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Know the difference between not being a fan of something/maturely disliking something to portraying whatever you hate as the devil.
Nickname: It's in the title
Type: Self explanatory
Status: Extremely Active

A demonizer is someone who portrays anything or anyone they hate as wicked and threatening. It's just strong hatred to put it in a simple way. 

Why They Should Be Demonized

  1. Here is the main problem we are going to start off with. These individuals don't just dislike these things, but instead see whatever they hate as sinful. Also, didn't we forget to mention that they would just portray whatever they hate too seriously when it's nothing to worry about?
  2. Some of them are Religious Nut-Jobs and Moral Guardians who also do the same just because of their belief. Good examples of the nut jobs throwing a fit include their view of LGBT.
  3. NEVER disagree with them (even if the positive criticism is good) because nothing will never be accepted by these rabid haters.
  4. As expected, they still use the words "sin" or "satanic" as an excuse/insult (that's pretty silly right there). This also applies to the religious nut-jobs as well.
    • If that wasn't enough, they would go as far as using Godwin's Law (basically using "worse than Hitler" in simple terms) or anything that fits in those lines. How can anything you loathe so much be on par/worse than many evil/corrupted people in the world and history?
  5. They can easily force you to believe in their logic as if their opinions were the Ten Commandments. No wonder you have people who just want to join the bandwagon (just to be superior) rather than trying to make up their minds.
  6. They always set aside the good qualities that each thing has. Sure, some games/movies/shows/characters/songs/people are not always perfect, but they still have goodness in some form. 
  7. Sometimes, they trash on the actors or the creators of the franchise to the point where some are not aware of their other words. 
    • Speaking of people, they have a desire to go kill whoever they hate (such as TheMysteriousMrEnter, certain supporters, Jews, homosexuals, children, etc.) which is downright heartless. Not just people, some would want to put an end to fictional characters they hate (such as Minoru Mineta from My Hero Academia as a prime example), despite how impossible it is.
    • Since we mentioned the demonizers having a lust of killing, they can suffer the consequences in real life. 
  8. They would even go as far as to use cancel culture on things and people they despise to slander and ruin their reputations, especially on social media.
  9. Do not say that you like a certain thing, character, or person they hate, or say anything positive about them around these people because they won't hesitate to give you a bad time, even if you are nice and civilized.
    • They also like to insult people who like a certain thing, character, or person they hate by calling them "toxic", "autistic", "retarded", etc. This shows that these idiots have double standards as they call anyone who disagrees with their opinion "toxic", yet they are the ones who are toxic themselves.
  10. Hate art, hate memes, Hate Lists (especially TheTopTens), hate stamps, hate pages, hate petitions (this one is an example), and hate parodies such as grounded videos are still involved with these people.
  11. If something good were to happen to a thing, character or person that they hate, things will get ugly.
  12. Some even treat real heroes/good guys like trash such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Pope Frances, Michael Jackson and Steve Irwin (because of PETA). 
  13. If one person were to die, they literally celebrate it. No kidding! Many of them do this to people that they hate including Kobe Bryant, Stan Lee, XXXTentacion, Chester Bennington, Amanda Todd, the staff of Kyoto Animation, Nelson Mandela, Etika, etc. 
  14. Why do they focus on the littlest things such as a movie/character/game/anime/cartoon/jokes or whatever else that is mostly harmless when they are not that important?
  15. A chunk of them claim that they are mellow and reasonable haters when they are wrong. How can they be healthy haters when they are doing the opposite?
  16. A handful of them would try way too hard to be edgy. All has been said.
  17. Thanks to them, they were strong enough to bring chaos to many communities such as The Cartoon Community and The Anime Community due to their behavior.
  18. They can go as far as Attacking Critics. The Star Wars Fandom is a good example of this since they assault on critics who gave the Rey Trilogy good ratings (a trilogy toxic Star Wars fans take too soberly).
  19. SJWs do this against anyone who disagrees with them or anything that doesn’t suite their taste.
    • Even toxic Anti-SJWs are no strangers to demonizing things and people they hate, mostly SJWs.
  20. Hypocrisy can play a huge role in these individuals. They would harshly chastise whoever they hate due to a particular reason, but they might deny any wrongdoing they have done or what other people have done (or perhaps worst). Take the Michael Jackson Hatedom for example. They turn their backs on the King of Pop over a certain reason (though Jackson is innocent) yet they still praise evil/corrupted people/groups who were fallen heroes such as Bill Cosby (a rapist) or R. Kelly (who married Aaliyah when she was only 15).
  21. Some have silly reasons for why they demonize whatever they see. Silly reasons would be like "it ruined my childhood", "it's everywhere", and "the fandom is toxic".
  22. Even some in the Reception Wikis are also demonizers.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. They may have a point that some things, characters, and people are not perfect or just plain bad, but there is no need to be toxic.
  2. Sometimes, they are things worth hating such as PETA (who claims to save animals, yet they kill them) or Autism Speaks (an organization that does nothing to help autistic people).

Types of Fandoms/Hatedoms That Do This