Demon Slayer (Series) Fandom and Hatedom

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Demon Slayer (Series) Fandom and Hatedom
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Tanjiro: Hey guys! Our fandom and hatedom are malicious so we should not let our guards down!
Nezuko: Mmmf! Mmf!
Nickname: Demon Slayer Platoons (Fandom)
Demon Slayer Hate Clubs (Hatedom)
Type: Anime Fandom
Anime Hatedom
Status: Very Active (Fandom)
Super Active (Hatedom)

Demon Slayer, also known as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is an Anime series based on it's Manga. It premired on April 6, 2019. Its fandom and hatedom were healthy until the release of "episode 19" of that series. So as of now, they're toxic.

Tanjiro's reaction when he sees the fandom/hatedom.

Why The Demon Slayers Should Slay Them

Both Sides

  1. Both of them slay and poisoned The Anime Community thanks to their infamous moments.


  1. They obsessively adore that series too much while disregarding its defects.
  2. The spam "Best Girl" as comments almost everytime when someone talks about any major female characters, especially Nezuko Kamado, Kanao Tsuyuri and Shinobu Kocho.
  3. Incest ship between Tanjiro and Nezuko, as both of them are siblings.
  4. Ever since Episode 21 was released, some of them started to spam memes.
    1. Then, they force you to like their memes.
    2. List of Notable Memes that they spammed:
      • Kanao is Chasing Nezuko
      • Smol Nezuko
      • Shinobu Kocho Ara Ara and.....
      • Nezuko Running
  5. Some major characters of Demon Slayer are not safe from the shipping wars at times.
  6. A large portion of that fandom can overlap with the JoJo fandom.
  7. They keep whining every time when Demon Slayer did not reach "Top 10 Summer (2019) anime of the week", even Demon Slayer is a leftover anime during Summer 2019. Take note that any anime series that premiered on Summer are the only ones that qualify for the top 10 Summer anime of the week.
  8. Right after the ep 19 of Demon Slayer, some noxious fans started to spoil the future scenes of that series, such as
  9. For those who wants to criticize Demon Slayer, beware of it's toxic fans. If you're not careful, they will lash at you.


  1. They mock the Demon Slayer fans for no good reasons.
    • Although Opinion Lashing is rare, it's possible they will try mocking someone who liked Demon Slayer over any other anime, for example; JoJo fans.
  2. Possibly, they're apart of the Michael Jackson Hatedom, because Muzan Kibutsuji look like Michael Jackson.
  3. Some Demon Slayer haters overly obess their hatred towards to that series itself.
  4. A large portion of it's haters despises the series itself just because it's mainstream.
  5. The behaviors of these toxic haters are similar to these hatedoms for clear reasons.
  6. They overused the word "overrated", "garbage" and/or "trash" as excuses to hate the Demon Slayer series itself.
  7. A medium portion of the haters launch an attack towards that series itself just because of it's fanbase.

What Saves Them From The Demon Slayers

Both Sides

  1. A medium number of both fans and haters can be civilized and can get along with others.


  1. Some Demon Slayer fans are making sense about that series' animation quality.
  2. A minority of them can favor any viewpoints about that series.
  3. You can still find some good Demon Slayer fanworks.


  1. Some Demon Slayer haters are aware of that series' shortcomings.
  2. Few of them can also acknowledge any standpoints about that series.
  3. Some of them exposed the toxic fans of Demon Slayer.

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