Dallas Cowboys Fandom and Hatedom

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Dallas Cowboys Fandom and Hatedom
"How 'bout them Cowboys?" well not the toxic ones of course. Also, the haters can also be terrible too.
Nickname: Cowboys, Doomsday Defense, The 'Boys, Big D (Fandom)
Type: Sports Fandoms
Sports Hatedoms
Status: Active

The Dallas Cowboys are a group of professional American Football team meant for the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex. The said team compete in the NFL and is a member of the league's NFC while their home games take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas which was open for the 2009 seasons. They are the first sports team to be valued at $4 billion dubbing them the most valuable sports team in the world. Their official mascot is a cowboy in the form of Rowdy and the Cowboys were owned by Jerry Jones and Stephen Joes being the CEO of the team. They also have toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why Both Sides Get No Superbowl


  1. They cannot respect opinions on the said team thus leading them to fights.
  2. Both sides would hate on some of the players such as Jason Garrett to the point that both sides will attack anyone who liked any of the players.
  3. whenever both the Cowboys and *insert any team here* get in a fight. They are as bad as the Marvel and DC Fandoms and Hatedoms.


  1. They don't just like the Cowboys, they overglorify them like they were God's favorite football team.
  2. Like many other sports teams, they will become snobbish to those that prefer another team.
  3. Just like the rest of The Sports Community, they constantly scream and yell while watching the games.
  4. Whenever a new game is going to happen, they will boast on other teams.
  5. They would blindly hate other teams without giving them a chance.
  6. Whenever the Cowboys win, they will celebrate and will bully another team that did play against the team.
    • On the opposite side, whenever the Cowboys lose, they will throw a fit and attack the other team.
  7. The fandom is so toxic that even the Philadelphia Eagles hate the fans as well.
    • Speaking of the Eagles, many of the fans would hate on the Eagles. One example is the infamous "No one looks good in Eagles green" post on Twitter or even memes related to Eagles hate.
  8. They even make memes mocking the haters.
  9. They treat the Cowboys players like they are the kings of football which does not make any sense. This mainly happens to Tony Romo.
  10. They would make some really bad excuses such as “If Romo was in, we could of easily won” , “The refs were so one-sided, we got completely screwed” or the infamous We’ll it doesn’t matter that we lost, we still have 5 rings and you guys have 0 so really who cares".
  11. The fanbase is shown to be one of the biggest bandwagon fanbases they tend to act as they care about Yankees and Lakers but they don't really do so in real life.
  12. This fandom is filled with Scumbags, Manchildren, Edgelords, Elitists & rabid sports fans.
  13. Much like weeaboos, the Dallas Cowboys spend too much money on merchandise. The Cowboys, however, spend a lot of money on Dallas Cowboys related merchandise like if it was a job.
  14. They calm to be super fans of the Cowboys when they don't know about some of the player's names.
    • To make things more ironic, some of the fans never been to Dallas yet they act as they care about them or act like people who are Texans.
  15. They are everywhere on Twitter.
  16. They even managed to bash on a YouTuber named RebelWithACause. Even the said YouTuber made this video.
  17. They fail to realize that just like every sports team, the Cowboys are not perfect.
  18. They constantly spam "How 'bout them Cowboys" to the point that it will get on your nerves.
  19. They cry like babies when the Cowboys don't go to the Super Bowl, it gets even more toxic when the Cowboys lose to the Super Bowl.
  20. They really give the Cowboys a bad reputation, and also a really bad name as well.
  21. They can be as bad as the Rick and Morty, JoJo, Nintendo, Sony Interactive, Microsoft, PC Gaming, Shrek, Undertale, Fortnite, GLL/Bungie Halo, Spider-Man Trilogy, Waluigi, 25% of the fans in Love Live! and Kingdom Hearts Fandoms.
  22. Don't ever think about going to Change.Org looking up Cowboys related stuff because you might find stuff like this.


  1. Much like The JoJo, Five nights at Freddy's, My little Pony, and Undertale Hatedom. They hate the Cowboys because of its fans. Just because the fans can be toxic does not mean that the team is bad.
  2. They hate the Cowboys because they are apart of a different team. That is really disrespectful there.
  3. This page on Facebook.
  4. They make memes that mock the Cowboys.
  5. They think that the Cowboys are the worst fans but the fans of another team can make a certain teams fandom be as bad or worst than the Cowboys.
  6. Many of them would go as far as hating on Dallas itself.
  7. They make dumb excuses to hate the Cowboys such as "The Cowboys still suck". Do you expect them to be perfect?
  8. They think that the Cowboys are not a texas team when they fail to realize that Dallas is in Texas!
  9. They make fun of the Cowboys when they lose or don't join the Super Bowl.
  10. They hate the Cowboys for being overrated. Just because they are overrated does not mean that you have to hate on the Cowboys.
  11. They think that all Cowboys fans are bandwagoners when some of them are not.
  12. They call the Cowboys dumb names such as "Dallas Cowgirls".
  13. They think that the cheerleaders are the only good thing in the Dallas Cowboys. WHAT?
  14. They won't stop talking about their strong hatred with the Cowboys. Does this sound familiar?
  15. Litterally All Philadelphia Eagles Fans are apart of this hatedom.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Both are sane and mature fans and haters that respect peoples opinions.
  2. Not all of them constantly bash on some of the people.


  1. Some are aware of the Cowboys flaws.
  2. Some will accept the fact that the Cowboys can loose.
  3. Some get along with other teams.
  4. Some do not boast about any victory the Cowboys have.
  5. Not all of them treat the players like Gods.


  1. They do have a point about the fandom.
  2. They do have a point about the Cowboys' flaws.
  3. The fandom is much worst.
  4. The hatedom tends to overshadow with the fandom.
  5. Not all of them mock the Cowboys.
  6. Some are aware of some mature fans of the Cowboys still exist.
  7. There are mature haters like Stephen A. Smith.


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