Donkey Kong Country (TV Series) Ironic Fandom

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Donkey Kong Country (TV Series) Ironic Fandom
This is not our finest hour.
Nickname: Banana Slammers
Type: TV Show Fandoms
Status: Active?

Donkey Kong Country is a Canadian/French CGI TV series loosely based on the Donkey Kong franchise as well as the original Super Nintendo trilogy of the Donkey Kong Country series by Nintendo and Rare. Donkey Kong Country was one of the earliest television series to be entirely computer-animated as with ReBoot and Beast Wars: Transformers. The series follows Donkey Kong who is the future ruler of Kongo Bongo Island who stops King K. Rool and his army from taking over the island while going to many tropical adventures and singing at least two songs. This show also features original characters that never appeared in the games such as Bluster Kong, Inka Dinka Doo, Eddie the Mean Old Yeti and many others (Although Baby Kong did appear in Yoshi's Island DS and Mario Super Sluggers as well as Kong Fu appearing in the french version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat). For some reason, this show had an ironic fandom.

Why This Fandom Is Bananas (Toxic)

  1. A good number of them overuse a ton of memes such as Expand Dong, "Banana Slamma", "Once", "Man, It Hurts to Be This Hip", "I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up", "I’m a Metal Head", "One Banana Bullseye", "I don’t know what’s happening to me", "Bluster's Making a Movie?", Dixie's pupils growing, Donkey Kong turning away from fridge, "Go for Snow Cone?", "Droppin' around on a fancy car!", "Bluster Kong OC! Do Not Steal!", Dr. Donkey Kong, "Me Like Snow", and "I Shower You with Coconut Cream Pie", to the point where it gets old quickly.
  2. They even make some inappropriate jokes such as "Expand Dong" which gets annoying or inappropriate memes such as this
  3. This fandom only watches it for the memes and songs instead of the story
  4. They cherish every single episode and song as if it was a gift from god
    • They even treat some episodes like masterpieces such as Raiders of the Lost Banana and From Zero to Hero and some songs like Finest Hour and Our Love is Stronger Than a Golden Banana.
  5. They don't even realize that it has gotten hatred before simply because of it's corny dialogue, outdated and ugly animation, and cheesy songs
  6. They constantly hate on Candy Kong because of how she is portrayed in the show. Some even go as far as calling her a thot.
  7. Some prefer the TV show incarnations of the characters instead of the canon ones which does not make sense since that the TV show is non-canon.
  8. They are somehow sexually attracted to Funky Kong simply because of the meme right here which is zoophilia
  9. Sometimes, if you were to say you hate the TV show, they will try to "correct" you and even go as far as saying that "The TV show is a gift from the gods" which is just pathetic just because it's all about the Donkey Kong Country show. Thankfully it's rare.
    • When a YouTuber named Kremithius made a rant on the show, a commenter said "you must be an intellectual to like this show"
  10. They even believe that Donkey Kong himself is one of God's messengers simply because of his singing voice. He's just a fictional character you know!
  11. Some are even part of the Mr. Enter Hatedom simply because he reviewed The Big Switch-A Roo.
    • There was even a petition to shut down Enter's channel all because of that review! no joke.
    • Similarly, some got mad a PhantomStrider for putting this show on the worst list in the Top 5 Worst & Best Video Game Cartoons. The same thing happened to blameitonjorge.
  12. The Fandom pretty much damaged the Gaming Community simply because of how this show is related to Donkey Kong, the Cartoon Community and of course the Meme Community.
  13. They always ignore the differences between the game counterparts of the characters with the show counterparts. For instance, Dixie in the games was likable while in the show, she is seen only as filler. Another instance would be how in the show, Diddy Kong manages to manipulate Donkey Kong into doing bad stuff.
  14. Ironically enough, some never even played the DK games.
  15. They crossed the line by vandalizing the Donkey Kong Country Page on Terrible TV Shows Wiki. Just look at these! This is further proof that some can't tolerate different views of the show.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Opinion Lashing is really rare, since a lot of them can tolerate negative criticism on the show.
  2. Some understand why this show is hated and simply like their guilty pleasure. (The reasons why this show is hated includes bizarre writing, insane songs, an obnoxious cast of characters, etc.).
  3. They do have a point about Candy Kong being unlikeable.
  4. They are right that Diddy Kong can be annoying in the show.
  5. They do have a point that some of the songs and voices are decent.
  6. They do have a point that while the animation is bad, it does replicate the games.
  7. A lot of them like the game series.
  8. They paid their respects to Aron Tager and Len Carlson who both voice actors passed away.
  9. Some memes can actually be pretty funny.
  10. Some take the anime part as a joke.
  11. A lot of them realize that the show is not canon to the Donkey Kong/Mario universe.