Kingdom Hearts Fandom and Hatedom

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Kingdom Hearts Fandom and Hatedom
A fitting end for such a fool.
Nickname: Keyblade Masters
Keyblade's Chosen Ones (Fandom)
Type: Video Game Fandom
Video Game Hatedom
Status: Very Active (Fandom)

Semi-Active (Hatedom)

Kingdom Hearts is a series of action RPGs developed and published by Square Enix. It's a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix and it's under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura. The game series happens to be a crossover of various Disney properties based in a fictional universe. The series usually focuses on Sora who goes on a journey and experiences various Disney, Square Enix, and Pixar characters including Donald and Goofy. The heroes of the series clash against the multiple incarnations of Xehanort throughout the series. Many franchises that were included in the game consist of Mickey Mouse, Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Lion King, Aladdin, Einhander, Tron, Hercules, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fantasia, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Big Hero 6, and many more. While the series has been successful due to mixing both the dark elements of Final Fantasy and the light elements of Disney, this franchise also includes a very dark fandom and hatedom.

Why They're Heartless (No Pun Intended)


  1. They keep saying that the series is owned by Square Enix when Disney actually owns the series. If they own the series, then that means they own the original characters that appeared in the game including Sora, Kairi, Riku, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, etc. Although Nomura came up with Sora and the other characters that debuted in Kingdom Hearts
  2. While the series is shown to be a crossover, they have this tendency to want some non-Disney or non-Square Enix characters to join Kingdom Hearts which is not going to happen since the games focus on both Disney and Square Enix franchises. One example of this would be them wanting Sonic the Hedgehog to appear in the series just because of this Tweet alone. Another example would be this petition involving Shrek. Seriously, guys, you can't just shoehorn every single character in a game.
  3. They got really mad when the Heroes from Dragon Quest were chosen to become playable characters in Smash Bros. Ultimate without realizing that Dragon Quest would have more chances of being represented in Smash in comparison to Kingdom Hearts most likely because not only Nintendo choose the DLC, but Dragon Quest is owned by Square Enix compared to Disney. On top of that, they make up excuses such as "No one cares about Dragon Quest" or "Fuck Dragon Quest" which is offensive to those who liked Dragon Quest.
  4. They make a ton of fetish fueled artwork related to the original characters. So much so that it can possibly rival the Pokémon Fandom in terms of this kind of fan art. Also keep in mind that some characters such as Sora, Riku, and Kairi are clearly teenagers meaning that it's considered pedophilia since they are still underaged!
  5. There have been some cases when typical fanboys and fangirls (mostly the fangirls) become sexually attracted to the original characters in the series. They don't get the idea that they are only fictional and some are clearly underaged as already mentioned.
  6. Some only play the series just to see the original characters thus ignoring that Disney and Square Enix characters exist in the series. In fact, they can easily forget the Disney and Square Enix characters as well.
  7. They always look down on people who dislike the game series. Therefore, they refer to the haters as "Heartless" which is cruel.
  8. They are sightless by the series' flaws. They do this so much that they will lose their minds if they see someone point a flaw (mainly towards people who dislike the games). The flaws they always ignore include the Flanderization of the Final Fantasy characters (mainly Cloud and Sephiroth), Demyx being an annoying boss character, some games having long loading times, etc. Basically, they pretty much become the fandoms of JoJo, Rick and Morty, and the Spider-Man Trilogy of video games.
  9. They think that everyone likes the series when people have their own taste of franchises.
  10. One of the most infamous moments to ever come out of this fandom was when many people stole several copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 around mid-December 2018, just to leak major parts of the game. This lead to Square-Enix to cut the game's secret ending and epilogue for physical copies of the game, which were added back in with a day-one patch after the game's release.
  11. They constantly want the series (mainly the Kingdom Hearts 3) to appear on the Nintendo Switch when begging doesn't do anything. Also, writing petitions doesn't help either.
  12. Some would blindly dislike Final Fantasy. Ironically enough, some Final Fantasy characters did appear in the games.
  13. When Nomura made the year-end thank you video, the comments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were nothing but "I want KH3" to no end.
  14. Before KH3 got released, they were really impatient on when the game would come out. Luckily, the game already came out so they can stop whining.
  15. According to them, "Quality < Quantity" when it comes to game development.
  16. Some are very unthankful about the side games.
  17. Sometimes, they are so obsessed with the series, they can easily get on your nerves.
  18. Shipping conflicts are present in this fandom. In the process of continuing this point, these idiots tend to pummel on the female characters such as Kairi or Xion. As a matter of fact, hetrophobes are still part of this fandom. The shipping wars are so laughable, they will start the infamous hetero shippers vs. yaoi/yuri shippers, and same-series shippers vs. crossover shippers, and so on.
    • Speaking of shipping, they would go as far as shipping Riku and Mickey Mouse which doesn't make sense because it's zoophilia. Also, Mickey is already in love with Minnie.
  19. Back to the topic of shipping. They make some really bad ships such as Sora x Ansem, Ventus x Vanitas, Zexion x Karel (Fire Emblem), Roxas x Mai (Fatal Fury), Sora x Rin (Vocaloid), Sora x Twilight (MLP: FIM), Vanitas x Dark Pit (Kid Icarus), Sora x Dawn (Pokemon), Roxas x Ruby (RWBY), Sora x Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon), Namine x Asta (Black Clover), Namine x Discord (MLP: FIM), some self-inserts, the list could go on.
  20. Some fans would love to pummel on their least favorite characters to no end.
  21. They complain about how KH3 being ported on the Xbox One. No joke.
  22. They overuse the "okay, I believe you" line.
  23. Their hatred for KH3 has gotten out of hand just because it didn't live up their expectations. How ungrateful they are.
  24. They are so toxic that it can make people quit Kingdom Hearts in general thanks to their behavior.


