Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Ironic Fandom

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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Ironic Fandom
No toxic fandoms in the halls.
Nickname: Here School Students
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Mostly dead

Baldi's Basic in Education and Learning is a 2018 Unity-programmed indie video game developed and published by American independent video game developer Micah McGonigal (also known on the Internet as "mystman12"). As of late May/early June that year, it instantly got a very toxic fandom that no one really expected.

Why They Have No Shiny Quarters

  1. Shockingly, even this fandom has porn, though it is rare. There's porn of characters who are intentionally designed to look dumb and/or ugly. Seriously. It's a Bully and Playtime are also children.
  2. Fans often make "dark" theories for the game, despite the fact that the game parodies and makes fun of horror games with overly deep lore.
  3. Baldi fangirls.
  4. They're mostly from the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom, the Undertale Fandom, the Bendy and the Ink Machine Fandom, the Cuphead Fandom, The Vyond Community and the Garfielf Ironic Fandom (the later is mainly because of the infamous mod Garfelf's Guide and the Secrets Within).
  5. Like many video game fandoms, many of them are children, edgy teenagers, and manchildren.
  6. Terrible ships, such as Baldi x Principal of the Thing, Baldi x Playtime, Arts and crafters x Gotta Sweep, Playtime x Bully and 1st Prize x Player mostly appearing on DeviantArt.
    • Speaking of the ship between Baldi and Principal of the Thing, this shows that they think Baldi and Principal of the Thing are gay. McGonigal once claimed that Baldi had a wife, which could suppose that Baldi is heterosexual.
      • There is even Baldi x Player!
        • Not to mention, they believe Arts and Crafters is a female, when McGonigal confirmed that Arts and Crafters is a male.
  7. Speaking of which, they treat the game's characters like sex symbols.
  8. They draw a lot of terrible fanart and write horrible fanfictions.
    • Speaking of the fanart, they draw the characters with looks that they consider "cute" and "kawaii", instead of drawing them with their poorly-made designs.
  9. PlaceFace is a placeholder sprite McGonigal used for A.I. testing. Many YouTubers from the fandom use it as a clickbait machine by pretending that it's how the player's character would look like when the player actually looks like this.
  10. They don't just like the game, they honor it like it's the next Five Nights at Freddy's.
  11. They damaged The Meme Community with a lot of memes including character quotes from the game.
  12. They can't take even the slightest form of criticism towards the game. For example, one BBIEAL fan vandalized the page for it on the Crappy Games Wiki on FANDOM, which shows that they didn't read the entire page.
  13. At one point, Baldi's page on the unofficial BBIEAL Wiki had the main Baldi sprite replaced with yaoi art of him.
  14. Fans treat Baldi like a sex symbol and sexualize him a lot on Deviantart and Tumblr!
    • Some people draw him thicc.
  15. The Baldi Modding Community is constantly copying Garfelf's Guide!
  16. Baldiette.
  17. Baldisexual. (Baldi isn't even a gender. wtf?)
  18. There are some annoying kids in the Baldi's Basics Modding Community that make dumb requests for mods to other Baldi Modders. Sometimes, they even force the modders to do their ideas.
    • The beggers can also force the modders to work on their upcoming title(s).
  19. Many artists on tumblr ship their take of Baldi with another artist's take of Baldi!
  20. Baldi vore.
  21. Once there was a DeviantArt user named BaldiLegit who asked many other users disgusting things like "Draw fat Baldi", "Draw Playtime with huge boobs" and "Draw Baldi x Thicc Chara", thankfully he got terminated from DeviantArt.
  22. Just like the FNAF fandom, some of them say that Baldi is a good guy despite that he is the antagonist in the game.

The Only 5 Shiny Quarters (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. There are mature fans who can take criticism.
  2. Some of them can make good fanart and fanfictions.
  3. Some of them also develop great fangames of their own like Advanced Education with Viktor Strobvoski, Baldi's Unreal Basics and Alex's Basics in Biology And Zoology.
  4. There are also cool mods like: Billy's Basics, Cutman's Clues in Boo Boo Stuff, Baldi's Basics The Old Laboratory, Retro's Basics In Fun Activities (the first decompile mod) and Madden's Basics in Football and Memes (The first Baldi mod created).
    • Though, it depends on what you think of the modding community as a whole.
  5. This fandom has started dying since late 2018.


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2 months ago
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BaldiLegit must a paedophile because he said "Draw Playtime with huge boobs" and "Draw Baldi x Thicc Chara".


2 months ago
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I ever saw that Mystman12 didn't want his character to be sexualized.