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Summary by TheChisatoFan

To avoid being necroposted.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

May I have the entire story of the Zenko controversy? I'm planning a video making fun of it.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

I'm already working on the users who got involved with Zenko's bullshit. I've already made Se, Hendicted (or ErtasVideos back then), you, and Zenko herself. I just need more users who got involved.

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)

Users like Seanbuscus2600, Kesner, Portrock1566 and Ramadhan1a were partially involved as well. So is WobblingAmber since Zenko also hates him too for creating the page about her on Fun Shitposting Wiki.

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)

Oh boy, this is going to be a really long one... So you better pay close attention to this long essay about her. I would also provide some links as part of evidences for your video.

Before she joined, she used to be a TVTroper called “Vos” (I think) and an anonymous TopTens user. Zenko started creating her account on Miraheze around March 23, 2019 on Atrocious Deviants Wiki. She also had alts that behaved exactly like her called VosKitsune (created on the same day as her main account) and BlueYoshiAdvance (on November 10, 2019) She was mainly a user on this wiki, Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki, Atrocious Deviants Wiki and Talented Deviants Wiki. And one of her first and most notable pages that she made there was a page about AntrhoArtCreations. I used to be friends with her during my early days on Miraheze which was June-August of 2019 since I wasn't really aware that I was being manipulated by her moralistic views. However, as time went on, I began noticing her suspicious behavior as of September 2019 but didn’t grow worse until November by the time she and Se wouldn’t stop arguing across the Reception Wikis. Then I ended my friendship with her around November 22, 2019 where I banned her off of Reception Flame Wars Wiki. After that, she deteriorated. You’ll see why later.

All right, here are some facts that I’ve gathered about her based on my experience as a former friend.

Some facts about her (and why she’s atrocious)