  1. They hate the series so much that even the mere mention of Kingdom Hearts is enough for them to attack you to hell and back.
  2. They also call Kingdom Hearts a bad game. If that's the case, then why is the series critically acclaimed? Even though we do have different tastes.
  3. They stem from the Final Fantasy fandom because both series were made by Square Enix.
  4. They treat the series as if it was the “reincarnation” of Adolf Hitler, especially Kingdom Hearts III.
  5. Some could be xenophobes since the series is made in Japan.
  6. Some of them are part of the Disney Hatedom since this is a Disney game. They also come from the Mickey Mouse Hatedom since Mickey appears in the game.
  7. They always call the game "Gay" which is offensive.
  8. Some used to be former fans of KH, but they lost their minds when KH3 was released.
  9. A former user of here, Zenko, was a good example of a toxic KH hater.
  10. Some of them would even make hate art of the series and its characters. This here is an example.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Some mature fans who are willing to accept different views still exist.
  2. You can still find some epic artwork, cosplays, and fan-fictions.
  3. Some are aware of the limits the series has.
  4. Some can still enjoy the side games, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, or KH3.
  5. Some understand that Sora is unlikely to be in Smash. In fact, some are thankful that the Hero is in the game.
  6. They paid respects to Eddie Carroll who died in 2010. Eddie voiced Jiminy Cricket in some Kingdom Hearts games.
  7. They are aware of the series having a complex storyline.
  8. They do have a point about the flaws KH3 has such as the Attraction Flow being way too OP, Maleficent and Pete having no purpose to the story, the game trying to sympathize Xehanort at the end, etc.
  9. Not all of them are pedophiles since a lot of them are under 18 or don't make NSFW art involving underaged characters.
  10. Some do know that Disney owns the series.


  1. The hatedom is mostly rare to find.
  2. They may have a point about the flaws the series has.
  3. Some are mature, tolerate different viewpoints, and could have a legit reason to not like the game series.