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Deadmau5 Fandom

Deadmau5 will likely to be dead after he saw his fandom.
Nickname: Mau5ers
Type: Music Fandom
Status: Active

Joel Zimmerman (Born January 5, 1981) Professionally Known as Deadmau5 Or his Techno Alias Testpilot is an Canadian EDM Producer, and DJ. He mainly produces Progressive House, and other genres of EDM (Like Electro House, and Ambient ), In 2005 He released his Debut album Get Scrapped, and He Worked with other EDM Producers and DJs Like Kaskade, Rob Swire of Pendulum And Knife Party, and Wolfgang Gartner, His the Founder of his own record label named mau5trap, He has a Toxic Fandom named Mau5ers.

Why They Don't Play it Right

  1. They Magnify Deadmau5 Like he was an Religious Figure.
  2. There Mostly Part of The EDM Community, Marshmello Hatedom, Martin Garrix Hatedom, Mainstream Music Hatedom, Justin Bieber Hatedom, and The My Chemical Romance Fandom (Cause he Collaborated with the Band's Vocalist Gerard Way)

What Make them have Chesse

  1. They are Sane Fans of Deadamau5.
  2. Some can Enjoy Mainstream EDM Artists Like David Guetta or Marshmello.

Avicii Hatedom

Tim Berling Avicii.jpg
Could they stop attacking him after his death.
Nickname: Avicii Haters
Type: Music Hatedom
Status: Semi-Active

Tim Berling Professionally Known as Avicii is a Swedish DJ, EDM Producer, and Songwriter. His Known for his singles like My Feelings for You, Levels, Wake Me Up, Silhouettes, I Could Be the One, and Hey Brother. At the age of 16 he Started Posting remixes at EDM Forums, His Debut Album True was released in 2013 which Given Positive Review by Critics, He Became Retired from touring back in 2016 due to health problems for several years. Sadly he died on April 20, 2018, by suicide at Muscat, Oman. After his death, He gained an extremely Toxic Hatedom.

Why They Are Not Waiting for Love

  1. First of all, When Avicii Died from Suicide from Injuries from self-inflicted injuries with a broken wine bottle and Blood-loss back in 2018, Many of them said he Deserved to Die, Which is Unusually Disrespectful and Heartless.
    • They claim his Death Caused by Trying exposed the Pedophile ring (Pizzagate) in one of His Music videos, How's that possible?
  2. It Shares the Same Problems with the XXXTentacion, Linkin Park, Micheal Jackson, Juice WRLD, And Cameron Boyce Hatedoms.
  3. They Mostly Come from the EDM Hatedom, the Conspiracy Community, the TheTopTens Community, the Sweden Hatedom, and more.
  4. They made terrible, Atrocious, Unfunny Hate memes about him, just Look at these.
  5. They Lash People who Defend him, Even His fans or if they are not Fans of Him.
  6. They Demolished The Music Community.
  7. They hate him for Having lyrics about love and break-ups, The lyrics about these two do not Dictate The Quality of the Artist.
  8. They are Subreddits On Reddit that show Hate on Him, (We will not give you the link).

Marshmello Fandom (Toxic Portion) and Hatedom

The EDM Community (Toxic Portion)

EDM Rave.jpg
Nickname: Ravers
Type: Music Fandom
Status: Active

Skrillex Fandom and Hatedom

DJ Skrillex.jpg
Skrillex: I will never Drop the Bass Because of my Toxic Fans and Haters.
Nickname: Skrillers & Skrillettes (Fandom)
Type: Music Fandom
Status: Active (Both)

Illenium Fandom

Dubstep Fandom and Hatedom

Monstercat Fandom

Fifth Harmony Fandom and Hatedom

Excision Fandom

The Chainsmonkers Fandom and Hatedom

Kenderick Lamar Fandom

Martin Garrix Fandom (Toxic Portion) and Hatedom

Rezz Fandom