Dimitri (Fire Emblem) Fandom

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Dimitri (Fire Emblem) Fandom
Artwork Dimitri.png
Honor Gained by toxicity is worthless. when toxic users are labeled heroes...that is the most despicable honor of all.
Nickname: Blue Lions
Type: Video Game Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Note: Not to be confused with Dimitri Coats the musician.

Dimitri is a main character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and is a leader of the Blue Lions. Possessing the Crest of Blaiddyd, he is the crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He was born in 1162 as the eldest son of King Lambert; his mother, the queen consort, perished in a plague that was later cured by Conelia. He was friends with Edelgard during her exile and she taught him how to dance. Dimitri gave her a dagger as a token of affection before she returned to the Adrestian Empire in 1174. He was the only surviving royal of the Tragedy of Duscur in 1176 thus leading uncle Rufus of Itha ruled as regent in Dimitri's steed. Dimitri saved and befriended Dedue who became his vassal. While he may be well received, he also has a toxic following.

Why Toxicity Is Evil On Both Sides

  1. Thanks to this goddamn GameFAQs post. They think Dimitri is Russian simply because of how his name is Russian origin meaning "follower of Demeter"
  2. As what you would expect, they would blindly hate on Black Eagles and Golden Deer without giving them a chance. They would even go as far as treating Edelgard and Claude like trash without giving them a chance.
  3. They treat him like he is perfect when just like every other character, he is shown to have flaws. For example, he is shown to have a strange sense of humor.
  4. They only like him because of his time skip outfit consisting of an eye patch or being edgy. It takes more than one outfit just to like him.
  5. Two important words that would occur in the Fire Emblem series, shipping wars.
  6. Not even Dimitri is not safe from rabid fangirls.
  7. Some of them would easily forget that Edelgard, Claude, and the avatar, Byleth exist as well.
  8. Some only care about his character design instead of his actual personality.
  9. They only play the Blue Lions just to see Dimitri without realizing that other characters exist.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Still a lot of great fan art of him.
  2. Some have good reasons to like Dimitri.
  3. Not all of them hate the Black Eagles or the Golden Deer.
  4. Some are aware of his limits.

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