  1. She pretends to be a nice, wholesome and an innocent user but in reality, she only does that to manipulate people into whightknighting her and bandwagoning on her opinions.
  2. She is a Social Justice Warrior and a Moral Guardian judging by the fact that she doesn't like to swear, opposes people who say bad words to her and the fact that she despises immortality, especially when crossover shippings and anything marked as NSFW (like porn/rule 34/hentai) are concerned. She’s also proven to be very religious since she always prays to God that “Sora will never make it into Smash” and how Bunga from the Lion Guard’s hatedom is “God’s blessing”
    • And because of that, she bashed on Portrock1566 for being irreligious and his different perspective on sex/porn.
  3. She also overuses words like “god”, "heck", “wholesome”, “cyberbully” and “defender”
  4. Whenever she shares her opinions, she would always write them in very long paragraphs and claim that she is "expressing her opinions for good reasons" when it’s the opposite. She may do this as well since its implied that having a long essay about her opinions makes it more believable when that's not always the case. Sometimes, whenever people disagree with her, she’d get angry and make a long rant out of your views. Basically a TL:DR version of “You’re opinions are wrong and that’s a fact.
  5. Her most hated things are fan crossovers, crossover pairings, pornography, the DeviantArtist AnthroArtCreations, Pooh’s Adventures, Disney, The Lion King, The Lion Guard (especially Bunga), and Kingdom Hearts.
    • Moreover, she takes her hatred too far by demonizing anybody who disagrees with her and call them “defenders”.
  6. Most of the pages she made on those wikis are purely personal bias.
    • One of the reasons why she hates crossover pairings is because of referencing Hollywood Values which she added some homophobic Conservapedia references.
  7. She’s a liar as well because she claims that all of those things she hates have healthy hatedoms and toxic fandoms when it isn’t always true. And she proclaims herself to be a healthy fan of these things she hates when she’s actually toxic. It’s because she wished that “Bunga should have died along with Ushari” in The Lion Guard. At one point, she once said that she wanted to straggle Bunga even though he’s not real and only a child and wishing death to people (even fiction) is unethical and also not what healthy haters would normally do.
    • On her deleted page on Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki, she claimed that “She is very logical and knows a lot about the world.” and how “She does her research before creating or editing a page on a wiki.” which debunks those “healthy” hatedoms she’s in since they’re the opposite of what she says. Plus, she made short pages either with stub tags or a page with only 3 reasons provided; meaning that she’s too lazy to do actual research. This debunks her assumption that “She does her research before creating or editing a page on a wiki.”
    • She also likes to treat her opinions as facts as she shoves down her views down on everyone’s throats. That includes the admins of Atrocious Deviants Wiki.
    • According to her, any DeviantArtist who supports crossover ships, fetishes, pornography, fan babies, Pooh’s Adventures and AnthroArtCreations are automatically bad.
  8. Her favorites on the other hand are Super Smash Bros., Star Fox, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and Digimon. But she doesn’t like the bad sides of the fandoms.
  9. Zenko doesn't like being hated at all because she accuses them as "cyberbullies" and she only cares too much about getting a good reputation on Miraheze. Also, she likes to be called “a good user” making her egotistical.  In fact, she hates her haters so much to the point that she wished death to them. That includes Se (who’s another controversial user), her former friend ZapperGlaze49 (now called TheChisatoFan) and everybody else at Fun Shitposting Wiki.
    • She said that ZapperGlaze49 had “serious mental issues” all because she’s strict and how the new rules provided more quality control and the capacity of having the usage of strong language for free speech over a once-abysmal wiki.
  10. Made an assumption that Zapper made Furretos and called it a rip-off and a Sonichu wannabe when it was actually Inkster’s creation and also part of the Thanos Parody trend that Just Wage started.
  11. She also cannot take criticism since her “haters” did have good points about her stubbornness. She made a Zenko Ironic Hatedom page on TF&HW which mainly had personal reasons and no redeeming qualities, proving this statement further. This also applies to her fans (although she did not create her Fandom page. It was rather an anonymous whightknight of hers.)
  12. She couldn't take a joke at all because she doesn’t know that the details on her page was only there for laughs, especially when they called Se her “girlfriend” and how they like to call her Zenny. She went too far by vandalizing Fun Shitposting Wiki with IHateShippers-esque spam pages all because she claims that it’s a “cyberbullying website”.
    • Also, she takes the Pooh’s Adventures Community and The Fun Shitposting Wiki way too seriously as they were only a joke community to begin with, yet she claims that “they’re so awful that there are no redeeming qualities whatsoever” showing how biased she is towards the community.
  13. Another thing is that she takes things a lot of things too seriously like shippings, characters, nsfw, fan characters, waifus and husbandos, and Pooh’s Adventures.
  14. She’s the reason why Atrocious Deviants Wiki got a bad reputation according to the users on DeviantArt. Because she added innocent users like AnthroArtCreations and WOLFBLADE111 for personal reasons.
  15. She portrays that the stuff she hates as if they’re worse than Hitler, nazis, terrorists, the mass-extinction, and 9/11 attacks. Yes, she even declared that Anthro and IncestLove124 are equally bad despite the latter doing much worse things like inbreeding and killing many animals.
    • Also, she’s wrong about AnthroArtCreations because he didn’t actually kill his brother. His brother actually committed suicide.
  16. She always denies her atrocious acts such as vandalizing The Lion Guard and It’s UnBungalievable on Best TV Shows Wiki and of course, Fun Shitposting Wiki. Also, she once added The Lion Guard on Terrible TV Shows Wiki shortly before Trevor807 deleted it since it’s against the wiki’s rules due to it being a niché audience show and that it’s well-recieved by many.
    • When TheInterneto made a page about her hate message, she simply played the victim card and denied the fact that it was very mean-spirited.
  17. Hypocrisy: She hates vandals like IHateShippers but acted like him when she mass-vandalized Fun Shitposting Wiki and Crappy Users Wiki on ShoutWiki.
    • Another hypocrisy: She claims that she "respects opinons" but she accuses the people who disagree with her as "defenders" which counts as opinion lashing.
  18. Says she’s moved on and redeemed herself when she’s still the same old Zenko we know from the beginning.
  19. She took her hatred out of Se too far by accusing him as a "vandal" and a "cyberbully" only for making the articles less biased and personal, and even wished on his PMs that he would “screech himself to death”. Even though her hatred on him is huge, she does have a point about Se’s divisive and obnoxious behavior.
  20. Made two short-lived rip-off wikis of the Fandoms & Hatedoms Wikis by requesting for Toxic Fandoms/Hatedoms Wiki and Sane Fans/Haters Wiki all because of an excuse where she plays the victim card, proclaiming that the Reception Wikis are being mean-spirited and the admins being narrow-minded.
  21. She’s introverted, secretive and sensitive which is possibly the main reason why she acts like those things above. Though its unknown if her parents might have made her this way.
  22. She prefers using Miraheze’s private messages to communicate rather than her talk page just because of her policy of “wanting to stay safe from the internet”.
  23. She may be Japanese-American because she once mentioned that she lives in North America and how she loves foxes, hence her name “Zenko”.
  24. She had a reddit account called r/irontailkitsune before she closed her account after users like Hendicted discovered her account.
  25. Says she's old news but is making herself more relevant whenever people bring her up and whenever she causes more trouble on the internet.

