Autism Deniers

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Autism Denial is the act of ignoring that autism exists. It has become very toxic for a number of reasons since they stem from the Autism Hatedom for a number of things. They are on par with many deniers in existance.

Why It's Not Only Toxic, But Also Offensive

  1. First of all, some parents do this which is considered bad parenting.
    • Speaking of which, some of them can't handle the truth.
    • If that's not enough, some parents would teach kids autism denial.
  2. They think autism is only a joke when it's nothing to joke about. No wonder people joke about it too much.
  3. As expected, they look down on people who don't deny autism.
  4. Hypocrisy at it's finest: they deny autism, yet they may not know what autism is.
  5. Some people who deny autism may also have autism. How ironic can you get!?
  6. Speaking of which, some of them would be little kids who make endless jokes about autism. A good reason to educate your kids the right way.
  7. It's no surprise to find out how they will still use "autism" as an insult. We don't think we need to explain more.
  8. They think that no one would expect that a person is autistic when there has been people that do. This is a good reason why autism is nothing to debunk.
  9. Every time they see an autistic person, they would tell them that autism doesn't exist. It's very typical when you think about it since they deny autism for no good reasons.
  10. They keep saying autism is a disease when it's just a mental illness.
  11. These deniers would sometimes believe that a person with autism is at fault when these deniers are being mean.
  12. Sometimes, they would treat autistic people like they are not human, but rather "lying creatures".
  13. They claim to deny autism, yet some praised other people who do have autism before such as Tim Burton, Satoshi Tajiri, Dan Harmon, Steve Jobs, Thomas Jefferson, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michelangelo, Jerry Seinfeld, Daryl Hannah, etc.
  14. It's mostly filled with witless adults, brain-dead teenagers, dumb pre-teens, foolish kids, edgelords, neo-Nazis, racists, cyberbullies, conspiracy theorists, and internet trolls.
  15. They don't understand that there are huge amounts of evidence that autism isn't fake.
  16. They think that autistic people don't belong in modern society when they are just being selfish jackasses who only care about themselves.
  17. As of today, autism denial is really widespread. Even this video can explain.
  18. Some of them are homophobic religious zealots who believe that nobody is born autistic, that autism is a choice, a lifestyle and it can be cured, that they can "pray the autism away" just like how they supposedly "pray the gay away".
  19. There are even some people who are actually autistic who refuse to acknowledge that they have autism due to coming across those who act obnoxiously and use their condition as a crutch (such as Chris-chan), where they would get embarrassed by their behavior and feel it is best to just deny they have it themselves in order to act superior to those types. They would also claim that mature people with autism don't have it because they're too normal to have it as a result of the focus on the former types and thus ignoring the fact that each autistic person is highly different in behavior, personality, and severity.