Claiming Something "Ruined My Childhood"

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Claiming Something "Ruined My Childhood"
Oh BAWWWWW! Like we care. How can a bankruptcy of a freaking toy store ruin your childhood if it does not happen during your childhood?
Type: Self-Explanitory
Status: Active

Now we all know that there are some things we dislike. Some can have legit reasons to dislike some products, but you have some nostalgia-dwelling idiots who use the infamous "ruined my childhood" as an excuse to dislike something which we will go into detail.

Why Their Healthiness Is Ruined, Not Their Childhood

  1. Every time some product happens such as Teen Titans Go, Pokémon gens III-VIII, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, CGI Bob the Builder, Neo-Saban Seasons of Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Super, Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant, The Amazing Spider-Man Duology, MCU Spider-Man films, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy or The Lion King 2019, these idiots would think it ruined their childhood without realizing that there's more to childhood than just their products they liked in the past (such as Teen Titans 2003, Pokémon gens I and II, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, classic Bob the Builder, the First 9 Seasons of Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, the first 3 Crash Bandicoot Games, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy, The Original Star Wars Trilogy or The Lion King 1994).
  2. They think their past is the most important part of their childhood when it isn't if they only cared about nostalgia than other things in life.
  3. They think their childhood is ruined all because of one show or whatever. How can a product be more important than the most important things in life? Besides, there is more to childhood than just a product.
  4. People who used that excuse don't understand that they are forgetting the most amazing things that had appeared in their childhood such as an epic birthday party for example.
  5. It's mostly used by man-children and nostalgia-tards who can't move on to life and instead only care about themselves.
  6. Sometimes, they can just judge a book by its cover without giving a certain product a chance thus rely on other people.
  7. They still think every product they liked has to be on their image.
  8. They use this excuse just because they think a product is "kid pandering" and/or "edgy". They would freak out if a certain character gets redesigned (for example, Spyro as he appears in Skylanders).
  9. They think any product they hate can cause a bad reputation to an older product which is mostly nonsense since it's just a product.
  10. The nostalgia purists claim that their childhood is above everyone else's just because of nostalgia.
  11. They always ignore that few people have to like certain products that are "nostalgia" and some would prefer a newer product maturely.
  12. Don't give out constructive criticism on them because they will witch hunt you.
  13. They even use this excuse on harmless parodies when the parodies are non-canon
  14. Not only do they use this excuse to justify their hatred on a certain product, but they also use this excuse just to justify their toxic hatred for someone who dislikes a product they like.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. They have a point that some products are flawed such as PPG 2016, but that does not mean they should treat them like The Great Depression or something.
  2. Some would use this excuse as a joke, although it's rare.
  3. Sometimes it's right to use this excuse the right way such as how the infamous Tomorrow's Pioneers can ruin someone's childhood just because of one scene where a Mickey Mouse rip-off named Farfour gotten beaten up hastily which can insult little kids and Mickey Mouse fans.