Azura (Fire Emblem) Fandom and Hatedom

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Azura (Fire Emblem) Fandom and Hatedom
“My fans and haters get no respect from me because of the toxicity.”
Nickname: Azura Fanboys/Fangirls, Azura's Hate Company
Type: Video Game Fandoms/Hatedoms, Character Fandoms/Hatedoms
Status: Active

Azura is a songstress from Fire Emblem FatesAGW. She was a princess of Nohr, until she was abducted by Hoshidan spies. She's a singer who has mystical powers beneath, and is a close ally and cousin of Corrin on what destiny they choose to follow. After her abduction in Nohr, she remains in Hoshido forgetting her Nohrian past. She also has a rapid fandom and hatedom.

Why both need to be sung away by Her Singing


  1. They can’t approve each other’s opinions.

Why the fandom doesn't deserve her singing voice

  1. They create disgusting fetish fueled fan-art and fanfictions of her.
  2. They only like her because she's attractive, it takes more than someone's exterior beauty to like a character, this is the same way the Tifa, Camilla, Rem, Zero Two, Hatsune Miku and Palutena fanboys obsess over their favorite characters.
  3. Some of them are sexually attracted to her.
  4. They honor her as though she were a goddess.
  5. They even do crossover pairings, though this is rare.

Why the hatedom should vanish into the light

  1. They hate her because they think she's ugly.
  2. They only hate her because she's popular when other characters from Fates are also popular; examples include Takumi and Camilla.
  3. Whenever they hear someone wanting Azura for Super Smash Bros. they will snap into anger and scold them using the “Too many anime characters” excuse which is an overused and a poor excuse.
  4. They also despise her because they prefer someone else.

What Gives Them A Mystical Water Portal (Redeeming Qualities)


  1. At least they make good fan art and cosplays of her such as this.
  2. Some of them can approve of others' opinions.
  3. Not all of them make disgusting fan-art of her.


  1. Some haters (such as Whoisthisgit) can respect opinions at least.

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