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Ephraim Fandom
Ephraim Heroes.png
"Trust me, I don't pick fandoms where I cringe."
Type: Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Ephraim is one of the two main characters in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones alongside his twin sister Eirika. He is the prince of Renais and is a headstrong and determined man who is able to be skilled with lances, having been taught by Duessel. He wears the Solar Braces which is one of a pair of bracelets that together grant access to Renais' Sacred Stone. For a character that was well-received, he also has a toxic and also memetic fandom ever since Heroes came to existence.

Why Ephraim Hates His Disgusting Fandom

  1. They don't just like him, they manage to exalt him like he was an incarnation of Jesus Christ.
    • Some of them even have the guts to call Ephraim "God". (Just think about it!)
  2. They have a tendency to spam this meme to the point where it gets annoying quickly.
  3. Shipping wars. There is no further explanation needed.
    • Speaking of shipping, some of their ships are laughable and stupid. One example would be Ephraim/Valter without realizing the fact that Valter is evil. If anything, Ephraim would kill him on the spot.
    • Another bad ship was when a user named NecroticMaster shipped herself with Ephraim.
    • They even put Ephraim incrossover ships. Blame alienskiller1 for making RWBY-related crossovers out of Ephraim as well as the cast of Sacred Stones.
    • The worst part of all was when you have people who literally ship Ephraim with Eirika which is incest. Ironically enough, incest is common in Japan. Also regarding Fire Emblem, Ephraim does mention that the rumors about relationships with Eirika are incestuous are disgusting according to him. In the Japanese version of Sacred Stones, Ephraim shows no negative emotions about the twins being incest shippers but Eirika interrupts him while being embarrassed. As for Heroes, Ephraim does mention about Alfonse and Sharena having a "Brother and sister bond but Eirika he should stop saying things that "would make people take it the wrong way."
  4. They raged like manchildren when Ephraim lost to Lucina in a Voting Gauntlet thus starting fights with the Lucina fandom.
  5. They even bullied Veronica fans when Ephraim won in a Voting Gauntlet.
  6. They overuse this meme as well.
  7. They only like him because of the memes instead of his actual character.
  8. Believe it or not, some of them hate Eirika simply because "She is not badass like Ephraim" according to them.
  9. If you were to say you don't really like Ephraim (Especially if one person likes Lucina), they will attack you.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are still sane and mature fans who respect opinions.
  2. They have good reasons to like Ephraim.
  3. Some memes can be funny.
  4. A lot of wholesome and good fan art such as this adorable pic.
  5. Most of them get along with Lucina and Veronica fans.
  6. At least it's not as memetic as the Wrys Ironic Fandom.

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