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Garfield, the famous lasagna-loving cat is back to take on this toxic ironic fandom in a no-holds-barred racing game!

Garfield Kart is a kart racing game published by Microids and developed by Artefacts Studio (both belong to Anuman Interactive). Released in 2013, the game is based on The Garfield Show which is based on the American comic strip, Garfield; the series is executive produced by Garfield creator, Jim Davis. The player can compete on various tracks, collect items, and power-ups which interfere with the other racers. Players can also customize their vehicles and play online, though the online feature is only available on PC and is currently in beta. The roster consists of Garfield, Jon Arbuckle, Odie, Liz Wilson, Nermal, Arlene, Squeak, and Harry as playable characters with Garfield and Jon being starter characters. There are daily challenges you can complete, which will give you options to customize your vehicle. There are three cups to choose from Lasagna, Pizza, and Hamburger. There is also the hidden Ice Cream Cup, which is unlocked by completing all the other cups on 150cc difficulty. Each cup contains 4 maps, for 16 in total. As expected, there are also the 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc difficulties. For a game that has gotten bad reviews, it spawned a toxic ironic fandom.

Why They're A Bunch Of Bad Kitties

  1. They make a TON of false reviews on Steam, Metacritic, and even The Official Trailer.
  2. They make idiotic memes of the game. Some of these memes here are either offensive or count as opinion disrespecting.
  3. There was a Twitter account for the game (ran by trolls) that, among other things, posted images of terrorist attacks and told users to prepare for a race war. Think about it for a moment....
  4. They are so unaware of the game's outstanding flaws such as bland tracks, lack of content, and poor sound design.
  5. They cannot handle criticism on the game. For example, a YouTuber named Haedox reviewed the game and what did the fans do? They made a ton of non-sensical and mean comments such as "How dare you insult our lord and savior Garfield Kart.", "What! Garfield Kart is a quality game that only the most hardcore and truest of gamers can understand.", "Garfield kart is a game with a beautiful story and every character feels really fleshed out and it just, really makes you feel like Batman", and "your just a hater because your bad at it. i love this game and play it every day". Wow, that does count as Opinion Lashing.
    • Speaking of the comments, they are everywhere in anything related to Garfield Kart. Most of the comments are mostly memetic such as the ones involving Garfielf or random junk like "Garfield Kart>>>>>>>>>>Mario Kart 8".
  6. A lot of these halfwits devote the game to their lives! How is a video game more important than politics, education, money, friends, family, poor people, getting a job, etc.
  7. They keep copying and pasting this quote: "Garfield Kart is the physical equivalent to Halo. With an amazing storyline. And amazing characters. Most people don't understand why Garfield is racing Jon in a go kart match. But people whom have an high iq can understand the lore. Jon was fed up with Garfield being a fat cat, and had enough. He put him into a go kart and said "Race me or you'll never see your lasagna again." So Garfield raced him. And they raced, and raced, and raced, and raced. Until they've given up. Jon knew he was defeated. But he never gave up. He called down Odie to join the race. It was a fierceful 2 v 1, with aliens flying around everywhere and pies being thrown But it seemed like nothing could take down Garfield. Then it happened. The final race. Every character was against Garfield. They were fed up with his winning streak. They all decided to join together and build one mega kart. One so powerful that not even Papa Luigi could take down. Garfield was still confident that he could win. Then the day approached. The race began. The sky was dark. It started to rain. It all came down to this one race. Garfield was ahead, as always. But he noticed his car was starting to fall apart. His engine started to smoke, and his wheels were slowly coming off. There was a mark on his kart saying "Nermal <3" Garfield was furious, and he continued to race, even when death seemed likely. His car, only having two wheels left and a burning engine, coming close to the finish line. Where Vito was waiting for him, with a hot, steamy lasagna. The car blew the third wheel. Only one wheel left, but Garfield still was going. Until. Jon pulled out a c4 and said "THIS IS THE END FOR YOU, FAT CAT." He threw it at the car, and detonated it. An explosion could be heard miles away. There was nothing left of the kart but a could of smoke. But, ladies and gentlemen. This wasn't the end of garfied. Vito went to Garfield, who seemed to have passed out. He fed Garfield the lasagna, hoping it could wake him up. "I believe in-a you, Garfield." Vito said. "Wake up." Garfield's eyes opened. "It's-a miracle!" Vito shouted. Garfield got on a little board with wheels. The mega kart full of the other characters was closing in on Garfield, but the finish line was right there. The kart did a mega-boost that would leave Garfield in the dust. But using the strength Garfield got from Vito's lasagna, he pushed the board towards the finish line. They were head to head, Jon, who looked almost insane, went full power. He started throwing the other characters off to gain speed. He was doing anything he could to gain enough speed to beat Garfield. The smoke clears, the finish line was destroyed. It looks like it has been a tie. But the final replay played. Silence from the audience. Jon looked at the replay and almost cried. The winner was... Garfield." Trust us, once you see this, it will drive you nuts.
  8. They even try to make the game get the Game of the Year Award in 2018. Do you know why? Because of this ironic fandom. Also, the game was released in 2013, not 2018! We wish we were making this up but no.
  9. They even want Garfiled Kart to become an eSport. What kind of madness is this?
    • There is also a ton of idiotic petitions related to Garfield Kart such as this.
  10. Their behavior would continue on to this day simply because of an upcoming sequel. we have proof for their behavior.
  11. In conclusion, many of them could be part of the Mario Kart Hatedom because of their false and cringeworthy behavior.
  12. The Garfiled Kart Wiki enter at your own risk...

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some don't take the game too seriously and can handle criticism.
  2. Some understand why the game was hated in the first place and only like it as a gulity pleasure.
  3. They can still enjoy Mario Kart.