Destroyah Fandom

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Destroyah Fandom
The Kaiju is ready to destroy its fandom at ease.
Nickname: Destroyahers
Type: Character Fandoms, Movie Fandoms
Status: Active

Destroyah is a kaiju from Godzilla Vs. Destroyah. Dr. Ijuin notices the monster’s juvenile forms take formation and that Micro-Oxygen doesn’t have that much power. Unlike the other monsters who unintentionally kill or destroy out of instinct or mind-control, it’s fully aware of it. He takes full pleasure in death and destruction as he kills Godzilla Junior. He is a monster that takes form in several different forms. It’s not salvaged from a toxic fandom though.

Why Destroyah Should Destroy His Fandom

  1. They would complain if he loses in any hypothetical battle.
  2. They would glorify him as if he was a deity.
  3. They sometimes create disgusting fan-art of him.
  4. They would think he’s the strongest character in the Godzilla universe, though this isn’t true.
  5. They create recolors of Destroyah, which is lazy.
  6. Few of them are Edgelords because of its design.

What Saves Them From Destroyah’s Wrath (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. At least some of them make good fan art like this one.
  2. At least some of them can approve other’s opinions.