Linkin Park Ironic Hatedom

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Linkin Park Ironic Hatedom
Man, these people are really crawling in Chester's skin.
Type: Music Hatedom
Status: Active

Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. After lead singer Chester Bennington passed away from an apparent suicide on July 20, 2017, the band has gained an extremely toxic hatedom.

Why There is No "In The End" In This Hatedom

  1. The only reason that they hate Linkin Park is because Chester Bennington committed suicide, which is an incredibly biased reason to hate something.
  2. They attack on a singer who has just been living a hard life and is sadly no longer here to defend himself.
    1. This also includes some Logan Paul fans who joked about and celebrated his death. As they Are mostly little children, Where are their parents?
    2. Speaking of Logan Paul fans, they're also from the Justin Bieber Fandom, the Conspiracy Community (we're not joking), the Jake Paul Fandom, the K-Pop Fandom, the United States Ironic Hatedom, and much more.
  3. It shares the same problems with the Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom, the Cameron Boyce Ironic Hatedom and the XXXTentacion Ironic Hatedom.
  4. They attack and harass anyone who tries to defend Chester (including his fans) to the point of self-harm.
    • They are the reason why people think suicide is a joke.
    • They are mostly on YouTube.
    • Most of them are ignorant teenagers.
    • They fail to realize what Chester has been going through.
    • They hacked Chester's wife, Talinda's Twitter account!
    • If you like or still like Linkin Park, chances are you will get called a "Satanist" , "suicide apologist", etc.
  5. God awful and downright disrespectful memes, such as this.
  6. They hate It just because the fandom has edgelords.
  7. They are unaware of how bad they are.
  8. They are massive hypocrites.
    • They praise Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell who are musicians who also committed suicide, yet bash on Chester for committing suicide. Double standards much?
    • They claim they only feel bad for Chester's kids, and say that he was a bad father. However, what they're doing is actually traumatizing to his kids! Well, at least he didn't pull horrible pranks on his kids like the YouTuber who must not be named!(DaddyOFive)
    • They call Talinda a hypocrite while they're the hypocrites themselves.
    • They call the fans ignorant and uneducated, while themselves are ignorant and uneducated, showing off their hypocrisy once again.
  9. They killed the music community and the meme community.
  10. They try to prevent anyone from listening to the band's songs.
  11. Many of them are rabid Christians and blindly believe that all suicide victims go to hell because "the Bible said so", as they may claim. Chester shouldn't be their problem. Ephesians 1:7 says, "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace." They should listen to that verse. Jesus never turned away from anyone; neither should they.
    • Some of them are even metal elitists and praise bands that are heavier than Linkin Park like Slipknot and Korn. However, what they don't understand is that Corey Taylor and Jonathan Davis expressed their sadness about Chester's death, therefore showing off their double standards once again.
  12. Some of them pretended to be Linkin Park fans just to wait for Chester to die!
  13. In fact, the hatedom is so horrid, that even Mike Shinoda can't stand them, showing that even the band's members themselves hate them as well.
  14. They treat Chester as if he's worse than Adolf Hitler. How in the world is a severely depressed rock star worse than a dictator who took so many people's lives?
  15. Five words: The John Podesta conspiracy theory.
  16. It's 2020, and they're still attacking Chester after he died! This shows that these heartless freaks will never learn from their mistakes.
  17. The ironic hatedom is far worse than the fandom will ever be.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some mature haters respect opinions and paid respects to Chester, but sadly, those are overshadowed by the toxic ones.
    • A VERY small portion of them aren’t ironic, though it’s about 3% of the hatedom.


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one month ago
Score 2
I love Linkin Park.


5 months ago
Score 3

As a Linkin Park fan I think we should leave Chester alone.

It's been almost 3 years let him rest.