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how does this 40's movie even have a cringey fandom?

Bambi is an animated feature-length film produced by Disney in 1942. It was the studio’s 5th feature-length animated film. The film focuses on the life of Bambi, a deer who will become a future prince who grew up in a forest and lost his mom after getting shot by an unseen hunter. Bambi is regarded as one of Disney’s best animated feature films and is beloved by a lot of people to this day. Although, it does have a pretty toxic fandom like many other classic Disney films.

Why They’re Toxic

  1. If they don't simply love Bambi, then it means that the fanbase cherishes it.
  2. Many of them come from the dark side of the Furry Community.
  3. They make bizarre out of the characters.
  4. They treat Bambi’s Mom’s death like it’s the saddest death of all-time.
  5. Most of them can start some fanbase wars with The Lion King Fandom because they debate on Mufasa’s death or Bambi’s Mom’s death being the saddest Disney death of all-time.
  6. They hate Dumbo, but in a more toxic way, just because they think that Dumbo’s more popular than Bambi and Bambi is more hated on.
  7. Many of them do cringey crossover shippings with the characters from Bambi with other fictional characters.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all fans act like this, since there are still some fans who can be really nice and can respect opinions.
  2. They can still make great fanart and fanfiction like many other fandoms.
  3. There are a few fans that both like Bambi and Dumbo.

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