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Deltarune Fandom
I think we already know about the toxic fandom...
Nickname: Deltaruners
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Very Active

Deltarune is a game that was released on October 31, 2018. Due to the game being made by the creator of Undertale, having a toxic fandom wouldn't be surprising.

Why It's Toxic

  1. Many of the fans of Deltarune come from Undertale's fandom, which alone is enough to make this fandom toxic.
    • This fandom (also like the previous fandom) sexualizes the characters, especially Ralsei and Susie.
    • Some fans even make explicit artwork of the characters. Not to mention that some characters in Deltarune are underaged and animals.
  2. Boatloads of shipping conflicts between Kris x Susie and Susie x Noelle.
    • They also make bad shippings like Kris x Ralsei, Susie x Lancer, Rouxls Kaard x King, Seam x Jevil, Ralsei x Asriel, etc.
    • Some of them ship Lancer with his dad, King, when they are father and son.
    • Many fans are also being toxic because of hints (or suggestions) of Soriel (Sans x Toriel) being canon. Only cause Sans in Deltarune said that
  3. A lot of comics tend to be terrible like this one.
  4. Lancer is often compared to Sans.
    • They also compare Jevil's fight to Sans's fight.
  5. Some of them think that the game is a sequel to Undertale when in reality, Toby Fox worked on the game before Undertale, among other things.
  6. Jevil, Ralsei, and Lancer fangirls.
    1. Most Lancer fangirls are also pedophiles and/or ruin Lancer's personality.
  7. They treasure Ralsei to death.
  8. They won't stop spamming "[thing] - Signed by Lancer".
  9. Some fans complain over what gender Kris is when they are supposed to be gender neutral.
  10. Some fans also debate over Ralsei being male or female when he sometimes displays feminine traits, despite the fact that he refers to himself as male multiple times in the game.
  11. Just like the previous fandom, they won't stop spamming memes on Deltarune videos.
  12. The Susie x Lancer ship is debated on whether it is a pedophilia ship or not.
  13. Many of the edgelords overpraise Lancer, Jevil, and Ralsei.
  14. They poisoned the meme community with a lot of memes such as Ralsei with a gun and I'm making mac and cheese.
    1. Not only that, but for a while, 25% of everyone's profile was Lancer with his infamous handsome face.
    2. They also make unfunny memes of Susie being Barney's daughter.
    3. Also did we forget to mention that they repetitively spammed jokes about Sans befriending Toriel in the YouTube comment sections?
  15. Due to fans coming from the Undertale fandom, it's not surprising if some lash at the viewpoints of others who dislike Deltarune.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans will not have ship-wars with others, and they will encourage others to respect other opinions and ships (which doesn’t usually work).
  2. Some wonderful fanart still exists.
  3. Some fans don’t ship the bad ships.
  4. Some are patient about when the full chapters of Deltarune will be released.

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26 days ago
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I used to go on the Deltarune Wiki on FANDOM...

By far the worst ship-warring experience I have ever seen. Homophobes were frequent. I don't miss the fandom one bit (I did make a very special friend on the wiki though, and at least some of the individuals there were nice).