And now, I present to you:

The Drama Between Se

Those two started arguing around the Reception Wikis since July 2019, ever since Se/TheInterneto/HellYes wanted to make the Pooh's Adventures Community and the Bunga Ironic Fandom pages sound nicer on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki by removing her personal bias until Zenko came in, reverted all his edits, added some more personal reasons on those pages and accused Se/TheInterneto/HellYes as a "vandal", a "cyberbully" and a "defender" all because Zenko hates crossover ships, The Lion Guard (especially Bunga), Pooh's Adventures and Kingdom Hearts. It's also because those two had clashing opinions about the latter. They would continue to argue over and over, all over the Reception Wikis; on Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki, Loathsome Characters Wiki, Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki, Atrocious Deviants Wiki and Talented Deviants Wiki. Also, there was one time where Se/TheInterneto made a page called It's Unbungalievable on Best TV Shows Wiki back at September and to quote what he said: "Nice try Zenko!" And that was when Zenko overreacted and blanked the page; and Trevor807 blocked her for that for a moment until she somehow got unblocked after claiming that she's "not a vandal" and a "good user". That's where she garnered more attention from other users on the Reception Wikis; and that's not all... This caused her page on Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki to get deleted by the admins because of how she showed her true colors on Best TV Shows Wiki. If I remember correctly, even though I used to be her friend back then, I really hated how she reacted by blanking the page after seeing her contributions on Best TV Shows wiki.

TheInterneto and Zenko had an edit war on the IncestLove124 page on Atrocious Deviants Wiki and Talented Deviants Wiki's TBA Pages. They argued over AnthroArtCreations either being equally as bad as IncestLove124 or Incest being worse than Anthro. Back then, I used to be on Zenko's side when I used to be friends with her since I didn't really know much about those Deviants back then. Then I did block the two users for causing on-site and off-site drama on the wikis for 3 weeks that I admin on. Even when I blocked those two, that didn't stop them from fighting... It got worse when that happened. They just continued to abuse the PM system on Miraheze and they kept sending hate messages towards each other.

