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*[[Easy Video Game Boss Fandom|Easy Video Game Bosses]]
*[[Easy Video Game Boss Fandom|Easy Video Game Bosses]]
*[[Electronic Arts Hatedom and Fandom|Electronic Arts]]
*[[Electronic Arts Hatedom and Fandom|Electronic Arts]]
*[[Epic Games Hatedom|Epic Games]]
*[[FGTeeV Fandom|FGTeeV]]
*[[FGTeeV Fandom|FGTeeV]]
*[[Final Fantasy Fandom and Hatedom|Final Fantasy]]  
*[[Final Fantasy Fandom and Hatedom|Final Fantasy]]  

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The Gaming Community
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Nickname: Gamers
Type: Community
Video Game Fandom
Status: Active

The Gaming Community used to be a calm place until the 8th generation of video game consoles was released. From that point, it has gained a toxic community.

Things That May Have/May Have Not Ruined This Community

If you ask: No, we're not saying that these ships (some of them), games, websites (certain of them), franchises, companies, characters or people are bad, we are saying that these games and their associated companies, characters, franchises, some of the ships Certain of the websites and people are mostly good, but their fandoms/hatedoms are just awful.

Why It's Very Toxic Nowadays

  1. They will bash on anyone constantly who doesn't play games or doesn't play their games in their franchise.
  2. They think what platform they are playing on is the best platform, and bash on anyone that likes any other platform. This is more prominent on PC players.
  3. There are many SJWs in the community.
  4. Competitive gamers, who only want to win, will become salty and insult you if you win, and will show lack of sportsmanship if they win. Notable offenders includes the Fortnite, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Call of Duty, PUBG, and FPS fandoms.
    • Alongside, they show no remorse over "weaker" players and do anything they can to win without giving the "weaker" player a chance. You're not helping the "weaker" player do better, you're encouraging them to quit instead.
    • There are also a few gamers and fandoms that support or encourage using glitches or even cheating or hacking to win!
  5. Most fandoms are nostalgiatards, which will bash on many newer games without giving them a chance. Sonic, Mario (especially Paper Mario), Pokémon, Dark Souls, Halo (esp. Bungie's Halo games), Fallout and Plants vs. Zombies fandoms are very notorious for this.
    • However, there are a few moderntards, such as the first person shooter fandom.
  6. They start console wars over which game console is better!
  7. There are many tryhards who try to copy other playstyles and bash on anyone who uses a different style, no matter how creative or "underpowered" it is. In other words, if someone uses a playstyle or meta that the community does not like, they will bash on them until they go with their style or quit. FPS, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, League of Legends, and most fighting game fandoms contains many tryhards.
  8. Way too many hackers and data miners, too many to the point that some may even reveal and leak spoilers a week (or a month) before a new game releases to the public, which can ruin a fan's taste on said game and not permiting the developer to release a decent beta version of the game due to excess of leaks.
  9. Shipgirl gamers are making arguments each other, for example: Most of the Kantai Collection/KanColle players are always accusing the Chinese companies who made Warship Girls and Azur Lane as rip-off version of Kancolle!
  10. They use tags for every single type of player in existence: pro, noob, squeaker, cheater, button masher, camper, scrub, whale, etc. Most of them will use tags like "noob" or "scrub" to call out on any good player.
  11. They treat certain companies like EA, 343 Industries, Bethesda, Epic Games, Activision, and Konami like they are the worst things to even exist.
    • About Epic Games, they treat the Epic Games store like it’s the worst thing to exist (or created by Satan), They will not just bash on people who use it But also send death threats and Rape threats to developers/publishers who put their games on it!
    • Speaking of Bethesda, Most haters are NostalgiaTards from the Fallout Fandom!
  12. On the other side of the spectrum, they treat companies like CD Projekt, Rockstar Games, Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Valve like the best companies to ever exist and act like The Witcher 3 is the best game ever made.
    • The Keanu Reeves Ironic Fandom recently joined in when it was shown that he was going to be in the new Cyberpunk 2077.
  13. They also tend to honor clickbaity or otherwise awful gaming YouTubers like Ali-A, NoughtPointFourLive, etc.
  14. There are also those that have a mindset that old games are better than new games. A good example is YouTuber Crowbcat, who likes to do verus videos of an old game in a franchise compared to the newest one is the franchise. The main problem with this is that these videos aren't actual reviews of the game, but instead focuses on VERY small details in games, which boils down to "This tree burns completely down in this old game, but not in this new game, so therefore it's bad". (Ex: Far Cry 2 vs. Far Cry 5)
  15. A lot claim not wanting to have politics in their games even though they love franchises like Call of Duty and Metal Gear.
  16. They bow down to Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution as a True Fighting Game.
  17. They believe that if you haven't played a certain game or play a really popular game like, Fortnite, then you're not a "real gamer".
  18. There has been a large wave of anti-SJWs mostly rapid ones jumping into the community, they believe that any game that has a female protagonist or one that isn't white is pandering to SJWs' political stances.
    • The newest Wolfenstein game, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, recieved massive amounts of criticism because instead of playing as Blaskovitch, you play as his two daughters.
    • Ion Fury was criticizied because they decided to remove the word gay from a soap bottle after some people called them out on it. Yes, people criticized this game over a SOAP BOTTLE!
  19. They glorify the old consoles like the NES, Genesis/Mega Drive and the SNES as the Best Consoles.
  20. There even part of the Furry Hatedom.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some gamers respect others on which platform they play on.
  2. Many fans and haters oppose their toxic counterparts.
  3. A lot of sane PC gamers oppose the PC Master Race.
  4. Most of the modern gaming community, despite the toxic fandom, are composed of old-school people who are not nostalgia-tards alongside millennial gamers, such as Jacksepticeye.
  5. Before all of that happened, they were very nice people and still not as bad as other communities (such as The Meme Community)l
  6. Some gamers DO have a point about publishers/developers like EA, Activision and Digital Homicide being bad.
  7. There are also still many good and nice gamers out there.
    • Examples would include the ones from the Fighting Game Community, such as those from Injustice, BlazBlue, Tekken, Fatal Fury, and other fighting games besides Super Smash Bros, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and The King of Fighters.
    • Another example would be the Sphere Matchers community, which consists of people who play marble popper games like Sparkle, Luxor, Zuma, Tumblebugs, etc. They are actually very civilized most of the time and enjoy making mods of marble popper games (e.g. Dom's Return to Pizza Island and Beyond, a Luxor 2 mod by Sheepocalypse).
    • Other good fandoms in this community include Wolfenstein, DOOM, Half-Life, etc.
  8. More and more gamers are actually beginning to oppose the clickbaity YouTubers like those mentioned above for their nefarious behaviors.
  9. A lot of them make valid reasons why they like or dislike a game, video game character, etc. And shows respect to people who have a different opinion.


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