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#They can make great fanart and memes.
#They can make great fanart and memes.
#Some were fine with it not being nominated for an Oscar.
#Some were fine with it not being nominated for an Oscar.
[[Category:Movie Fandoms]]
[[Category:Movie Fandoms]]

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Over the Hedge (DreamWorks) Fandom
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Over the Hedge might be a great movie, but the fandom is not.
Type: Movie Fandom
Status: Active

Over the Hedge is a 2006 animated film produced by Dreamworks Animation. The film tells the story of a raccoon named RJ that teams up with a herd of forest animals to steal enough food for his friend, Vincent the bear before the full moon. While the movie is good and all, it still has a toxic fandom. And as a fan, that's saying something.

Why RJ Should Steal Their Food

  1. They over glorify the movie without acknowledging it's flaws.
  2. They praise characters such as RJ and Hammy in a very toxic manner.
  3. They tend to start a lot of flame wars with other Dreamworks Animation fans such as Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Dragon .
  4. They spam quotes such as "Play", "I've got makeup on my butt dude", and "But I like a cookie".
  5. Much like the Madagascar Fandom, the Cars Fandom, Shrek Fandom and The Lion King Fandom, they bash on Open Season and call it a "rip-off" of this movie.
  6. They like to rip on other animated movies from 2006 such as Cars, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Open Season (as mentioned above), Happy Feet and Flushed Away.
  7. Many of them are unaware that the film was based on a comic strip of the same name.
  8. Some got mad that the film wasn't nominated for an Oscar. Not every film is going to get nominated.
  9. They spam you to go see this movie, even though not everyone would be interested in it or vane the money needed for it.
  10. If you were to say that you don't like this film or prefer any other Dreamworks film that is considered to be one of their weakest films, than they'll bash you for that reason.
  11. It's 2020 and some still won't shut up for a sequel.

Why RJ Will Return Their Food

  1. They do give good reasons to why they like the film.
  2. They can make great fanart and memes.
  3. Some were fine with it not being nominated for an Oscar.

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