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Note: Not to be confused with the upper limbs of the body, Arms Corporation (The Japanese anime and manga studio), the 1997 manga series, the 2004 American indie rock band, the 2011 song by Christina Perri, the ARMS Charity Concerts, or the 2016 album by Bell X1.

I'm Biff, and I'll be your commentator today. As always, I'm here to talk about all things ARMS Hatedom

ARMS is a fighting game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, which released on June 16, 2017. The game differentiates itself from standard fighting games with its unconventional fighting system where every playable character fights with long-range attacks, and up to four players can choose a fighter and battle using a variety of extendable, customizable arms to knock out opponents in a three-dimensional arena. It has gotten good reviews for its complexity and addictive nature. However, it did develop a toxic hatedom.

Why Their Toxicity Exteeeends

  1. They are mostly toxic Splatoon players who say things like "Splatoon 2 is better so stop playing ARMS" or any bullshit that falls in the same line as that.
    • Splatoon players are not the only ones who do this, anyone can forbid people into playing the game.
  2. They make some hate memes of ARMS.
  3. They hate the game just because of the content. Although we can understand that the content felt little, but that doesn't mean that ARMS is a bad game since lacking content does not really dictate the quality of a game. Besides, some games did well despite some lack of content such as Kirby Star Allies.
  4. They also use motion controls as an excuse to dislike the game. How pathetic since it's a picky excuse. So why don't we point out that some games with motion controls can still be good if used correctly?
  5. Edgelords would look at this and see that this game is "kiddy" which is a terrible reason to dislike the game. Plus, having a cartoony art style isn't a bad thing.
  6. Some are kink shamers because of Lola Pop who is able to inflate herself like a balloon.
  7. The toxic Overwatch players think that Mechanica (one of the playable ARMS characters) is a rip-off of D.Va just because they have mechs. Otherwise, they would be different. They even call Mechanica a "lower budget D.Va". Just look up anything related to Mechanica and there is a chance that you would get to see these kinds of people.
  8. When it was announced that an unknown ARMS character is set to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (it was later revealed to be Min Min), a select few claimed that ARMS is too late or too irrelevant to have a character in Smash. Please remember that Nintendo is only choosing the DLC and not the fans. Ironically enough, some wanted an ARMS character to appear in the base roster in SSBU but could turn back. This comment section is enough.
  9. Because of how the game is $59.99, they think that the game doesn't need to be at that price range due to the content. Oh brother, here comes a thought about another hatedom you should know by now...
  10. They keep saying "ARMS is dead" just because the DLC ended. Being "dead" doesn't classify ARMS as an inferior game. Also, if ARMS is "dead" than explain how we get things like an ARMS character joining Smash or whatever other reason.
  11. These haters are shown to be hypocrites in some form. They dislike ARMS yet they like Twintelle or Min Min who appears as a PLAYABLE CHARACTERS in the said game. This is because of their appearance.
  12. Even before the game came out, they were judging it just because it looked "stupid" to them thus believing that no one is ever going to buy the game. What else is there to say and just look at those comments.
  13. Mechanica and Lola Pop are not the only ones criticized, they also accused Twintelle of her appearance and believing that Nintendo is racist. Excuse us? What were they thinking?
  14. Some haters would go to the ARMS Institute (aka the ARMS wiki) and insert gibberish or false facts on the pages or removing content on pages. However, it's been taken care of.

How They Can Be The ARMS Champ

  1. They may have a point that ARMS does have some downsides such as the lack of content.
  2. Some are fine with Min Min joining Smash.
  3. Not all of them overreact to the littlest things such as Lola Pop inflating or it's cartoony art-style.
  4. Some can let people play the ARMS game since it's only a game after all.


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