offical Pokémon Social Media pages, even if it has no such thing to do with the games.
    • They also done it in areas that have come offed as disrespectful, like Pokémon Trading Card Game Tournament Champions, even Masuda celebrating a wedding (proof), Masuda congratulating a someone's birthday, or even when he warned people about a hurricane in japan. Heck, they even did it in his own birthday to the point he asked for rest, even he has had enough of the spamming.
    • They even use other hashtags like #BringBackMegaEvolutions or #PokemonDeservesBetter as well. Spamming a hashtag isn’t gonna make the devs bring a feature back.
  3. Their name is extremely misleading, as they have never cared about the National Dex being removed within Generation VII or the fact that the Dex returned in Pokémon Home. Whenever this is brought up, they always point out on the fact that all the Pokémon could be transferred to those games. With that logic, why isn’t the hashtag #BringBackAllPokémon their main hashtag. This right here is considered hypocrisy at its finest.
  4. They fail to realize that the reason behind Dexit was because Game Freak wanted to focus on the overall game, and the growing amount of pokemon ended up taking away time to focus on the game, plus the franchise multimedia state made it hard to them to delay without risking the franchise.
  5. They constantly spam the whole Thanos snap meme over this to the point it's not even funny at all.
    • Speaking of Thanos, they even compare Masuda with Thanos.
  6. They spreaded false claims on Game Freak and their games to justify their own protest. Mainly for example they claimed that "Pokemon were cut for better animations" or that "Game Freak was more focused on Little Town Hero".
  7. They even went as far into accusing Game Freak of being greedy with the EA comparisons(As well calling Game Freak, Game FrEAk), and even with the hashtag #GreedFreak.
  8. They cannot take any criticism about their own protest. They will make up excuses, block and mute others, use offensive memes, and even throw the bootlicker/corporate shill insult.
    • They can be considered huge hypocrites when it comes to criticism, they have accused others of being unable to handle criticism, but yet however, they can’t take criticism onto any of their own actions nor admit flaws with their protest.
    • Even more or so is yet how that they have nit picked and tore apart every flaw within Sword and Shield calling anybody a shill who likes or defends it, only to blindly praise and indie game called TemTem and refuse to admit a single flaw with that game.
  9. They ignore Nintendo completely from the blame despite Nintendo themselves are also responsible in the decision. First off, they own a third of the whole franchise. Two, they are the publishers of Sword and Shield, publishers have control over these games, and Lastly, they agreed to the dex cut along with Game Freak. Not only that, but considering how hard they attacked Game Freak, and defend Nintendo despite agreeing to this decision, they have double standards.
  10. They have no idea how businesses or game development works at all. They think that Game Freak could simply hire more staff with their "billon dollar company" when it shows how outta touch they are and how hard it is to hire staff, which can take days or weeks to apply the right people, as well requiring money to buy more workspace and software.
  11. Also about the "billion dollar company" excuse, they completely don't realize how money in an industry works. First of all, the 94 dollar amount refers to the amount that the franchise made, not all of it goes to just Game Freak, but also Nintendo and Creatures Inc., as well as every other company to worked on the franchise. Even more, they have to pay the staff and the people they outsource their game to help on, and lastly, budgets are still a thing, they have to work on the game while being able to keep the company and the staff alive and well.
  12. Some even treat it like Game Freak doesn't care about fans. If they didn't care, why did they reveal less unlike the previous gen, give other Pokémon then Gen I Galarian forms, and try with an overworld, which was something fans wanted for a longtime?
  13. Some of their claims and reasons are outdated or invalid.
    • They shove in the chart of "Features cut from Pokémon" chart just to claim about how the company constantly scrap features when A. Alot of the features shown arent that big of a deal or necessary. And B. Ignore the fact that other popular series also has removed features, even the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Stadium series has taken out features.
    • They use the "Don't get attached, X won't be in the next game" as an argument when its extremely flawed of an argument.This is because they completely forget the nearly every video game series would drop things in later installment. That's like not caring about Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey, the OC feature in Sonic Forces, and having every single fighter being available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With this logic, then people should not care about anything in life because it won’t stay with them forever.
    • They even use an outdated article with the headline "Let's make our lives easier by cutting Pokémon" from a magazine. In which it claims how Masuda said bringing over Pokémon was the best thing and yet they use it to accuse him of lying. Do people realize this was made almost a decade ago, and the series was still 2D at that time. It's likely his mind has changed around the few years.
  14. They call Pokémon Home (A cloud app that would allow you to transfer from switch games) "Pokémon Prison". They treat the app as if you were locking up your Pokémon into an area and never use it again, when its suppose to be a cloud storage app that also serves as a launch-pad into future games.
    • In fact, one of the reasons they hate the Home app is because the GTS(Global Trading Station). In general, it makes more sense for the feature to be in the home app not only because it can support all pokemon, but also would be free without having to pay for the Nintendo Switch Online services.
    • Another hypocrisy: They complain about locking Pokémon into the app, never taking them out, but they never care about Pokémon they have left in the PC and haven't even taken out.
  15. They have attacked and insulted the people who got the games, blaming them for the failure of their own “boycott”. They also claimed that they would “eat what GF makes up”, which is offensive to millions of fans who have enjoyed these games.
  16. Some even shove in the whole "True Fan" argument. Claiming that true fans would be begging for the dex or boycotting Sw/Sh while calling anybody who like those games "fake fans", or "shills". This is exactly the complete opposite as these fans have yet demonized Game Freak and insulted and bullied various fans who either defended the game or just for stating their own opinion.
  17. They trashed the Charmander line all because they got into the Galar Dex over every other starter (besides the Galar starters), fortunately, the other Kanto starters are found to be in the DLC with Gigantamax forms, In addition, the other Kanto Starters and Alola starters can be transferred via Pokémon Home.
  18. They completely fail to realize that at one point, the franchise would’ve ended up resorting to removing the outside Pokémon. Considering the growing amount of Pokémon within each generation, severe time constraints as well as handling a multimedia franchise, and the struggles with carrying them over to each and every game, it would’ve happened at one point and nothing can be done to stop it. Atleast no one is permanently removed and will end up being in other titles.
  19. It's 2020 and they're still beating a dead horse so hard that the horse came back to life just to be like "STOP!", but they didn't listen. Especially if you were to think about it now, they have already responded to the outrage and at this point it's final. It's also likely to say that even the people behind the account have gotten tired and muted the hashtag, trying to put BBND would just annoying fans and still continue aggressive fighting. It's best at this point to move on and probably either deal with it or find interest in another franchise.
  20. Their own hatred for Game Freak is even proven more when Game Freak decided to bring back an additional 200 Pokémon for free within the games own updates. Instead of being grateful towards them, they yet whine like man children and demand GF to make it free(When considering the amount it’s impossible). It’s just proof that no matter what the company would do, these whiny babies will yet find other way to bash them, if that’s the case, then Pokémon isn’t for these ungrateful brats anymore.
    • They also extremely biased when it comes to other Nintendo games doing DLC but yet why Sword and Shield can’t. This is simply because of their “complete game” excuse. In truth, Pokemon Sword and Shield are considered complete games with enough features to satisfy itself, and also, the quantity or amount of Pokémon available don’t determine the games completeness.
    • They claim that Game Freak "owes it to them" to make the DLC free after "making them pay a higher price for half a game." This is the pinnacle of stupidity, as not only is the "half a game" claim completely biased and false, but Game Freak owes them nothing, especially after all the trouble they've caused.

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