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SuperMarioLogan Fandom
SML Logo.jpg
Who would have ever thought a puppet would intoxicate millions of people?
Nickname: Jeffy-Freaks
Logan Dick Riders
Type: YouTuber Fandoms
Status: Super Active

SuperMarioLogan, known colloquially as SML, is a YouTube channel that uploads Mario plush videos produced by Logan Austin Thirtyacre. The channel has a bad fandom for a number of reasons.

Why It's Just As Dumb As Jeffy Is

  1. They overpraise almost every single SuperMarioLogan video ever made, particularly those in 2016 or later.
    1. They even overpraise the very bad ones like Cody's Birthday, Locked Out, Drawing Jeffy, Cody Plays Tennis, The Science Fair. The Lamp and the infamous Jeffy's Bad Word.
  2. They forced the Loathsome Characters wiki to remove an article of Jeffy.
  3. When someone provides evidence as to why Jeffy is bad, they just assume that they're hating on Jeffy for no reason, even when the evidence is in front of them.
  4. They always whine and complain about SML getting age-restricted. Even though most fandoms would usually have similar reactions, what this fandom doesn't understand is that Jeffy was behind SML's demonetization.
  5. They downright despise SMG4 to death. Some examples of their hatred for that channel taken too far are:
    • They complained to Animation Rewind when Mario and Jeffy lost in the Cartoon Fight Club episodes of SML vs SMG4 and Jeffy vs SMG4.
    • They outright threaten people who prefer SMG4 over SML.
    • They send profane insults and death threats to Luke Lerdwichagul, the creator of SMG4.
    • Many of them have crippling hypocrisy standards when it comes to SMG4. For example, some people complain that SMG4's humor relies heavily on cussing and that SML's humor is fresher. However, SML's humor relies far more on cussing than SMG4 ever did. Jeffy and Goodman are the primary examples of this. They also hate SMG4 for making his version of Mario downright retarded for no reason whatsoever, when they praise Jeffy for being retarded.
    • They think that Luke is meaner than Logan without having any proof of such. Seriously, how do you know which is meaner and which is not if you never had met them in real life nor have evidence?
  6. They utilize very poor English and spam emojis.
  7. JeffyJeffyUHUHUH
  8. Many SML fans are also in the already toxic Vyond Community or as stated above, the SMG4 Hatedom.
  9. They sanctify Jeffy and attack people who don't like Jeffy. Whenever Jeffy doesn't appear in a video, they either don't bother watching the videos or instantly hate on it, causing "Toad's Mistake!" and "Attack Of The Killer Shrimp!" — two videos meant for older fans — to receive negative feedback. Many even go as far as to flag non-Jeffy videos.
    • Speaking of which, there is a person who is being bullied in real life for many reasons including his autism just for not liking Jeffy.
    • They hate GameCubeDude300 just because he hates Jeffy. Several of his reaction videos were dislike bombed.
    • There's also a person on Twitter by the username, JeffyFan101. He disrespects opinions on Jeffy and tries to take down people for hating Jeffy, and thinks that hating Jeffy is ridiculous. He also spreads lies and absurd information about others. He even threatened to take down GameCubeDude300 just for hating Jeffy.
    • Similarly, a user on YouTube named JeffyFan64 thinks that no one should ever hate on Jeffy. He disrespects opinions and threatens to flag all of people's videos just for hating Jeffy. He also believes opinions don't exist or matter.
    • They even send death threats to people who criticize Jeffy.
  10. They overreacted to and disliked-bombed a Good Morning America video with SML in it.
    • In fact, they also send death threats to the people at Good Morning America just because they mentioned SuperMarioLogan.
  11. They often make lies up to try to support their opinion, which they sometimes go as far to consider as fact.
  12. It’s so toxic to the point that it’s possible that Logan himself can be aware of how bad it is.
  13. The Jeffy fanboys, albeit indirectly, led to the demonetization of the channel. They constantly demanded for more Jeffy videos with more of his swearing and other inappropriate jokes, which were among the major reasons SML's channel was demonetized in the first place.
  14. AwfulFanDactyl is a particular example of a Jeffy fangirl.
    • She makes cringe-inducing vore videos about Jeffy.
    • She has a crush on Jeffy — a thirteen-year-old puppet — when she's eighteen years old.
    • She created her own cringe-inducing Jeffy fanfiction on WattPad. In "Chapter 6: The Intense Volume,” she implies she had sex with Jeffy, suggesting that she has pedophilia and/or objectophilia. Thankfully, that got her kicked off the site.
    • She spams Logan's Instagram with comments on how she hates every SML character except Jeffy and how she loves Jeffy.
    • She called the YouTuber Nicktendo's animations crap, when her own animations contain disgusting vore.
    • On the SML Wiki, she vandalized pages with her own fanfictions (i.e. Baby Peach being Jeffy's best friend and assistant).
  15. It's full of dumb children, pre-teens, teenagers and Manchildren.
  16. When they associate "Super Mario" they associate it with this plush channel.
  17. Many of them have double standards. For example, they like it when Jeffy or Junior do bad things to other characters, but hate on Mario or Chef Pee Pee whenever they do something bad to other characters (or vice versa).
