Catria (Fire Emblem) Fandom

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Catria (Fire Emblem) Fandom
Catria Heroes.png
I'm Catria of the Whitewings. Please don't ask why I have a toxic fanbase.
Type: Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Catria is a playable Pegasus Knight character in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Gaiden, Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem and their remakes. At 20 years old (Was mentioned in Echoes), she is the middle sister of the Pegasus Knights Palla and Est. She is the member of the Whitewings, a Macedonian squad of pegasus knight commanded by Princess Minerva, When Minerva's younger sister Maria was captured to blackmail the elder princess into fighting against the Archaean League, The Pegasus Sisters were forced to fight too thus leading the sisters to join Marth's army after rescuing Maria. Despite being one of the most recurring playable characters in the series, she also has a toxic fandom that she can't escape from.

Why This Fandom Brings Shame To The Whitewings

  1. They don't just like her, they somehow honor her like she was Jesus Christ's daughter.
  2. If you were to say you prefer Est or Palla or even another girl character (mainly the ones in Echoes), chances are they will say mean things like "Why don't you like Catria?" or even "Catria>>>>>Est or Palla (Mainly Est)" which is just cruel.
    • Speaking of them, many of them would hate on Est for no reasons or even dumb reasons.
    • Speaking of the other female Fire Emblem characters that are not part of the Whitewings, they would make hate memes such as this Virgin vs Chad meme.
  3. Some even manage to call her a "Goddess". In fact, blame Blame Shadow_Kawazaki for this.
  4. They manage to ship her with Marth simply because how her ending in Shadow Dragon and her death quote in Mystery of the Emblem would hint her having a crush of Marth. First off, she has an inrequited love (a love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved) towards Marth. Second, Marth already has a love interest in the form of Caeda.
    • Speaking of ships, they also ship her with Fan-made characters and themselves.
  5. They like Catria so much that they would sometimes forget that she is sisters with Est and Palla. Ironically enough, Palla is the eldest sister.
    • Similar enough, they would forget that Minerva leads the Whitewings,not Catria.
  6. They started crying like babies when Dorcas won during the Enduring Love Voting Gauntlet. They also cried when Chrom beat her in the Bunny Battle Ballot as well.
  7. Read the comments section of this Reddit.
  8. They call her perfect when she has flaws like low defense.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some are mature fans who respect opinions on the character.
  2. Not all of them hate Est or any of the few other characters
  3. Some still understand that Marth is already has a love interest which is Caeda.
  4. Some understand that she is still sisters to both Est and Palla.
  5. There is still a lot of good fanart and fanfics.

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