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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're really interested in contributing to this wiki, and about to make an article about awful fanbases/hatebases/communities, you must be at least 14 years old or older, to join this wiki.

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Welcome to the Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki! Not all fandoms, hatedoms and communities are perfect. Nothing is perfect. In fact, were you ever bothered or annoyed by any unlikable fandoms or hatedoms in your whole life? Then this wiki is for you to enjoy.

Please note that this site is not affiliated to other wikis such as the Crappy Games Wiki or the Terrible TV Shows wiki.


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If you want to see the reverse version of this wiki, go to Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki.

Request for Deletion

If you want to request a deletion for a specific page, just type {{Delete|(insert reason here)}} in the page itself and do not remove the information from the page but please always put a reason for the deletion.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to read the rules first before your first day on editing in this wiki.This wiki contains fandoms and hatedoms based on these things: TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, Characters, Websites, Music Artists, People, YouTubers, Companies, Animals, etc. Basically anything that has a fandom/hatedom.
  1. Make sure to use the words "Fandom" or "Hatedom" when naming an article.
  2. The main headings for a Fandom/Hatedom are Why This Fandom Is Toxic, Why This Hatedom is Toxic, Why Both Of These Are Toxic, and the Why Half Of The Fandom is Toxic. Please don’t always use the WHY THEY SUCK SO HARD! nor the Why It's VERY EXTREMELY TOXIC!! at the headings of a page where the fandom/hatedom is really toxic because it’s deemed immature unless it's necessary and done right (meaning that you don't use red, bold and underlined text in all caps on the headings).
  3. If a fandom or hatedom isn't really that bad, obnoxious, mean spirited, or annoying, it can't be on here. See the list of upcoming and forbidden pages for more information.
  4. Don't remove any information from articles unless you have a good reason to.
  5. Don't be rude to other people on this wiki.
  6. No offensive language in articles.
  7. Please use proper grammar and good english so that it is understandable.
  8. Be sure to add at least one image when you or someone else create a page, if possible. If you use fanart, then be sure to credit the artist. You can add more than one image if you want to, but it's up to you.
  9. If you make a page, be sure to have at least 5-6 bullet points. If there's less than that, either you add a stub or request for deletion since it's not toxic enough.
  10. If you're a member of any of the fandoms or hatedoms on this wiki, then please try to understand why we’re criticizing them for all the good reasons.
  11. If something has both a bad fandom and hatedom, it's optional if you want it on the same page or not.
  12. Do not put emojis in articles.
  13. Do NOT overuse red text, bold words and underlined words in articles (some bold words, underlined words red fonts are allowed in articles but others are not), as that seems childish, immature, unprofessional and overdramatic.
  14. Do not edit other people's user page, only edit yours unless you have permission from them.
  15. Do not create blank, TBA, or coming soon pages.
    • Speaking of which, please do not add TBA or coming soon under the Why This Fandom Is Toxic, Why This Hatedom is Toxic, and the Why Both Of These Are Toxic & Why Half Of The Fandom is Toxic section.
  16. Remember: fandoms or hatedoms do not dictate the quality of a product.
  17. You will always be able to argue about your block on your own message wall, unless what you did was unforgivable or very vandalistic.
  18. Joke captions are allowed as long as it doesn't offend people.
  19. No unrelated anti-shippings and no bad video game nonsense allowed in this wiki. There's another place for all the bad games only. Yes, this applies to all of the shippers.
  20. No plagiarism.
  21. Be respectful and don't be prejudiced.
  22. You may replace the “Why It’s Toxic” heading with jokes as long as it’s fitting for the article.
  23. No vandalizing Pages EX:No replacing content with random stuff.
  24. No attack/biased articles.
  25. Please don't overuse the terms "ENOUGH SAID", "LET THAT SINK IN", "THEY WORSHIP IT", "BASH" and "BIG TIME" on wiki pages as it gets really annoying. Using those will get a warning.
  26. Do not call everything a fandom, examples include religions and countries since they aren't fandoms.
  27. Do not add the redeeming qualities for fandoms and hatedoms that they are against bad things like terrorism, racism or sexism since it isn't enough to be redeemed.
  28. As stated on this infobox, the least toxic score you could give for a fandom and hatedom is -1 while the most toxic score you could give for a fandom and hatedom is -10. Not -11, not -15, not even anything else beyond -10. Think about 10/10 but negative. Also, be reasonable about the scores you give to them so that it's not a biased score.
  29. Have fun on this wiki!

