Donald Trump Fandom and Hatedom

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Donald Trump Fandom and Hatedom
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
Donald Trump: I'm dissapointed on my fandom and hatedom. Toxicity trumps over them indeed.
Nickname: Pro Trump
Trump Militants (Fandom)
Anti-Trump United (Hatedom)
Type: People Fandom and Hatedom
Ironic Fandom
Status: Extremely Active (Both)

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States. A member of the Republican Party, he won against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and progressive candidate Bernie Sanders in the 2016 US presidential election. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

Ever since he became a presidential candidate in 2015, many people have had a very strong hatred for him and have taken him way too seriously. This resulted in a toxic hatedom, as well as a toxic fandom.

Why "Super Toxicity" Trumps Over Them


  1. The haters and supporters are hypocritical about everything.
  2. The haters and supporters start flame wars with both the supporters and haters of Hillary Clinton, especially the healthy ones. This shows that Trump and Clinton’s different perspectives have turned people against each other.
  3. They're so horrible to the point that even Donald Trump himself hates them as well.
  4. Many of the supporters and haters are edgelords who try too hard to look cool, edgy and radical by supporting or hating on him and supporting the alt-right because of that.


  1. They insult and attack people who don't like Trump and disrespect their opinions.
  2. They claim every story reported by CNN is "fake news", even those that are clearly veritable.
  3. Whenever a celebrity claims that they voted for Hillary, the fans will get furious and send death threats and rape threats to said celebrity, even if they didn't say anything SJW-like.
  4. They are the main reason why the word Trump offends people.
  5. Some of them are part of the already toxic Keeping Up with the Kardashians Fandom and only support him just because the Kardashians do. Once again, they too get angry upon hearing criticism.
    • Some of them are also from the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups; the majority of them were disappointed whenever Trump didn’t do anything that could be considered racist.
  6. They ruined The Meme Community with a lot of memes featuring Trump.
  7. They think that Trump did nothing wrong. Almost every US president does at least something wrong, especially the Charlottesville incident!
  8. They say that Trump is a hero because he censored the number of deaths during Hurricane Maria. They are also happy that the victims were Latinos (especially Dominicans and Puerto Ricans).
  9. They defend every word and action from Trump, even if he may be in the wrong.
  10. They bash on people who have a Democratic affiliation, support left-wing politics, and watch CNN.
  11. It's 2020 and they're still bragging about their victory and the Democrats' loss.
  12. They spread the ungodly "Trump 2020" and "MAGA" propaganda all over the internet, even in places where it isn't needed.
  13. Like when someone mocks Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders they laugh and criticize the Democrats and progressives for not taking joke, yet when someone mocks or makes a joke about Donald Trump, they'll start ranting and whining.
  14. They call out those who make jokes about Tiffany or Barron Trump for just simply being related to Donald Trump, yet they make jokes and ridicule Chelsea for just simply being related to Hillary and Bill Clinton.
  15. Most of the time, they barely point out the good deeds that Trump did on why they think he's a "great president". They mostly talk about all of the bad things Hillary Clinton does when they have nothing good to say about Trump.
  16. You know how low they’ll go, if they see children speaking out any opinions against Trump or are related to someone that they don’t like, they’ll sometimes wish death upon them.
  17. Many are also part of the Obsessive Anti-SJWs, the Jair Bolsonaro Fandom, the Hillary Clinton Hatedom and the Polandball Fandom.
  18. When they see an anti-SJW person who hates Trump, they call them an hypocrite, when there is actually a lot of anti-SJWs that also hate Trump.
  19. They like to refer to liberals as "libtards", which is extremely insulting towards liberals, even the ones who aren't SJWs.
  20. They treat Fox News as if it was the Word of God, despite it being as biased as CNN.
  21. They keep calling Trump "thicc" because of this picture.
  22. Unsurprisingly, they all went off their rockers when Trump was impeached by court.
  23. They compare Yungoos and Gumshoos (Pokémon) with Donald Trump to the point that they are called the Pokémon version of Donald Trump.
  24. They created another ghastly and toxic fandom called QAnon.