Then there was this most infamous moment of Zenko where she actually attacked and vandalized a satirical non-Miraheze wiki called "Fun Shitposting Wiki" (where she's known as TheGoodContributor) where she claimed that she's trying to "shut down a cyberbullying site" after discovering a page about her; and this made a lot of users on the Reception Wikis hate her. That includes me of course since I felt betrayed for witnessing her make IHS-esque spam articles about shutting down the website. Thankfully, she was blocked for good. After that incident, she sent TheInterneto this hate message where she was literally going too far by sending a death threat to him saying that he should go "screech himself to death." If you want more info, just look at this topic right here with the screenshots of the messages she sent to him:

Then on Reception Flame Wars Wiki (before its closure), because Zenko won't stop denying the fact that the message she sent to TheInterneto wasn't nice and how she kept playing the victim card by pleading that she's innocent, she "learned from her mistakes" and "moved on" (despite her past actions stating otherwise), I got really annoyed to the point where I started unfriending her and blocking her myself and decided to side with the other users. It mostly stopped the fight between the two... that's until Zenko decided to make two short-lived rip-off versions of Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki and Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki called "Toxic Fandoms/Hatedoms Wiki" and "Sane Fandoms/Hatedoms Wiki" just to be safe from her "toxic haters" (note that her haters are not toxic at all and actually had good reasons to hate her). Then when her haters discovered her rip-off wikis, they made a page about it on Fun Shitposting Wiki which triggered her once again and caused her to close down those wikis.

Long story short, the drama between the two caused a lot of users to get annoyed, especially Seanbuscus2600, Kesner, Inkster, Jah99, Hitori Bocchi, Hendicted, and me. Though I can say that TheInterneto had a point about Zenko's stubbornness and Zenko had a point about TheInterneto starting the drama and for his divisive attitude. And that's why I along with some of the admins deleted a lot of pages on the wikis related to Zenko's interests due to controversial reasoning and high treason. Fortunately, we were able to remake some of her pages here on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki like The Lion King, Kingdom Hearts, and Bunga which was an improvement over the old versions of the pages.


Blocking her did not stop her from going insane across the internet. Before her final contributions at Lousy Fanfictions Wiki, she said this message on the TBA Pages (she was indirectly talking to me):

"Never say anything good about crossover ships, and worst of all, crossover porn. They're horrible. It's fine if you say "They're too nsfw for this wiki" but don't defend them. I'm sorry, but your traitorous acts and hatred against me of recent are why I left various Miraheze wikis and moved on. I sometimes come on this wiki since it's new, but not much. I pray that you stop hating on me, be kind to me like you used to be, and let me be safe for once and for all."

Afterwards, she sent me this infamous hate message by PM on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki (the one that I also mocked on my userpage) where she outright insulted me for having "serious issues or mental problems" and for threatening me to shut down every wiki I admin:

"I apologize for what I have done in the past and I'm sorry for everything.

I know you want to make the wikis much less biased, but there is no good reason for defending everything that I hate so much, such as crossover ships, fanbabies, crossover porn and that criminal AnthroArtCreations. Other people have every right to criticize all of those awful things all they want.

Not sure why you keep changing the rules of the various wikis you admin, but I believe that you have serious issues or mental problems. I know you're sick of overused phrases, but that does not give you every right to censor free speech and disrespect my views or anyone else's views. Let people use whatever phrases they want. You can't tell others what to do. Their lives are none of your business.

If you're so sick of drama and edit wars, then you may have to close down all the wikis you're an admin of for good. The "Reception wikis" have become very pointless over the years and all it did was to bring more drama and edit wars to the table. We can't have any drama and wars, and making up new rules will only make things worse, not better. To be perfectly honest, we're all getting sick of it. Instead of a wiki, you could just have your own personal website or journal if you wanted to say what you want. There is no point of being an admin of a wiki if you can't stand "edit wars", biased articles, certain phrases and other users' views. It's a good thing that you closed down the Reception Flame Wars wiki, so why not close down the rest?

Yes, you are a traitor to me. You used to be nice to me in the past, now you hate me. I know not everyone is going to like what I do but that does not give them every right to say whatever bad stuff about me they want. You think I blew up my chances, but I really didn't and I try not to. I hope you will stop hating on me and be nice to me again if I leave Miraheze, repent from my past mistakes and move on...

Heck, I don't even go on Miraheze that much anymore (with the exception of the Lousy Fanfictions wiki, but that's only because it's new, I'm not blocked there, and you're not an admin of it yet.), since I had bad experiences on the Miraheze wikis in the past and it's better that I leave and move on.

