Eliwood (Fire Emblem) Hatedom

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Eliwood (Fire Emblem) Hatedom
Eliwood Heroes.png
He has good reason to fear that no matter where he travels, war is everywhere. Even on the Internet.
Type: Character Hatedom
Status: Active

Eliwood is one of the main characters of Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade and the father of Roy in Binding Blade. He was born to the noble house of Pherae and is the son of Elbert and Eleanora as well as a childhood friend of Hector. Eliwood met Hector at a young age when the two attended school together during a meeting between the lords of Lycia. According to a warrior's tradition, the children of the lords were ordered by Erik of Laus to cut their hands and shake them with one other child of their choosing thus leaking Hector and Eliwood to choose each other and has been friends for a very long time. For a character that is fairly well-received, has a decent fandom and is supposed to be the face of Blazing Blade (Even more so than Lyn and Hector combined), he too has a hatedom that is just plain bad.

Why His Hatedom Is Not Really Sweet

  1. Many of them are part of the Lyn and Hector fandoms who hate Eliwood for stupid reasons. This can be shown here
    • Some hate Eliwood simply because they think he's not as 'manly' as Hector.
    • They think that Lyn and Hector have more personality compared to Eliwood. Wow, that's pretty silly...
    • If you were to say you like Eliwood, they will mock you.
  2. They call Eliwood "a generic Marth clone" which is just stupid considering that Eliwood is shown to be different from Marth.
  3. They sometimes call Eliwood a crybaby simply because he cried during one scene in The Blazing Blade. (What about Lyn, then? She also cried in that game! Plus, it's normal for someone to cry over a horrifying/tragic event.)
  4. Some are even part of the Roy hatedom simply because he is Eliwood's son. (What even-?)
    • Much like the Roy hatedom, they also hate Eliwood simply because of his stats. Stats do not dictate the quality of the character.
  5. They fail to see the good qualities Eliwood has such as him having a heart and determination.
  6. Some even call him a weakling (primarily to insult him) and make up silly nicknames for him of such (like "Eliwuss" or "Smellywood". No joke.) which is simply nonsensical.
  7. They would think that everyone hates Eliwood which is just offensive to those that like him.
  8. Every time there is shipping that related to Eliwood (such as Lyn & Eliwood for instance), chances are they will lose their minds simply because it's a ship related to him. Which is a silly (and poor) argument since he ends up with a spouse in the game due to him being the father of Roy.
  9. Before Eliwood had a Legendary Hero variant in Fire Emblem Heroes, they (mainly the Lyn and Hector fanboys) would make fun of him.
  10. They hate Eliwood simply because of his original artwork in Heroes (by Miyuu) as shown above. Some actually think the Heroes illustration is good, right? Ahem...

Redeming Qualites

  1. Not all of his haters are like this since there are sane and mature haters who respect other peoples' opinions on the character.
  2. At least Eliwood only has hate memes, not any hate art.
  3. Some have valid reasons for not liking Eliwood.
  4. Not all of them hate Roy.
  5. They do have a point about Eliwood's flaws.

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