Call of Duty Fandom and Hatedom

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Call of Duty Fandom and Hatedom
Nickname: Soldiers (Fandom)
Type: Video Game Fandom and Hatedom
Status: Active (Both)

Call of Duty (abbreviated as COD) is a first-person shooter video game franchise by Activision.

Since its debut in 2003, the COD franchise has received new releases every year, now developed by different developers, usually with positive reviews and strong sales, although it did not rise to mainstream prominence until the 2007 release Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Why There's No “Duty” In This Fandom And Hatedom


  1. It shares some issues with The First-Person Shooter Community.
  2. They're a part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom, Microsoft Fandom, Nintendo HatedomMario Hatedom, (sometimes) Sonic Hatedom, Shigeru Miyamoto Hatedom, Rated E video games Hatedom, and in extreme cases the PC Gaming Elitists.
  3. They overrate the Modern Warfare trilogy series and some old Call Of Duty games.
    1. Although some fans loved the entire Modern Warfare trilogy, others hate MW2 and MW3.
  4. They bash Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and some futuristic Call Of Duty games.
  5. Most fans think there are zero good points about Infinite Warfare, but the game had a short but decent campaign.
  6. Some servers can be unbearable due to many squeakers and toxic players that constantly rage during the match.
  7. Most of the fanboys are nostalgiatards.
  8. Rarely they can bash people who like the games mentioned at No.3.
  9. Some fans of the series tend to fanboy over each and every Call of Duty installment released, regardless of its quality.
    • On a side note, the 2017 release Call of Duty: WWII is known for being the victim of SJWs antics and complaints, which only ruined the game further.
  10. They end up buying the Call of Duty games only for the multiplayer and overlook the single-player campaigns, not necessarily because of the lack of quality in the storytelling with the recent Call of Duty titles, but because they simply don't care at all.
    • In fact, these actions resulted in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ditching single-player entirely, that and to compete with Fortnite with their new Blackout battle royale mode.
  11. The casual Call of Duty players tend to look down on the more die-hard fans as "nerds", which is seen as an insult by actual gamers.
  12. Saying even the slightest negative thing about Call of Duty can result in a swarm of Call of Duty fanboys coming towards you, which shows that these fanboys actually can't handle any form of criticism.
  13. The majority of complaints regarding Call of Duty tend to be directed towards campers or weapons said to be too overpowered (OP), thus ignoring the actual problems with the games.
  14. The games' actual problems are made worse with the series's tradition of yearly releases, which often (and sometimes unintentionally) carries over bugs, glitches, and other problems from previous games onto the next while also spawning new ones.
    • Each year, however, does see a Call of Duty game developed by a different developer: Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, or Treyarch.
  15. It is filled with competitive gamers, who only want to win, and become salty and insult their opponents upon defeat, and will show lack of sportsmanship upon victory.
  16. It is filled with nostalgiatards, who attack anyone who doesn't like the Call of Duty titles released between 2003 and 2010.
  17. Moderntards also fill the Call of Duty fanbase, and they more often than not harass anyone who doesn't like the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series (2007-2011).
    • This almost invariably triggers clashes between the classic Call of Duty fans and the modern Call of Duty fans.
  18. Many of the Call of Duty fans are small immature children who are usually under 13, despite that the vast majority of Call of Duty games (especially anything after 2007, excluding remasters of older games) are directed towards older teenagers aged 17 and over. This is like having an immature child playing Manhunt 2, which is for adults only.
  19. It is also plagued with tryhards.
  20. In addition to tryhards, squeakers and other types of immature kids/gamers also plague the Call of Duty community.
  21. The Call of Duty fanbase likes to start flame wars with fanbases of rival video game franchises (especially Halo, Doom, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege).
    • For instance, it is often said that the Halo franchise has become too much like Call of Duty, although the two franchises are not similar in any way.
      • Funnily enough, the 2016 release Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been heavily criticized and even lambasted for taking too many elements from Halo, which in fact debuted two years before Call of Duty! (the former debuted in 2001, the latter debuted in 2003)
  22. They like to think that any FPS game that features advanced movement of any type (e.g. sprinting, climbing) is stealing from Call of Duty, which simply isn't true at all!
  23. In addition, they also like to bash other FPS franchises with the claim that they are "rip-offs" of Call of Duty, which again isn't true at all.
  24. Some Call of Duty fans like to blame the developers for taking out beloved features, although in many cases, the publisher (Activision) is actually at fault instead.
  25. Much of this fandom tends to overpraise current/former Call of Duty YouTubers like Ali-A to god-like levels.
    • It is worth noting that Ali-A is infamous for being one of the worst clickbaity YouTubers in existence, which only got worse with Fortnite.
    • Which Makes them Part of The Fortnite Hatedom
  26. As is the case with the gaming community in general, many Call of Duty players use tags for every single type of player in existence: pro, noob, squeaker, cheater, camper, scrub, whale, etc. Most of them will use tags like "noob" or "scrub" to call out on any good player.
  27. The fandom gives the sane Call of Duty fans a horrible name.
  28. They'll defend IGN's review on all the Call of Duty games
    • Not only IGN loves the series, but IGN is also fixated by the series.
  29. They are part of the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom, Minecraft Fandom, Undertale Fandom and PewDiePie Fandom.