  18. Despite the content of his videos clearly not being for kids, many of his younger fans think that SML is appropriate for them.
  19. They are biased towards certain types of videos and certain characters.
  20. When someone doesn't like a certain video, they'll either demand why that person's even watching the video or tell him or her to get out; even though you have to watch the video to know if you like it.
  21. They bombed Common Sense Media with positive reviews on the channel, making up false information such as that the show is safe for all ages and is educational.
  22. They take many episodes too seriously, such as "Jeffy's Tantrum!".
  23. Before Jeffy's debut, there were fans who kept begging for Mama Luigi to return, despite his death in "Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. Season 2 Episode 1". However, the majority of toxic fans have been replaced by Jeffy fanboys nowadays.
  24. A British fan of the series who watched the video "Jeffy's Tantrum!" decided to imitate Jeffy's actions in the video by attempting to hang himself. Thanks to this foolish act, YouTube began age-restricting even more of Logan's videos.
  25. Many of them reupload Logan's videos just to gain more views and they monetise the stolen videos, this upsets Logan because they are stealing his content and money and they got him demonetised.
  26. Some of them upload cringe-inducing videos of Jeffy crossing over to other forms of entertainment, such as the Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War.
  27. Many actually subscribe to YouTube channels simply if their username relates to Jeffy.
  28. Literally any video that constructively criticises SML has been dislike-bombed.
  29. They are known to hate on the main Mario games (especially the Mario & Luigi games).
    • Speaking of the Mario series alone, there are some that either don't actually know what the Mario series are actually about or even part of the Mario Hatedom.
    • Although really rare, there are some who want the SuperMarioLogan characters like most notibaly Jeffy to be cannon in the Mario Franchise. *Facepalm*
  30. They have a huge hate boner for the 2007-2008 videos because they have low quality which they don't and that is a very stupid reason to hate videos like that, not to mention that they no longer care about Mama Luigi anymore.
  31. The younger fans and scalpers spotted the same Mario plush SML uses on Ebay and other sites, causing the price to skyrocket very fast to upwards of $200, spoiling any collector's chance to get it and making owners of the plush feel like it's valuable, when it mostly isn't.
  32. They use the "don't like don't watch" argument, which can also apply to them regarding the Good Morning America video, reason why this argument is bullcrap.
  33. Some of them are fanatics of Jeffy rather than SuperMarioLogan himself.
  34. Most of them are like whores/like beggars, they say useless comments like heres how much Cody's mom weights.
  35. It's much worse than the hatedom. At least the hatedon has good reasons to hate SuperMarioLogan and they are far more nicer than the fandom will ever be.
  36. There is a subset of fans known as "Logan Dick Riders" that are completely obsessed with SML. Unlike most fans they hate Jeffy, as they constantly make videos on why they hate Jeffy. They are very obsessed with anything SML does and constantly make videos about SML. That's at least 90% of the content they make on their channels. They basically leech off the success of Logan by making many videos criticizing him, hence they earned the nickname "Logan Dick Riders".
    1. The biggest example of a "Logan Dick Rider" would be dabhdude.
    2. Some of them even insist they are helping Logan!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some mature SML fans who don't take SML too seriously, unlike most SML fans, and they can venerate people's opinions on him.
  2. Some SML fans don't attack SMG4 and are fine with people who are part of his fanbase.
  3. Some fans have later stopped attacking Good Morning America over SML featured in GMA's video, and even agreed with the video as well.
  4. Some SML fans are aware that most of SML's modern videos are inappropriate and not educational.
  5. Some fans of Jeffy don't take him too seriously and can deal with people not liking him.
  6. They do have a point that he should’ve not got demonetized.
  7. Some fans don't mind constructive criticism to SML's videos, and even criticize them as well.
  8. A few of the fans have good reasons to not like Jeffy.
    • Some fans quit being a fan to SML due to Jeffy's stereotypical behaviour.
  9. They do specify that parents are at fault for not watching for their children for watching something that's inappropriate for them
    • They also do have a point that GMA is being a bit stupid for blaming SuperMarioLogan instead of the parents.
  10. There are actually some who knows what the legit Mario franchise is all about and realize that some characters like Jeffy, Shrek and Chef Pee Pee are non-canon to the Mario games.
  11. Not all of them hate the main Mario games or hate Mario at all. If not, then they can respect opinions of people who like them.
    • Speaking of which, some could have a valid reason why they don't really like the main Mario games or the Mario franchise itself. Maybe because it's not their cup of tea. Cause, of course, not everyone has to like them.
  12. There are even some Jeffy fans that can respect opinions. Such as RoboticJeffy and LikeTotallyDonut.


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