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Pages I Created

Collabs (Pages that were not made by me but I have contributed a lot in these)


  1. Venusaur (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom
  2. Blastoise (Pokémon) Hatedom - Some are toxic Charizard fans, but requires more investigation.
  3. Arcanine (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom
  4. Oddish (Pokémon) Ironic Fandom - Weed memes.
  5. Alakazam (Pokémon) Ironic Hatedom - Some think that Pokémon is satanic only because of the shape of Alakazam's head.
  6. Chikorita (Pokémon) Ironic Hatedom
  7. Quagsire (Pokémon) Ironic Fandom
  8. Kris (Pokémon) Fandom - Nostalgia-tards and toxic Lyra haters.
  9. Sceptile (Pokémon) Fandom
  10. Blaziken (Pokémon) Hatedom
  11. Swampert (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom
  12. Gardevoir (Pokémon) Hatedom
  13. Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire Fandom and Hatedom
  14. Torterra (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom
  15. Empoleon (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom
  16. Lopunny (Pokémon) Hatedom
  17. Cynthia (Pokémon) (Ironic?) Fandom - Piano memes.
  18. Snivy (Pokémon) Hatedom
  19. Tepig (Pokémon) Hatedom
  20. Oshawott (Pokémon) Hatedom
  21. Emolga (Pokémon) Fandom
  22. Zoroark (Pokémon) Hatedom - Genwunners are part of this, but are they toxic enough for the wiki? If so it will be rewritten without Zenko's bias.
  23. Pokémon the Series: Black & White Ironic Hatedom - Nostalgia-tards (Genwunners) are part of this hatedom and even hate the entire Gen V for anime.
  24. Chesnaught (Pokémon) Hatedom
  25. Delphox (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom - Fandom: Toxic Greninja haters, Hatedom: Rabid Braixen fanboys and Chesnaught fans but both requires more investigation.
  26. Greninja (Pokémon) Fandom
  27. Decidueye (Pokémon) Hatedom
  28. Litten (Pokémon) Fandom - Edgelords and toxic Incineroar haters are involved in this.
  29. Primarina (Pokémon) Hatedom
  30. Lycanroc (Pokémon) Fandom - the dark portion of the furry community are part of this fandom because Lycanroc is based on a wolf.
  31. Zeraora (Pokémon) Fandom - Same than Lycanroc Fandom but with the difference that Zeraora has characteristics of several felines.
  32. Scorbunny (Pokémon) Fandom and Hatedom - Fandom: Strange art, Hatedom: Toxic members of Grookey and Sobble gangs.
  33. Mecha Sonic Ironic Fandom - Some praise his counterpart in Super Mario Bros Z ignoring his canonical version.
  34. Maurice (Madagascar) Ironic Fandom - They blame Maurice for many bad things that happened in history when Maurice is supposed to be fictional.
  35. The Owl House Fandom and Hatedom - Fandom: Unknown, Hatedom: Religious Nut-Jobs and Nostalgia-tards.