Dark Sonic Fandom

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Dark Sonic Fandom
Dark Sonic: Thanks to my toxic fandom, my day is ruined.
Nickname: Heavy Hearted Hedge-Lords
Type: Anime Fandoms
Status: Active

Dark Sonic is a form acquired by Sonic the Hedgehog in the anime series Sonic X, that transformation only happened once when Sonic's anger mixed with the fake chaos emeralds, The transformation has received a toxic fandom and here the reasons.

Why Dark Sonic would unleash his wrath on the Fandom

  1. Some fans are Edgelords because it's a dark form.
  2. Due to some fan-made animations, they think that Dark Sonic is even the most powerful form that Sonic has had, when there are forms that are more powerful than Dark Sonic.
  3. They even think that it is an evil form of Sonic when he did not use it for evil, he only defeated some Eggman's robots, in fact, Eggman himself calmed him down.
  4. They make generic fanfics involving Dark Sonic.
  5. If you prefer other forms of Sonic, there is a chance that they will try to attack you.
  6. They usually argue with the Super Sonic Fandom/Fleetway Sonic Fandom on which form of Sonic is better.

Reedeming Qualities that would calm Dark Sonic

  1. Not everyone has those qualities.
  2. Some good fanfics and fanart of Dark Sonic exists.
  3. Some fans respect opinions and are aware that there are more powerful Sonic's forms than Dark Sonic.
  4. The fandom began to shrink over time.