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*[[Lil Uzi Vert Fandom|Lil Uzi Vert]]
*[[Lil Uzi Vert Fandom|Lil Uzi Vert]]
*[[Logan Paul Fandom|Logan Paul]]
*[[Logan Paul Fandom|Logan Paul]]
*[[Macklemore Fandom|Macklemore]]
*[[PaRappa the Rapper Ironic Fandom|PaRappa the Rapper]] - Not a real rapper but some would treat the titular character like he's the god/king or rap when he's only fictional.
*[[PaRappa the Rapper Ironic Fandom|PaRappa the Rapper]] - Not a real rapper but some would treat the titular character like he's the god/king or rap when he's only fictional.
*[[Playboi Carti Fandom|Playboi Carti]]
*[[Playboi Carti Fandom|Playboi Carti]]

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The Rap Community
Kid: 2Pac, why is the rap community toxic nowadays?
2Pac: I don't know, but at least you're the more sane members of it.
Nickname: Rap Stans
Type: Music Fandom
Status: Very Active

Rap, or Hip Hop, is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates "rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular", which is performed or chanted in a variety of ways, usually over a backing beat or musical accompaniment. It began in the late 1970s and early 80s and hit it's "Golden Age" in the mid 80s to 90s. Today, it is one of the most popular genre's in music, as well as having an extremely toxic fanbase.

Why Their Bars are Whack

  1. They treat rap music like it is the greatest music genre of all time, and don't give other genre's a chance.
  2. They exalt every single rap song ever, even the bad ones.
  3. Many of the fans nowadays are children, even though most rap songs contain graphic lyrics.
  4. They plagued SoundCloud.
  5. They like to praise and worship rappers like they're gods, even when they're in the wrong.
    • They also enable rappers who commit serious crimes to fame.
  6. Speaking of criminal rappers, they like to overpraise them to death. They will defend them, even when they're proven to have committed the crime.
  7. They are constantly at war with other music genres because they believe that the other music genres are bland and generic.
    • They attack pop and country music the most because they consider them the "least rap-friendly".
  8. Some nutjobs believe that rappers are the most oppressed people of society, and spam hashtags like "#RapperLivesMatter" on posts putting rappers on a bad spotlight.
  9. They are part of the Michael Jackson Hatedom, Taylor Swift Hatedom, K-Pop Hatedom, Bart Baker Hatedom (because he makes music videos mocking rap songs), Country Music Hatedom, Pop Music Hatedom, Eminem Fandom, Jacob Sartorious Hatedom, Justin Bieber Hatedom, Katy Perry Hatedom, Maroon 5 Hatedom, Nirvana Hatedom, Heavy Metal Hatedom, The Vine Community, The SoundCloud Community, The Slowed and Reverb Community, and the Linkin Park Ironic Hatedom.
  10. They can't take criticism at all, so never mock their favorite rappers ever.
  11. There's a group of people who are called "Old-heads". They only listen to rap music from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. They believe that old school rap is the best rap and think that new rap is all bad. It's one of the most toxic areas of the community.
  12. They razed the Music Community.
  13. Some go as far as to mock and celebrate the death of non-rapper musicians.
  14. Whenever a rapper gets arrested, they can't help but spam "FREE (insert rapper name)" on social media.
  15. They are part of the U.S. Government Ironic Hatedom because they think they can't understand rap music.
  16. A few are excessively obsessed with their favorite rappers.
    • Eminem even made a song called Stan mocking them.
  17. Despite the flaws of the community, many people don't seem concerned about the problems of it at all, similar to The Meme Community.
  18. They are part of the White People Ironic Hatedom because they think they're ruining the rap genre, which is not true at all.
    • There even some who are part of the Black People Ironic Hatedom.

Why Some are Fire

  1. There are plenty of mature rap fans who can respect opinions.
  2. Some rap fans also listen to other genre's of music.
  3. Some like BlackySpeakz do point out the flaws of the rap genre.
  4. Some do realize that the music has declined in quality in recent years.
  5. They do have a point that some rappers have influenced pop culture and changed music forever.

List of Rappers they Enjoy