  1. Some of it is filled with Nintendo fanboys.
  2. It is mainly filled with video game elitists and edgelords, such as some CS:GO players, Battlefield players and Rainbow Six Siege players which are known for being extremely bashing and has toxic hatred towards the Call Of Duty fanbase. Those people, despite being the minority, are at times on par on even worse than the fandom.
    • Either that or some of them are Urban Dictionary users.
  3. They will bash constantly the players for no reason other than playing the series.
  4. It's also filled with Purists who blame the franchise for ruining gaming even though there are other games that also ruin gaming.
  5. Some people even hate for the sake of hating. For example, if someone sees that the hatedom hates Infinite Warfare (which is known to be very bad), the person will hate it too, being unaware of its flaws.
  6. They also use various slurs, such as "gay".
  7. The hatedom calls every Call Of Duty player autistic, which is offensive towards people who have autism.
  8. Even worse, some youtubers constantly make fun of the Call Of Duty players, most notably when they play CS:GO. If you like Call Of Duty more than CS:GO, the hatedom will get on your last nerve !
  9. They also hate it just only because of the Fanbase, which is a pathetically biased and extremely laughable reason to hate something.
  10. They are otherwise soccermoms, who only hate the series just because it's not for children. Seriously?, Age ratings don't determine if a game is good or not!
  11. They take their hatred to this franchise too seriously like it was the resurrection of Adolf Hitler, even worse, they’ll compare it to him. How is one mediocre/average series worse than a madman who led to the deaths of 60 million innocents?
  12. To make the things worse, there are hate memes made out of Call of Duty.
  13. They are mostly from the Metal Gear Fandom and Battlefield Fandom

Redeeming Qualities


  1. To clarify, some CAN take criticism.
  2. Not all Call of Duty fans are insane.
  3. Not all Call of Duty players exalt Sony Interactive Entertainment. In the same case, not all Call of Duty players play on PlayStation, knowing that the series has always been available on other platforms.
    • Also, some of them also do acknowledge that there are games that actually feature more explicit content than Call of Duty, such as Grand Theft Auto (with its very violent content, explicit sexual themes, intense and realistic portrayal of criminal activities, frequent profanity, nudity and more graphic drug use), Gears of War (with its more intense bloody violence), God of War (similar to Gears of War, with its extreme graphic violence, explicit sexual content and nudity), and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands (with its stronger profanity and more frequent appearances of drug use).
  4. They do have point that Futuristic CoD games are really sucks except Black Ops II.
  5. They also have point that Call of Duty WWII is literally politically correct especially when it having Black female wehrmacht soldiers in character creation as well as censorship of Swastikas in Multiplayer and being Historically inaccurate.
  6. Some fans wants World War I, Korean War, Vietnam War and even US Civil War genres for Call of Duty.
  7. Several Call of Duty fans actually play the games solely for the Call of Duty Zombies sub-series, which is usually considered better than the standard games.
  8. Some DO actually acknowledge the true quality of each COD game, seeing the true strengths and weaknesses of Activision, Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch (the three current developers of the franchise).
  9. They know that Call of Duty has been declining since 2009 and will have reasons why Call of Duty was not as good as it use to be.


  1. Some of them are really mature.
  2. The fandom was the one who started the damage first.
  3. Some of them respect the views on the franchise.
  4. They have good points on the franchise's flaws besides only the fandom.
    • For example Call of Duty being repetitive is a good reason.


WatchMojo's First List of Toxic Video Game Fandoms. The CoD Fandom is ranked at #2.

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