Babanbo (BanG Dream!) Ironic Fandom

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Babanbo (BanG Dream!) Ironic Fandom
He's watching you... Including Ran Mitake.
Nickname: Babanbo-sama's Worshippers
Type: Ironic Fandoms
Status: Active

How the fans would do the actual summoning ritual if it was real. (Screenshot taken from the Garupa Pico ED)

Babanbo (aka Babanbo-sama) is a one-shot fictional religious character from episode 12 [1] of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO where the Afterglow members were trying to cure Ran from her sickness by doing a ritual of summoning Babanbo-sama. He made a cameo in the next episode [2] during a montage of the bands performing on stage. This ironic meme fandom may be really small compared to the other ironic fandoms, however that doesn’t stop them from making some unfunny memes about this fictional character along with a fandom that is really toxic within the BanG Dream Fandom.

Why Babanbo Must Punish Them

  1. They are mostly part of the Afterglow Fandom.
  2. You guessed it! They literally pray and glorify Babanbo-sama as if he was either a real god or the Jesus Christ of Bandori.
  3. As we said earlier, the first comment you see is a person saying: “This comment has been blessed by Babanbo-sama. Reply down with "Thank you Babanbo-sama" for a 4* on your next roll.” meaning that they took him way too seriously. No kidding!
  4. Adding on to the previous point, they usually believe that he’s a real religious figure that exists in real life which is really dumb because there’s no evidence of that at all.
  5. They constantly spam quotes that go like: “You have been blessed by Babanbo-sama.” or "May Babanbo-sama bless you" everywhere within this fandom. This includes the mobile game as well, especially whenever a person pulls up a 4* card or having a full combo after playing on a live which get’s old after a while.
  6. They also make up many false tutorials about the summoning ritual of Babanbo-Sama.
  7. There are several communities dedicated to him on Amino, Twitter and Reddit.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans only do these acts and rituals to him as a joke and are aware that he’s not real.
  2. This fandom is kinda rare outside the meme community so it didn’t necessarily kill the community altogether unlike various other meme fandoms.
  3. As of mid-2019, the meme's dead out.