  1. They take his actions way too seriously. It's fine if you aren't a Donald Trump supporter and the reasons are usually accurate, but they compare him to the second coming of Adolf Hitler. How is doing border control worse than a tyrannical Nazi and genocidal maniac who killed 17 million people like Jews, Slavs, Romanis, and homosexuals?
    • Speaking of comparing Trump with Hitler, a few alt righters hate Trump just because he supports Jews.
    • Not to mention, they claim that he is anti-Semitic. If that was the truth, then why would his daughter Ivanka be Jewish like she currently is?
    • They even say that he is worse than dictators, tyrants and serial killers!
  2. TheTopTens community placed Trump high in "Top 10 Evil Humans in History", with the likes of Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
  3. Most of them labelled him as racist and a bigot, even though there is evidence that invalidates these claims.
  4. When Donald Trump wants to prevent any potential terrorists from any Muslim majority countries that are entering the US because of any terror threats, he receives numerous backlash from rabid liberals, SJWs and black people, who call him xenophobic.
    • Speaking of which, some of them claimed that he called the Japanese people "Japs", when he was actually referring to the Imperial Japanese Army that killed 2,400 Americans in the attack of Pearl Harbor during World War II, not the Japanese people in general.
    • Additionally, they claimed that Trump said that "rapists" and "drug dealers" were "synonyms" for Mexican immigrants, but this is again false (although he did say that there was a problem with rapists and drug dealers entering the United States from Mexico).
  5. Some of them claim that Trump stated that he hated gays, when he actually said that he had many gay friends, but still opposed same-sex marriage. He also isn't planning to ban the practice because he feels the Supreme Court has settled it thus making his opinion irrelevant.
  6. They claim that Trump stated that normal breastfeeding in public was "disgusting", when he was actually talking about a lawyer who was LITERALLY pumping breast milk in front of a deposition!
  7. They are also part of the Clint Eastwood Hatedom, the TheTopTens Community, the Jair Bolsonaro Hatedom, the Michael Jackson Hatedom (since Trump defended Michael Jackson), the Animat Fandom, the Black Lives Matter movement, the United States Hatedom, and the Israel Hatedom.
  8. Speaking of Black Lives Matter, a Black Lives Matter activist made an idiotic claim, stating that "Trump wants to send black people back to Africa." Since when did he say anything about sending African Americans to Africa?!
  9. If you like Donald Trump and are a right winger or have a Republican affiliation, they may force you to convert to their anti-Trump beliefs.
  10. They also attack any African-American, homosexual, Latino, Jewish, or Muslim supporter of Trump, by stating he hates them and doesn't care for them, even though he once stated that he wanted to protect LGBTQ+ citizens from Islamic terrorism, and in addition stated that most Muslims are wonderful people. They also call them "Uncle Tom" or an impostor, which is very offensive.
  11. They vandalize his star, putting racist stickers and swastikas on it and mining it, along with a lot other ways. The Walk of Fame has denied they will ever remove his star, but they still put petitions. And since employees clean it up, it means that they did not only accomplish nothing, but show their hypocrisy.
  12. Many of them engage in violent riots against Trump by burning effigies of him, setting limousines on fire, breaking windows at Bank of America and Starbucks, destroying police cars, etc.
  13. They are also responsible for causing a riot in Ferguson.
  14. This list on TheTopTens.
  15. Some of them wish to assassinate Trump. Just because you hate someone, that doesn't mean you have to wish death upon them and it's 2020, not 1963. Also, killing someone will get you in prison, or worse, death penalty, which is still practiced in the US!
  16. They have physically attacked some Trump supporters and stole things from them. For example, a person stole a Trump supporter's car in Chicago.
  17. In 2016, a mother kicked her son out just for voting for Trump in school, that’s all we need to say.
  18. They bash on any celebrity such as Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, and Kid Rock for supporting Trump by stating they're untalented, hacks, that they should die, or that they lost respect for them. If a celebrity a person likes has a different political opinion, that doesn't make them untalented, and losing respect for a celebrity for supporting someone the said person doesn't like makes them look incredibly shallow.
  19. They claim that Trump will start World War III, despite the fact that he has made peace with North Korea, and is currently trying to make peace with Russia.
  20. They call Trump's supporters "autistic", which can be offensive to those that actually have autism.
  21. One hater even vandalized the original version of the Michael Jackson Hatedom page on this wiki, making it say "Hitler" instead of "Donald Trump", the proof is here.
  22. They try to impeach him simply because they hate him. That's not how impeachment in the United States works! For example, Andrew Johnson was impeached on February 24, 1868, he was impeached for an actual reason: high crimes and misdemeanors.
    • They even celebrated when Trump was impeached.
  23. Some news sites (especially The Guardian and CNN) bash him non stop.
  24. They made a bad parody name of Trump called "Adolf Trumpler".
  25. They got triggered when someone added Trump on the Real Life Heores Wiki and they wrote hate comments on that page.
  26. A few of them, like the FANDOM user Damon Redwood are also toxic Christian haters since they hate Trump because he is a Christian (Presbyterian to exact) and they call others "Christian scums". Damon even said that the Bible and all churches from around the world (meaning every single one of them) should be burned/closed down, proving how delusional he really is.
  27. Some make grounded videos out of him as well.
  28. One celebrity, Rosie O'Donnell, went so far as to endorse the Push Trump Off A Cliff Again game, which is offensive to the United States government.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. There are both mature haters and supporters who respect opinions that oppose theirs.
  2. There are some Republicans who hate him and Democrats who support him.


  1. At least they do have point that some illegal immigrants that entering the US are the potential criminals and drug couriers that doing illegal activities in the US.
  2. They do have a point that the Muslim ban is just temporary as long as they are not a threat to the citizens of the US. It only applied to the Muslim-majority countries that have a long history of violence and terror.
  3. They do have point that CNN is really biased against Trump.
  4. They have a point that SJWs know nothing about Trump's presidency as they call him racist, sexist and homophobic.
  5. There are sane Trump supporters who are against his toxic supporters.
  6. There are also Blacks, Latinos of any race and LGBTQ communities that support Trump and aren't SJWs; a prime example being Peggy Hubbard.
  7. They know that Trump also condemns any racist attacks on Americans despite haters calling him racist.
  8. They do have a point that many of CNN's stories can be corrupt.


  1. Some of the reasons that they hate Trump are for constructive reasons or have some down-right truth to it.
  2. There are haters who are stoic about Trump's victory in the 2016 Presential Election knowing that they can't reverse the outcome to the point of beating a dead horse and feel it's best to just keep quiet about it.
  3. They do have a point about some of Trump’s actions, such as insulting Puerto Rico just for being poor when Hurricane Irma struck it, how he did nothing to help Puerto Rico, being apart of Greta Thunberg Hatedom and possibly denying climate change.
  4. Most all claims about them have unsurprising but unfortunately become true when comes self-fulling with these right-wing stereotypes, the Charlottesville car incident, and responses from Pro-Trump groups denying this having something do with driver ideological motive comes to mind.
  5. They also do have a point that Trump shouldn't blame video games for mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

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