Cuphead Fandom

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Cuphead Fandom
Cuphead cover sept.png
Don't Deal With This Fandom.
Nickname: Cupheads
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Active

Cuphead is a hybrid run and gun/shoot 'em 'up game made by MDHR Studio in 2017, in the style of rubber-hose animation cartoons of the 1900s and 1800s. Like any other indie video games, the game also has a toxic fanbase.

Why The Devil Should Take Their Heads

  1. They ship Cuphead and Mugman despite the fact that they they are related.
    1. Speaking of the incest shipping, they also make bad shippings like Blind Specter x Cagney Carnation, Cuphead x Baroness Von Bon Bon, Mugman x Cala Maria, King Dice x The Devil, etc.
    2. They also do crossover shipping, such as Cuphead x Bendy.
  2. They honor the game to the point where they typically get offended when someone says anything negative about Cuphead and endlessly demand them to quit hating on it.
  3. Some of them are typically screaming and yelling every time they fail to beat the boss games and treating it like it's the end of humanity. Some "Lets Play" users probably need to take a break for a while.
  4. They keep comparing Cuphead and Dark Souls. We get it: they're really hard, but that is where the similarities end!
  5. Many female characters (mostly Cala Maria) are heavily sexualized, including Ms. Chalice. They also sexualize male characters.
    • Additionally, they even make fanart where characters have sex. In fact, there was a fanart where Cuphead and Mugman have sex, and their genitalia is clearly shown. Good thing its creator deleted it off DeviantArt!!
  6. This and This.
  7. Some refuse to admit the fact that they are toxic and think that their fandom is healthy when it is actually not.
    • In addition, most of them think the Cuphead fandom is peacefull despite that it has Cupcest and questionable fanarts the way DeviantArt and/or Tumblr users failed to realize that and can't handle the truth. (same goes for the Kirby fandom)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the fanarts they make are good/decent.
  2. Mature fans still exist.
  3. Some may take breaks from the game since it's challenging.
  4. At least there are fans that are aware of the fanbase’s toxicity.



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