K-Pop Fandom and Hatedom

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K-Pop Fandom and Hatedom
K-pop fangirls.jpg
Fangirls that have gone too crazy!
Nickname: K-Poppers
Type: Music Fandoms/Hatedoms
Status: Active

(Note: If you enjoy K-Pop and are a fan of it, it is alright with all of us. This article talks about the toxic fans. However, we added "Opinion that really deserve disrespecting" category, is because they celebrated the deaths of XXXTentacion, and the Dolan Twins'father. Which can really offend to both of the singers' family members. Also, they sometimes side with the very traumatizing Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom (which they took Jackson hate at even greater level than fandoms and hatedoms view at K-pop) and that can be pathetic too.

K-Pop (short for Korean Pop) is a music genre that originated in South Korea. It is notable for experimenting with all different genre of music. Another thing it's known for? It's toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why They're Both Toxic


  1. They literally celebrated XXXTentacion's death.
  2. They celebrated the death of the Dolan Twins' father in response to a comment Grayson Dolan made about K-Pop idols fainting on-stage, WHICH HE APOLOGIZED FOR.
    1. And the official Instagram account that made arrangements to make their father's funeral a literal meet-up (and started the entire funeral drama in general) stated that they were a 'K-Pop stan.'
  3. They insult and attack anyone who are not a fan of K-Pop, to the point of self-harm.
  4. They also fangirl when somebody has a profile picture that of their favorite K-Pop artist, mostly Jimin and Jungkook from BTS. Even if a video brings up a reference to their fandom, the fangirls will spam the comments. In Jacksepticeye’s video where he played PeTA games, he once said that he listens to BTS.
  5. They also attacked a rapper named Cupcakke just because she fangirled Jungkook on Twitter. DOUBLE STANDARDS MUCH?! This made her try to commit suicide, but thankfully she failed.
  6. Some of them are part of the Anime Hatedom, they literally hate Anime fans and call them weeaboos! They also hate J-music because they are literally racist against JAPAN!
  7. The worst part of the K-pop fandom are Koreaboos, a pun on Weeaboos, the Non-koreans who are obsessed with South Korean culture (Which includes Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Westerners and even Japanese too!).
    1. They failed to realize that most of K-pop songs are also translated in J-pop/Japanese version, hypocrite much?!
  8. A minority of the fanbase (mostly from South Korea), are stalkers, or 'sasaengs'. They will do almost EVERYTHING to get a K-Pop idol to notice them, by blocking a road, breaking into their apartment, hacking their twitter account, to the point where they left their DRIED MENSTRUAL BLOOD in one of the idols’ apartment door.
  9. Amino is literally infested with these fans. They think K-POP is their life and everything should be K-POP-ified. There's even a debate, roleplay communities and even fanfiction communities! We're not joking here. It proves how overrated and toxic K-Pop and their fans can be. Seriously, who has a career debating about K-Pop? and who roleplays their favorite band members? and make outright questionable fanfiction?
  10. There's even shipping wars in this fandom.
  11. Sometimes, this fandom overlaps with the very infamous Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom since Jackson's music was more popular than K-Pop music back in the 90's.
  12. On Twitter, fans have taunted other people who died (Examples include Stan Lee, Etika, Cameron Boyce, etc.), claiming that "stanning" K-pop idols would have prevented such tragedies.


  1. If you like K-Pop they will attack you.
  2. They are also apart of South Korea Hatedom, Gacha Hatedom, Anime Hatedom, Jair Bolsonaro Fandom, TheTopTens Fandom and Amino Apps Fandom.
  3. They spam racist memes.
  4. They love to make flame wars with the K-Pop Fandom.
  5. They make fun of K-Pop fans, especially fans of BTS.
  6. It's full of xenophobes, they hate the South Korea and the South Koreans and also others countries of Asia just because of K-Pop.
  7. It's also full of homophobes, if they see a male K-Idol they will call him "gay" and if they see a female K-Idol they will call her "lesbian".
  8. They call South Korean girls small butt.
  9. Some of them send death threats to BTS members.
  10. They support racism against yellow people.
  11. They thinks that all the K-Idols are apart of the LGBTQ community.
  12. They thinks that all K-Pop fans are Koreaboos.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. A majority of the fanbase are not stalkers, or sasaengs.
  2. They're haters can be just as bad if not worse.
  3. Some K-pop fans are also Anime-fans too, in fact some of the YouTubers makes amazing K-pop themed AMV's on youtube while others in Nightcore version like this version of Momoland's Bboom bboom in Nightcore.
    • They also include fan-arts of their favourate K-pop idols in Anime-style.
  4. Some who follow certain groups or fan bases of certain groups are mature or chill and stay out of drama or call out rude or hateful fans. I’ve seen a few that are not NEARLY as toxic as others.


  1. They have a point that BTS will be discontinued.