Dante (Devil May Cry) Fandom (Toxic Portion)

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Dante (Devil May Cry) Fandom (Toxic Portion)
Dante (Devil May Cry).jpg
“My fandom's not too stylish enough!”
Nickname: Dante Fanboys, Dante Fangirls
Type: Video Game Fandoms, Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Dante is a private investigator, mercenary, and demon hunting vigilante dedicated to exterminating them and other supernatural foes. He is the son of Sparda, a powerful demon. As a result of heritage, ha has superhuman powers which he uses a variety of weapons to reach his goals. Dante's Arsenal usually consists of firearms and melee weapons including Ebony and Ivory - twin semi-automatic handguns that never need reloading, and a variety of swords including Rebellion, Force Edge, and Devil Arms (created by his father). In the video games and the anime series, Dante is often seen eating pizza. Dante unfortunately, can have rapid fans.

Why His Toxic Side Of His Fandom Should Be Slashed Down With Style

  1. They tend to spam the “Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series” memes along with “& Knuckles” memes.
  2. They also put Dante in crossover ships with the most popular one being Dante and Bayonetta.
  3. Some of them are Edgelords because of his more vulgar reboot design alone.
  4. Toxic fans of Dante kept whining about his design from Devil May Cry 5. Why? According to them, “his designs are not being pretty enough and too old”.
  5. They would not shut up about wanting Him in Super Smash Bros. Were he is unlikely due to him already being in PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale.

Redeeming Qualities that will put his weapons down

  1. At least the other side is healthy and don't act like them.
  2. Not all fan arts of Dante are gross, so its possible that any good fan arts of him still exist.
  3. Few Dante fans finally stopped their whining about his designs from Devil May Cry 5.