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Edd00Chan Hatedom
Edd00Chan twitter profile pic 2019 400x400.jpg
We understand why she is so hated, but does she really deserve to be more hated than evil dictators and criminals?
Nickname: Anti-Edd00Chans
Type: People Hatedoms
Status: Active

Laura Córdova (born June 16, 1987), better known as Edd00Chan, is a Mexican YouTuber and artist who is infamous for her animated series FNAFHS. As a result, a lot of people hate her, but this sentiment has been taken way too far.

Why It's Toxic

  1. They treat her like she was worse than Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson. How can an artist be worse than a person who killed various people including kids, Jews, and homosexuals, or a man who created one of the most evil groups ever?
    • A Twitter user named Alexiel Blake Klauz compared her to Hitler.
    • They also think that she is part of Adolf Hitler's family. *Facepalm*
  2. Some of them even send death threats to her or they even wish death on her.
  3. They hate her just for her infamous series FNAFHS.
  4. Some haters just hate her because others hate her.
  5. They also insult anyone who likes her works.
  6. They made a Change.org petition to shut down her channel.
  7. Some of them are also part of the toxic sides of the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom and Hatedom.
  8. They also made hate art and hate memes of her.
  9. Many of them are manchildren.
  10. Some of them are also part of the Anime Hatedom due to her artstyle.
  11. Whenever they see any other bad animated work they always call it better than FNAFHS.
  12. They made a lot of anti-Edd00Chan/FNAFHS communities on Google+ when it was active.
    • Even Facebook has anti-Edd00Chan/FNAFHS groups.
  13. Hypocrisy: Some of them hate FNAFHS because of its childish character designs but they still praise other animated shows that also contain childish character designs like Adventure Time or Regular Show.
  14. Another moment of hypocrisy: They critize Edd00Chan for being a hypocrite when some of them are also hypocrites.
  15. They even call her and FNAFHS "cancer".
  16. They even call her "Satan".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them have good reasons to hate her art.
  2. Some of them can respect opinions and people who like her art.
  3. They are right about Edd00Chan being a toxic person sometimes.
  4. They do have a point that FNAFHS is cliché and unoriginal.
  5. There are some mature haters.
  6. At least there are no grounded/punishment day/dead meat videos of her or any FNAFHS characters.
  7. Some rants made by them are good or at least decent.
  8. Not all of them insult her, at least they understand that she did nothing atrocious unlike, say, Peluchin Entertainment (an animal murderer).


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