And Also

  • As a stated above, before you join this wiki, you must be at least 14 years old or older, to edit articles.
  • Also, no inappropriate words in usernames please.

Bureaucrats & Admins

These are the people who are currently managing this wiki, contact them for any question.


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15:15 (cur | prev) +150 PKMFan345 talk contribs →‎Temtem Ironic Fandom
15:09 (cur | prev) -43 PKMFan345 talk contribs I have discarded the page "Julie Hatedom" because the only thing I know about that is that the Ami fans take it very seriously and hate Vyond videos, so if anyone thinks about doing it, well, with respect to Lucario fandom, I will try to rewrite it without adding the bias of you already know who.
     17:14‎‎ 3 changes history +79 [DuchessSponge5000‎;‎; Just Leon‎]
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16:26 (cur | prev) +33 DuchessSponge5000 talk contribs I will make that page soon after the Lily page.
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     15:05 User creation log User account Calulu~ talk contribs was created ‎
     15:05 Move log TheChisatoFan talk contribs moved page Morgana (Persona 5) Ironic Fandom to Morgana (Persona 5) Fandom over redirect ‎(I honestly don't know how this fandom is ironic)
     15:05  (Deletion log) [TheChisatoFan‎ (2×)]
15:05 TheChisatoFan talk contribs deleted redirect Morgana (Persona 5) Fandom by overwriting ‎(Deleted to make way for move from "Morgana (Persona 5) Ironic Fandom")
09:50 TheChisatoFan talk contribs deleted page Frieza (Dragon Ball) Ironic Fandom(Bad Page: Mostly mediocre, generic and lazily written reasons. Other than that, it portrays rule 34 and fetishes like a sin when it's supposed to be part of human nature.)
     15:04  Lucario (Pokémon) Hatedom‎‎ 2 changes history +3 [PKMFan345‎ (2×)]
15:04 (cur | prev) +1 PKMFan345 talk contribs →‎Comments
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     14:59  Adam Sandler Hatedom‎‎ 3 changes history +352 [TheChisatoFan‎; PlantyB0i‎ (2×)]
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14:51 (cur | prev) -8 PlantyB0i talk contribs →‎Why They Ain't Funny
14:50 (cur | prev) +414 PlantyB0i talk contribs →‎Why They Ain't Funny
     14:58  Greninja (Pokémon) Hatedom diffhist -11 PKMFan345 talk contribs
     14:51  Robert E. O. Speedwagon (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Ironic Fandom diffhist +45 ToukaxKaneki talk contribs
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     14:42  User:PlantyB0i‎‎ 2 changes history +2 [PlantyB0i‎; Inkster‎]
14:42 (cur | prev) -33 PlantyB0i talk contribs This kinda feels anti meme for some reason.
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     13:07  Morgana (Persona 5) Ironic Fandom diffhist -519 Inkster talk contribs No. Forbidden.
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     11:04  Dragon Ball Fandom and Hatedom‎‎ 4 changes history -335 [TheChisatoFan‎ (2×); Sirkinsella98‎ (2×)]
11:04 (cur | prev) +29 Sirkinsella98 talk contribs added Category:Incest Shippers using HotCat
11:04 (cur | prev) +15 Sirkinsella98 talk contribs →‎Why Their Toxicity Level is OVER 9000!!: Most forget something.
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