Minoru Mineta Hatedom

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Minoru Mineta Hatedom
Mineta: I will use my power of grapes to put my toxic hatedom out of their misery!
Type: Anime Hatedoms
Character Hatedoms
Status: Super Active

Minoru Mineta is a character from the manga and anime series "My Hero Academia". He is one of the heroes of Class 1-A at U.A. High School in the series. He may be one of the most hated characters in the franchise but apparently, his hatedom is extremely insane and drives him too far.

Note:If you hate him and don't have any of these qualities, we respect your opinion.

Why His Hatedom Deserves Grape Rush And A Kick

  1. They Don't just hate him, they dehumanize him seriously! We're not joking.
  2. They spam their hate comments on any social media websites.
  3. His hatedom is extremely horrible, mainly due to some toxic SJWs and insane ones to the point that even his mature haters hate them more.
  4. Some of them wish death on him, so their Favourite Character Shinso will replace Mineta at Class 1-A. Oh c'mon, he is a fictional character.
  5. They overly obsess their hate on him because of his flaws while ignoring his redeeming qualities.
  6. There are few stupid reasons why they hate him such as:
    • "He's useless". Hello! He can use his quirk wisely as he's able to help his teammates.
    • "His design is ugly". What?! Seriously! Having an ugly design doesn't mean that they should thrash him.
  7. Lots of Hate arts of Mineta exists.
  8. Opinion Disrespecting and flame wars to his fans especially the innocent ones.
  9. They share the same issues with Sakura Haruno Hatedom, and The Emoji Movie Hatedom, since they treat them as the worst things that ever exists according to them. Why? Because they think that they are better than those characters/movies that they hate, but that's not true.
  10. They're trying hard to force every one to hate him.
  11. What's worse that they're major hypocrites as they hate him just because he's annoying and pervert despite they act even more annoying and childish than him, they are also huge perverts than Mineta himself since they draw fetish arts and porn arts of their favourite characters. Ironicly, they do the same thing on him, especially on his gender bender version since they find that version likable than his main version even their personalities are same.
  12. As a result of their extreme toxicity with insanity and double standards, they humiliate and killed the anime community big time.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mature haters of him still exists as they can respect opinions. Especially when they started to cool down significantly from Summer 2019 onwards.
  2. Sometimes, they respect him, especially when he recieves character development with one of them is very significant on My Hero Academia Movie Two Heroes.
  3. They are aware of his bad and good qualities as they point it out.
  4. They have a point that Mineta's pervert scenes are overused, which can annoy people sometimes.
  5. A small portion of this toxic hatedom redeemed themselves by changing their attitude either becoming a healthy hater or a healthy fan of him, with some of his new mature/healthy fans can be good cosplayers. Granted, as they were able to change their attitude.
  6. Surprisingly, they can make a good fan art of him.