Doomguy (DOOM) Ironic Fandom

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Doomguy (DOOM) Ironic Fandom
Rip and Tear till it's done!
Nickname: Doomguy's followers
Type: Character Fandom
Status: Very Active

The Doom marine (also called Doomguy, officially called Doom Slayer in DOOM (2016) onwards) is the main protagonist of the DOOM franchise made by id Software. Debuted in the 1993 first-person shooter, DOOM, Doomguy is the character known for his ability to take on the forces of Hell, as well as being the mascot of the franchise that popularized First-Person Shooters. With his popularity, there bound to be a fandom to tag along, which became a toxic following and is the toxic portion of the DOOM Fandom.

Why They Should Fear the Doom Slayer

  1. First off, the obvious: the demand for Doomguy to get in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character. There are issues that effectively rules out Doomguy from ever entering that game.
    1. Low popularity in Japan: Doomguy may be well known in western nations (especially in the U.S.), he's not well known in Japan, which can confuse Japanese players who never played DOOM on who's Doomguy. Just because of good sales of DOOM (2016) on the Nintendo Switch don't say much of his popularity in Japan.
    2. Identity prevention: the DOOM franchise identify itself by it's over-the-top violence, blood and gore and demonic imagery that deviates from the mid-ground teen rated theme Super Smash Bros. take. Sure, Bayonetta from the Bayonetta series and Snake from the Metal Gear are included in Super Smash Bros. despite coming from M-rated video games, Doomguy identifies from a franchise that cannot (and will not) deviate from it's ultra-violent nature. In other words, Doomguy would be too out of place for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    3. Licensing issue: the DOOM Franchise is owned by Bethesda Softworks, which Nintendo has to consult to Bethesda Softworks if they ever want to consider adding Doomguy. Bethesda Softworks won't give permission to ever allow Nintendo to add Doomguy. Given the circumstances of the failure of Fallout 76, there's a likelyhood of adding Doomguy to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be met with backlash, since this will give the bad reputation of post-fallout 76 Bethesda Softwork more fire since it will make Bethesda look like a "sellout".
  2. They overpraise Doomguy and liken him to some sort of Messiah. These people have better things to do than to treat a fictional character like Jesus or something.
  3. Some of them are shoehorners that will try to insert Doomguy in any media presentation of Hell, with Hazbin Hotel being a recent example.
  4. Speaking of Hazbin Hotel, a few of them do crossover ships, shipping him to Charlie (a female character), which makes no sense since Charlie is a demon. We all know what Doomguy does to demons (as in killing them).
  5. Speaking of shipping, this fandom somehow managed to be a shipping fandom, making dumb shippings by shipping him with demons, such as Doomguy × Cyberdemon or Doomguy × Pinky.
    1. Even more so, a few of them decide to make pornographic mods of the 1993 game, having Doomguy engage in sexual activity with demons (seriously out of character for both participants). A hentai-themed DOOM mod called HDOOM is the most infamous of this rare bunch. We don't recommend anyone downloading this if they don't want to cringe over the stupid nature of these mods.
  6. They lose their minds when they saw that Doomguy lost to Master Chief in Death Battle.
  7. To add on that, they end up starting flame wars with the Master Chief Fandom because of said Death Battle.
    • They even call Master Chief a rip off of Doomguy.
  8. Edgelords inhabit this fandom, which can be unsurprising due to the ultra-violent nature of the DOOM franchise.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The unironic fandom of the character is at least much more behaved, admiring the character while avoiding the behavior of this fandom.
  2. They still make some wholesome fanart starring Doomguy.
  3. While this is the most toxic part of the DOOM Fandom, all of the rest of the DOOM fandom (including the unironic Doomguy Fandom) are not like this.