And I have said this before, I'm not a horrible person. I may have flaws, but I'm not horrible enough to be considered "atrocious". I'm much better than AnthroArtCreations will ever be, that's for sure! At least I'm not a criminal and I never killed anyone. I apologize for getting into fights with that other Miraheze user but those days are gone since I'm avoiding him like the plague now. Heck, I don't even post on Miraheze as much anymore due to being blocked on multiple wikis, closing down my own wikis, and because I don't want to waste my time getting into wars with others when I never, ever wanted to get into drama nor edit wars, especially since I never started this drama/wars in the first place and when I was new to Miraheze, I wanted to create/edit peacefully, not get into fights with others. This is not my fault.

"Furretos", really? You know you could've come up with something more original when creating a mascot instead of fusing two existing copyrighted characters into one "ripoff" character. I have nothing against Pokemon (In fact, I'm a sane Pokemon fan), but fusing a Pokemon with another series' character is basically Sonichu all over again. (Sonichu and Chris-Chan are awful) Just saying.

''Heck, "Zenko" is old news now and I have moved on. This is my final message to you. Good bye. May 2020 be a good year for once and for all."

She then proceeded to be the next PKMNLivesNew as BlueYoshiAdvance in order to attempt to ask the stewards to shut down the Reception Wikis on December 28, 2019. Luckily, she failed because:

  1. She was abusing multiple accounts as proven that they all had the same IP addresses
  2. The Miraheze Staff were smart enough to tell that she caused enough trouble in Miraheze, which is why they didn't take action on the Reception Wikis (unlike FANDOM)

Even though her time on Miraheze came to an end, it still didn't stop there. Recently, she went to Crappy Users Wiki on ShoutWiki and also mass-vandalized the hell out of the wiki with even more IHS-esque spam pages. This time, as ZenkoIsNotZenny and ZenkoHatesSe. If you want more proof, go look at the Special:RecentChanges here:

(Also, I apologize if the link doesn't work sometimes)

Then when Hendicted's account got hacked by one of her fans, they unblocked her so that she would make lots of hate pages out of me, Inkster, Ramadhan1a, Portrock1566, and WobblingAmber and attempted to delete her page and her rip-off wikis until Hendicted got his account back and then finally blocked her. Then she said her final words there on her talk page:

I think that's all that I have to cover. Pretty much a lot has happened and even until today, she is still behaving like her usual self... Haven't heard from her after leaving Fun Shitposting Wiki but I do hope that she does stop acting butthurt about her satirical page of her and her rip-off wikis still not getting deleted.

Hendicted (talkcontribs)

Actually i didnt get hacked, it was all just a trick to see what she would do. Also not to mention she vandalized Fun Shitposting Wiki over an article about her.

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)

I know. I just thought of just saying that just to make it sound like it actually hapened when its not in that video. She actually fell for it.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the information. I'm currently writing the script for the video. Feel free to edit it or add some more info to it if you want.

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)

Uhhh... I don't have the access to edit the document....

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Oh, fuck.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Now you do.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Btw, all of the British slang is intentional.

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)


Freddie123 (talkcontribs)

Man, while I think Bunga was a jerk, I'd stop there, not outright wishing death on a character who is a child, unlike her.

I'd had my fare share of jerks outside. In FimFiction, my friends there just banned a user named jeweliu for outright stealing someone's upcoming project, all the while putting politics in it.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Just finished the script. Now I just need to work on the video in GoAnimate (yes, GoAnimate).

TheChisatoFan (talkcontribs)

Ok. I can't wait for this to get published.

Freddie123 (talkcontribs)

Where's part 2 at?

Hendicted (talkcontribs)

It's already there

Freddie123 (talkcontribs)


CarlFilip19 (talkcontribs)

I recreated the page about Bunga and said something about his haters.

Popzikles (talkcontribs)

You guys may want to check this out