Attack on Titan Fandom and Hatedom

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Attack on Titan Fandom and Hatedom
This page cannot put to justice how overhyped this anime was. Every second of every day, you would always hear the words Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin, people would burn inappropriate fanart and stupid memes originating from this show, AND to top it all off, call it the best anime ever made.
Nickname: Attack On Titan Yaoi Fangirls (Fandom)
Violent Abominators (Hatedom)
Type: Anime Fandom and Hatedom
Status: Active (Both)

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

Since its Japanese premiere in April 2013, Attack on Titan has reached a huge international following, which only grew after foreign-language dubs released. This lead to what many people still consider to be the worst fandom in the history of anime and manga.

Why Both Of Them Are Angry As Eren Yeager In Titan Mode


  1. The main problem with this fanbase is how much they overhype the show. Attack on Titan still remains the most popular anime, even more so than Yuri!!! On IceMy Hero AcademiaOne-Punch ManTokyo Ghoul, and Sword Art Online combined. AoT isn't 'as good as everyone says it is, but it is definitely undeserving of its hatred.
  2. As expected of anime fandoms, dub haters. These people caused Attack on Titans English dub to appear on many people's lists of worst anime dubs, despite the fact that it stays true to the original Japanese version. There is not a single video of the dub online without these people complaining in the comments about Bryce Papenbrook voicing too many anime protagonists (he voices Eren, and prior to AoT, had voiced Rin in Blue Exorcist and Kirito in SAO), Trina Nishimura and Matthew Mercer making Mikasa and Levi respectively sound too emotional, Josh Grelle making Armin sounding too manly, and the like.
  3. While the pairing wars aren't on the same level as Naruto and Bleach, it can get out of hand, especially hating on the Eren x Mikasa (EreMika) ship and overglorifying the Eren x Levi (Ereri) ship.
    • What makes the Eren x Levi ship bad is that Eren is 15 and Levi is around his mid 30s, making it pedophilia. The shippers defend this ship by using the Japan legal age of consent, even though the anime itself takes place somewhere that's depicting Europe, or by using the time skip that happens before the Marley Arc begins where Eren becomes 19 years old. You were already shipping the characters before the pre-Marley Arc time skip for Christs sake. Why not just ship Eren and Levi with someone else that's around the same age as them like Eren x Jean or Levi x Erwin.
  4. While not as much as the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or the Rick and Morty fandom, the AoT fandom spams stupid memes originating from the show, some of which spoil important story details.
  5. The fandom's behavior can distract from the dark and serious tone of Attack on Titan.
  6. They tend to make R34 (mostly of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Annie, and Christa). Even worse is when there are the Titans involved, which contradicts the fact that Titans have no reproductive systems.
  7. The fandom is so terrible to the point that even the creator of Attack on Titan himself, Hajime Isayama, hates it as well.


  1. The hatedom only hates Attack on Titan because they had the show ruined for them by the craze. Remember: a bad fandom does not create a bad movie/TV show/game/etc. The creators have no control over the fandom's behavior (in fact, Hajime Isayama, the series creator of AoT, hates the fandom, like said before). Hating something just because the fans are annoying is stupid.
  2. A good majority of Attack on Titan haters are soccer moms who forbid their children from watching it simply for its ultraviolence. Wow. Just because Attack on Titan is an anime doesn't mean it's recommended for young children, and just because it's ultraviolent doesn't mean it's bad.
  3. The most vocal AoT haters are classic anime fanbrats who are getting sour over AoT outshining their favorite shows as the most popular anime.
  4. Some of them are extreme social justice warriors on Tumblr who claim that the show is fascist and antisemitic. Although there is good evidence to back that up, they won't stop ranting on it, just like Tumblr users won't stop ranting on Steven Universe, Hazbin Hotel, Camp Camp, Rick and Morty, Family Guy, Big Mouth, PewDiePie, South Park, etc although all those shows are problematic minus Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, and to an extent South Park since it's meant to offend everyone.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The second season's English dub got FAR less hatred than the first.
  2. The fandom seems to have tamed down as of the second season's premiere (2017).
  3. There are good pieces of fanart and fanfiction. In fact, after the release of the second video game, Attack on Titan original characters started popping up everywhere.
  4. Some good ships that are overshadowed by the terrible Ereri ship such as Eren/Mikasa and Reiner/Bertholdt.
  5. The fandom and hatedom are on same levels, since mature fans/haters can get along and not acting like immature/rabid fans/haters.

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