The Anti-Furry Community

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The Anti-Furry Community
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Nickname: Anti-Furries
Status: Semi-Active

A furry is a person who associates with a non-human anthropomorphic animal. Many adopt a "fursona" which is an anthropomorphic representation of their perceived self. They have been the target of many misconceptions and hate over the years, and they happen to have one of the worst hatedoms on the Internet.

Some people just don't stop attacking this mostly harmless community, and as such have congealed into their own hatedom. Furries do have a dark side. However, it is usually kept behind closed doors and isn't omnipresent in furries as a lot of people falsely believe.

Disclaimer: This page is not made to attack nor defend the bad side of the fandom and is primarily focused on the hatred the entire fandom faces as a whole.

Why It's Toxic

  1. Furries are often bullied and called freaks for little to no reason at all. Just because someone possesses a different way of expressing themselves outside societal norms does not mean that they should be shamed. There have even been suicides due to the relentless bullying, some of which were kids!
  2. There is a little myth floating around that all furries are "gay". This assumption is an insult to both the LGBTQ+ community and the furry fandom as a whole. Though some studies have proven that 60 to 80 percent of furries are somewhere in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, it's still an insult to both to say that every single person in it is exactly the same.
  3. Furries have been cast in a severely hateful light by the media over the years or near four decades until late 2014, even being portrayed on TV as being sexual deviants and even bestiality freaks despite their association with fictional anthropomorphic animals, The prominent example is of CSI’s episode regarding them being put in a negative light by fandom shaming and demonization of the subcultural community.
  4. There are entire websites dedicated to smearing the fandom. This level of dedication to harming a community's reputation is ridiculous.
  5. They often mistake them for any and all anthropomorphic animals with little to no research, like calling Pepe the Frog a furry just because he’s an anthropomorphic animal.
  6. They claim furries are the reason some infamous fetishes appear on the Internet, despite the fact that most of them have cropped up many years before furry subculture gained notability.
  7. The extremist part of the hatedom threatens to kill furries, even those who haven't committed crimes and just love being a furry for socializing and fun.
  8. As was stated in point 6, many furries are accused of enjoying bestiality/zoophilia, pedophila, and necrophila. This is not completely true. Even part of the decidedly more bad side of the fandom is vehemently against it. Identifying as an animal doesn't automatically mean that you want to have sex with them. This can't be said about absolutely everyone, unfortunately.
  9. While it is quite true that a great many furries roleplay, it is rather innocuous most of the time, often being ordinary life or closely resembling D&D.
  10. The hatedom is so rooted in its misconceptions that it will completely fail to acknowledge anything good about furries.
  11. They rehash the same old jokes over and over again. For example, the classic joke that consists of "If furries want to be animals, we should be legally allowed to hunt them." This joke itself isn't that funny because of the obvious “edgy for the sake of edgy” humor being used over and over as well as the misconception that the furry fandom is about wanting to be non-human animals (Therianthropy).
  12. They like to call furries "Furf*gs", which is clearly offensive towards LGBT people.
    • They also say "Yiff in hell" to any furry/furry-related content that they see.
  13. Whenever they see anything that appears to be furry related in literally anything such as the Laguz, Kitsunes, Wolfskins, and Taguels from Fire Emblem, The Tanooki, Frog, Bee, Penguin, Bunny or Cat power-ups from Mario, the Animal Crossing characters, CloudCo Entertainment Animal Characters (like the Bears from Care Bears and the Buddy Thunderstruck characters (while most of the latter's hatedom is rare and healthy)) or the Maximals and Predacons from Beast Wars: Transformers, they WILL go ballistic.
    • Also, the Kitsunes from Fire Emblem are based on Japanese mythology, so why act so rabid over these types of characters? The Wolfskins, on the other hand, are based on werewolves in European folklore.
    • Same can be said about the Tanooki power-up which is based on the Japanese raccoon dog, the Cat power-up is based on the Nekomata in Japanese folklore as well as the Japanese lucky cat statues.
  14. They draw lots of gory hate art of furries and even hate videos out of them on social media.
    • Some of them are also part of the Vyond Community as there are also grounded videos and killing videos out of furries.
  15. They also like to generalize little things on the entire fandom. Best example is taking an NSFW subreddit and saying that the entire fandom does this. Most of the people in the fanbase aren’t even into that stuff. Also there are many NSFW artists that aren't even furries.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Ever since a dangerous chemical leak in a furry convention in late 2014, this hatedom has very slowly begun to abandon their hatred for furries, or at least stop blatantly attacking them and just letting them be. This can not be said for a lot of people though, especially the toxic side of the fandom so furries tend to still be cautious.
  2. A lot of them respect furries and what they do, but still dislike them a reasonable amount.
  3. When you think about it, furries can be seen as creepy, especially if you imagine them without the fursuit when they are acting "cute", which is one of the reasons why people hate furries.




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4 months ago
Score 1
I don't hate furries. Furry I hate is Zaush/Adam Wan, for drawing child pornography depicting underage canines.


5 months ago
Score 1

"A lot of them respect furries and what they do, but still dislike or hate them, which ic fine."

That's actually not really fine at all. Hating an entire community of people for what they like isn't respecting them in any way. It's just discrimination. Haven't they seen cartoons without humans in any of them?


5 months ago
Score 1

Also, don't be offended but technically speaking, Pepe the frog is a furry to a certain degree. What I mean by that is that the term "furry" has 3 definitions. 1, stuffed animals. 2, a culture of people who enjoy animal characters. And 3, fictional characters who are anthropomorphic animals.
You do have a good point about humans though. Furries being humans would indeed mean they're already animals to begin with so, anti-furries would probably want to play Russian Roulette after murdering a bunch of innocent people and children.

Related to anti-furries, I was told to yiff in hell when I was only 11 years old. Being as yiffing has a definition for meaning sex, that would also mean that the majority of them are pedophiles themselves to a certain degree, which makes their false accusations of pedophilia ironic.


5 months ago
Score 1
And for some reason, the quote about furries already being animals because humans are animals got removed... Why? That's a VERY important point!