Baby Boomers Hatedom

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Baby Boomers Hatedom
Who would have thought a group of middle-aged to elderly people would get such a toxic hatedom?
Nickname: Anti-Baby Boomers
Type: People Hatedom
Status: Very Active

Baby Boomer is a term used to describe a person who was born between 1946 and 1964. The baby boomer generation makes up a substantial portion of the world's population, especially in developed nations. It represents nearly 20% of the American public. Over the years, it has developed a toxic hatedom all thanks to modern-day internet.

Why They're Worse Than The Baby Boomers Themselves

  1. It's mostly filled with modern-tards or toxic users who were born in the '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, etc.
  2. They say that all Baby Boomers are bad when some are actually good. In fact, there is a ton of examples of baby boomers who can be awesome.
  3. Speaking of Michael Jackson, they are part of his hatedom. This also applies to them being part of the Donald Trump hatedom since Trump is also a baby boomer, as well as the Vic Mignogna Hatedom and the Elton John Hatedom.
  4. Since we mentioned these people who were baby boomers, some ignore the fact they may like some of these people. Talk about hypocrisy!
    • Another hypocrisy: they complain about boomers constantly complaining when these haters are complaining even more.
    • Yet another hypocrisy: they dislike boomers yet some of them may have friends or family members that are boomers themselves.
  5. They treat Baby Boomers as the most ageist generation alive. Being ageist to them won't solve anything.
  6. They see baby boomers as dumb old people when some are nothing like that. Besides, some baby boomers even got jobs as well.
  7. Don't ever think about defending them because they will still call you a boomer. (Even though some defenders are not boomers).
  8. They want to see boomers to die which is just heartless in a number of ways. Just remember that baby boomers are still humans at the end of the day.
  9. They think that all boomers hate video games and technology when some would actually utilize them for different reasons. Plus, some boomers could actually like video games in a mature manner. Also, did they just forgot that some boomers like Steve Jobs (born in 1955)/ were involved in technology?
  10. They don't just hate the boomers, they see them as a curse to the world.
  11. They make up a ton of hate memes to mock boomers such as this and this.
  12. They want everyone to hate boomers and would think that no one likes boomers.
  13. They keep saying that the boomers are bad and selfish parents. Even if some boomers don't treat their child like trash. Plus, even some parents who were born in a different generation can have parenting skills that are inferior. One example is Chris Benoit (born in 1967) who killed his own wife and son (later himself) or Michael Christopher "Mike" Martin aka DaddyOFive (born 1982).
  14. They went to Wikipedia just to vandalize the Baby Boomers page which is seen here. But wait, they did some more and more. This lead Wikipedia to protect the article due to vandalism.
  15. They are so bad that even the boomers themselves hate them as well.
  16. Some of them also hate millennials just because they think that the boomers were responsible for the millennial attitude. This shows how extremely ageist they are.
  17. They stereotype the boomers as racist, sexist and/or homophobic and that's all we really need to say.
  18. Even this hatedom is still present in TheTopTens as well.
  19. They look at baby boomers as if they were not humans, but rather aliens...
  20. They stereotype boomers as people who dislike anime. Despite the fact that some boomers may like anime.
    • Another thing is that they also stereotype boomers as moral guardians. Even though not all boomers are moral guardians. By the way, they forgot that any generation can have moral guardians.


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