Black Panther (Film) Hatedom

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These people are not welcome to Wakanda

Black Panther is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel character of the same name which is produced by Marvel Studios, distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and is the eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie focuses on T'Challa who is crowned king of Wakanda following his father's death, but his sovereignty is challenged by an adversary who plans to abandon the country's isolationist policies and begin a global revolution. The film received praise for its direction, screenplay, acting (Mainly Boseman, Jordan, and Wright), costume design, production values, and soundtrack, though the CGI effects received some criticism. Many critics considered it to be one of the best films set in the MCU and noted its cultural significance, with organizations including the National Board of Review and American Film Institute naming it one of the Top 10 Films of 2018. The film has garnered numerous awards and nominations with most nominations recognizing the film itself, acting, screenplay, art production, and soundtrack. The film also attracted a toxic hatedom.

Why We Don't Do Toxicity Here

  1. Many of them are part of the fandoms of Comics, The Spider-Man Trilogy, X-Men, and The DC Extended Universe. They are also part of the Disney Hatedom and most importantly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Hatedom.
    • Speaking of the fandoms of Spider-Man Trilogy and X-Men, they are the ones who make up some excuses such as “It’s made for kids, fanboys and manchildren”, “It’s not dark, edgy, realistic, gloomy or serious as the said movies”, “Disney made them”, or “Corny Comedy Flicks”.
  2. Some racists reportedly decided to make the movie Black Panther look bad by faking injuries done by African Americans.
  3. It's filled with Anti-SJWs who think it was not worthy enough to be a good movie. Since when did SJWs have to do with the MCU?
  4. Some used to like the MCU, but they turned their backs when MCU introduced diversity tropes.
  5. They think that only SJWs watch Black Panther, which isn't true, there are some people who watched the film who aren't SJWs. It’s basically like say that only kids watch Cartoon Network even when there are some teenagers and adults who watch it, say that only perverts watch Anime, when not every Anime show has sexual stuff and not all Anime fans are perverts, or even say that only murderers play video games despite the fact that many crimes don’t involve video games.
    • On a similar note, they think that only the black culture watches Black Panther when it can be enjoyed by all races. That's like saying only the Hispanic and Mexican people watch Coco or only Chinese people watch Ni-Hao Kai Lan. Even Chadwick Boseman (who played the title character) said so himself.
  6. They only hate the movie simply because it's overhyped. Listen, just because it's overhyped, does not mean that it's bad.
  7. The hatedom will most likely gain more power when the sequel gets released on May 6, 2022.
  8. They make hate memes of the movie.
  9. Even Rotten Tomatoes is aware of the hatedom. In fact, they will block anyone who tries to sabotage Black Panther’s fan score.
  10. On the topic of memes, they think that watching Black Panther will make you do this.
  11. They don’t understand that Black Panther was the first superhero film to be nominated for the Academy Awards and that it tackles the issue of poor countries around the world not getting support from rich countries.
  12. Since this is a Marvel movie, some haters don't shut up about how much they hate Marvel. We get it, you hate Marvel, but repeating it over and over again is really annoying.
  13. Some of them use CGI as an excuse to hate the movie… Really? This movie also has lots of practical effects as well on par with the average Christopher Nolan film. Why else did it won the Academy Award for Best Production Design?
  14. Speaking of which, they make lame and unfunny names of this movies such as CGI: The Movie.
  15. They even want to Cancel its sequel
  16. They damaged both the movie and the comic book communities.
  17. Fans of the Joker film bully people who like this film because Joker was nominated for 11 Oscars, while this film was only nominated for 6 failing to realize that the latter has won more Oscars than the former though where it won 3 compared to Joker's 2.

The Only 3 Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some mature haters who can respect opinions and have their own valid reasons to not like the film still exist.
  2. They are right about some of the movie's possible flaws it has. (EX: The CGI is not the best (Except for the Wakanda scenes of the film) or Killmonger having the typical rival trope (Although he is better written than most MCU villains)).
  3. Some were fine when Black Panther won some awards such as some awards from The Academy Awards, awards from the African-American Film Critics Association, BET Awards for best actor, some Black Reel Awards, some Golden Tomato Awards, etc.