Doki Doki Literature Club! Fandom

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Doki Doki Literature Club! Fandom
When Your Reality becomes Your Nightmare.
Type: Video Game Fandom
Status: Semi-Active

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a 2017 horror visual novel created by Dan Salvato. However, the fandom has been criticized for various reasons.

Why They Never Write The Way Into Your Heart

  1. When Trapsuki became a meme, Dan Salvato was spammed on Twitter with things like "is Natsuki a trap?". This made him hate the memes.
  2. There are a lot of jokes about the girls' deaths, including hanging and stabbing memes. These memes are not just terrible (and rather offensive), but also spoiled the game to everyone who hasn't played or finished the game yet.
  3. Even worse, someone removed the text from an artist's Natsuki's News doodle and turned it into a meme. The artist then found out about this and made a rant.
  4. It also glitched the Meme Community as well.
  5. Terrible shippings such as Natsuri (Natsuki x Yuri).
  6. They spam "Just Monika" or "Monika/Natsuki/Sayori/Yuri is best girl" everywhere.
  7. Most of them are just people trying to be edgy.
  8. Some DDLC mod videos on YouTube (The Bike's and Doki Lord's, mostly) even have stuff like the girls getting molested, raped, tortured (sometimes), you name it! Speaking of which...
    • Yuri can easily be compared to Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates as lots of DDLC fans consider her "best girl" (hence Pointer #8) because of her boob size. Not to mention; she probably has the most NSFW fanservice out of the entire female cast. (Maybe even Monika!)
      • However, the other girls' fandoms aren't any better, as they share mostly the same qualities as Yuri's, but with new icing to the cake.
  9. Some of them even have depression, In fact, this actually happened.
  10. Some of the players are kids who shouldn't be allowed to play it since the game has very dark themes, even the game asks if you're 13 years old or older when you play it for first time.
  11. They can't handle people's negative views on the game, as they'll thrash on anyone who hates DDLC.
    • For example, they almost disliked bombed this video (despite that is has more likes than dislikes).

The Only 4 Redeeming Qualities

  1. They make good mods and storylines, like: Doki Doki Exit Music.
  2. If you ignore the (generic) OCs, you can find some good works.
  3. The good portion of the fanbase usually helps people suffering from depression.
  4. As with mods and storylines, there are still some good mod videos out there.


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