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Give the shows on the left a chance, PLEASE.

Cartoon Elitists are people who would mostly watch cartoons or animated films that are plot-driven. They are basically Anime Elitists but with cartoons instead.

Why They're Toxic

  1. Thanks to their behavior, many of them caused a lot of critically acclaimed shows (mostly the ones that are plot driven) like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Teen Titans, MLP: Friendship is Magic, RWBY, and many more to get bad fandoms. The same might be said to story-driven animated films as well.
  2. A lot of them like to look down onto people who like comedy, sitcom, slice of life, or even preschool shows just because they are not "Plot Driven" like their favorite shows.
  3. They want all cartoons to be plot-driven or "serious" despite the fact that their wish cannot be granted just because they don't work for an animation studio.
  4. Hypocrisy at it's finest: they claim that they only enjoy plot-driven animation yet they somehow enjoy non-plot driven products such as Animaniacs (a slapstick comedy series), Rick and Morty (An animated sitcom), The Loud House (A slice of life series), The Simpsons (an animated sitcom), etc.
    • Another hypocrisy: They dislike comedy shows/movies yet they don't have a problem with comic reliefs in plot-driven media such as Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King, Olaf from Frozen, Beast Boy in Teen Titans 2003, Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nora from RWBY, etc.
    • Yet another one: They claim that cartoons should have a moral and have heart yet they hammer down preschool shows for learning and being wholesome.
  5. They always will ignore the flaws the plot-driven shows they like such as many of the villains in RWBY being poorly written, Gwen and Ben's bickering getting out of hand at times in Ben 10, some disturbing and mean-spirited moments in MLP: FIM, many visual inconsistencies in Steven Universe, some unlikeable characters being seen in some plot-driven shows, etc. The same can be said in plot-driven animated films as well.
  6. They are really picky about cartoons. That is the bottom line.
  7. They ignore that even non-plot driven products can have heart, messages, and emotion. We are not even making this up and we could bring in some examples. One example would be Despicable Me (A comedy film) which tells the story of a villain named Gru who has a change of heart.
    • Heck even a slice of life show like The Loud House also featured some heartwarming moments as well such as the episodes in Left in the Dark or 11 Louds A Leapin'.
    • Another example is how a show like VeggieTales would do a good job with its various life lessons and wholesome moments without being too preachy.
  8. They think that the animation industry is going downhill because of the existence of comedy. Do these idiots want every cartoon to be on their own taste?
  9. Some portion of these types of cartoon fans act like weeaboos just because of how some plot-driven media does have an anime-like art style such as Voltron: Legendary Defender.
  10. Some of them are even nostalgia-tards just because of their picky taste in cartoons.
  11. They think that cartoons nowadays are bad just because they are not the ones from their generation such as the 2000s.
  12. They want cartoons to be perfect without realizing that if a cartoon is super-perfect, it would feature things like Gary-stus/mary-sues.
  13. Thanks to how plot-driven shows have emotion, it seems like they treat the cartoon characters like they were real people. the fandoms of The Lion King and RWBY are good examples of this.
  14. Ironically enough, they never give non-plot driven shows a chance just because they never have seen it, blindly hate it for some reason, or rely too much on other people.
  15. Some of them are even edgelords who would think that shows really need to be dark and serious. Even though there are times when being too dark and serious can lead to being overused such as Loonatics UnleashedTTSW.

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