Cancel Culture

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Cancel Culture
Examples of cancel culture
Type: Toxic Move
Status: Continuously Active

Cancel Culture describes a form of boycott in which someone (usually a celebrity) who has shared a questionable or unpopular opinion or has had behavior in their past that is perceived to be either offensive or problematic called out on social media is "canceled"; they are completely boycotted by many of their followers or supporters, often leading to massive declines in celebrities' (almost always social media personalities) careers and fanbase.

Why This Move Should Be Called Out

  1. Basically, these idiots use this move just to witchhunt, finding people, stalking, ruining people's legal careers, etc. for the purpose of causing a lot of drama.
  2. They even have the guts to call it "justice" when it just harassment. Or even saying that it's to promote wholesomeness, when it's sounding more like they want to force their mindset onto the world. Good intentions or not, this kind of 'forcing' via mental manipulation can end up smearing the otherwise innocent and perfectly good idea. Take note people, forcing so-called 'good deeds' onto others' mouth does not make you a cool, heroic champion of justice.
  3. They think they're all edgy and cool when they're using this move when in reality they're not.
  4. While it's true that some people were to do really bad moments, they take them way too seriously by doing the things as mentioned in bullet point number 1. One example would be Alinity (an online handle of video game streamer Natalia Mogollon) who was forcing her cat to drink Vodka, but she expressed her guilt for the Vodka thing by realizing it was stupid. Do you know what they did? They were making death wishes and threats. Not only this is considered abuse, but it's also heartless towards people who would do a small mistake (and sort of big but already regretted).
  5. They never care about apologies, all they care about is wanting to hurt people as if it was a game. They screenshot innocent people's former nature, actions and art/photos to make them look like they're still bad and immature today and they claim it as "True nature" or "True colors", although it was the past and they're beating up a dead horse.
  6. They discourage good change. How simple can you get?
  7. Even the Thomas fandom is a part of this move. As they use "#Shunt" in their version and that fandom doesn't even care if those people are sensetive or even trying to apologize or even treat others with respect. They blame the victims if they're causing the drama while it's themselves who are doing it.
  8. They keep doing it no matter what, even if you try to confront them.
  9. They sometimes fake the "Losing faith in humanity" or "Want to die" just for attention.
  10. They think innocent people play the victim cards when it's really true that they are victims and think the innocent people are asking for attention while they're actually serious.
  11. It can even ruin your childhood.
  12. They make people afraid to come up and address the wrongs properly. A good reason to why you should never take the internet way too seriously.
  13. This move is so strong that it can make people hide their wrongdoings all because of them giving many kinds of people fear.
  14. Heck, not only do adults get the cancel culture treatment but even teenagers have faced this as well.
  15. According to them, "one little mistake (yes a very little one) = you are over" and "if someone does something wrong, stop supporting them and forget if they apologize or try to correct their behaviors".
  16. Nowadays, cancel culture has arisen in recent years due to the increase in social media.
  17. They even caused some people to commit suicide because of this move.
  18. They even celebrated the deaths of some of the people they boycotted, thinking that they got what they deserved.
  19. They always ignore that cancel culture is bad for our mental health (for real we are not kidding). With that said, click on this hyperlink for more detail.
  20. They deny cancel culture when cancel culture is actually real when you think about how the internet is a potentially dangerous place.
  21. Just like internet trolls, they could also be cowards since they prefer to harm people without any consequences.
  22. They ruined many communities.



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