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What the fridge! Who knew that even ElectricDragon505 can also have a toxic fandom?

Matt Brunet, known as ElectricDragon505 on YouTube and commonly known as AniMat, is a Canadian YouTuber who makes videos about film reviews. Some of his video series include "The Epic Mickey Files", "Top 10s", "Animation Lookback", "Crazy Cartoon Cast", "Q&A", and "Muppet Vlog". He also has well known catachphrases, such as "What the fridge!", "Let's find out!", and "See you later, dudes!". He is mostly infamous for hating the film company Sony Pictures Animation.

While his fandom might be somewhat small (although not too small though), it's toxic for various reasons.

Why They Deserve the AniMat Seal of Garbage

  1. They're mostly from the Sony Pictures Animation Hatedom and the Donald Trump Hatedom. The latter case is mainly because ElectricDragon505 also hates Donald Trump.
  2. Most of them try to have the same opinions as ElectricDragon505.
  3. They treat Sony Pictures Animation and Trump as if they were creations of Satan.
    • They and ElectricDragon505 himself also have stupid reasons to hate Sony Pictures Animation. For example, they hate it because "their films have cartoony arm movements and character designs", according to ElectricDragon505; and because it made Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, the The Smurfs film series and The Emoji Movie, all of which are films that they take way too seriously.
      • Speaking of the "their films have cartoony movements and character designs" claim, they're hypocrites in this case, since they're fine with other companies that make animated series and films with a cartoony animation style.
      • Another hypocrisy is that they actually praised some films made by Sony Pictures Animation.
    • They also take overhated films such as Norm of the North and Foodfight! way too seriously.
  4. They think that ElectricDragon505 is perfect when he takes Sony Pictures Animation way too seriously and makes bad insults.
  5. They can't handle criticism. For example, they and ElectricDragon505 himself bash on people who defend Sony Pictures Animation.
    • They also call supporters of Trump "racist" and "sexist", which shows that they're a bit of Social Justice Warriors.
  6. They treat Disney as if it was a religion.
  7. They treat most 2000s and 2010s animated films like trash except the ones that ElectricDragon505 likes.
  8. The fandom is worse than the hatedom will ever be.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them are mature, can handle and show criticism, and respect opinions.
  2. Some of them are aware that ElectricDragon505 does have flaws; he's not a bad person in general, but his actions make him look bad.
  3. Not all of them try to have the same opinions as ElectricDragon505.
  4. They draw a lot of great fanart.
  5. Not all of them hate Sony Pictures Animation or Donald Trump
  6. They do have a point about some bad movies like Foodfight!, Norm of the North, Doogal, Animated Titanic films, Bratz (2007) and The Emoji Movie.
  7. The fandom is somewhat small meaning that it's safe to say that they are not that everywhere compared to the SuperMarioLogan Fandom.