Fire Emblem (Franchise) Fandom and Hatedom

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Fire Emblem (Franchise) Fandom and Hatedom
Build an army, trust nobody (not even these toxic recruits)
Nickname: Lords
Type: Video Game Fandoms, Video Game Hatedoms
Status: Active

Note: Not to be confused with the titular magical object that is found in the series alone such as these forms.

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise developed Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. First produced and published for the Family Computer (Famicom), the series consists of a good number of main games and some spin-offs. Normally taking place in a Medieval or Renaissance-themed time period, the gameplay revolves around the tactical movement of characters across grid-based environments while incorporating a story and characters similar to traditional role-playing video games. No games in the series were released outside of Japan until two characters, Marth and Roy, were included as playable characters in the 2001 fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee. Their popularity eventually convinced Nintendo to release the next game, The Blazing Blade, in Western regions under the title Fire Emblem in 2003. Many games in the series have sold well despite a decline during the 2000s which resulted in the series' near-cancellation. Individual entries have generally been praised, the series as a whole has been lauded for its gameplay, and it is cited as a seminal series in the tactical role-playing genre. As time went on, the fandom has become toxic. The hatedom, on the other hand, is not any better.

Why They Can't Strategize Well


  1. They would accuse the modern games (such as Awakening and especially Fates) of turning the series into a "waifu dating simulator" or "fanservice trash". Even though pairings and fanservice were present in older games.
  2. Too many of them vandalize the Fire Emblem FANDOM wiki way too much. Though it's been taken care of.


  1. To start things off, we got a portion of this fandom would be divided towards some games and would dislike some games (mainly Fates being a prime example of a Fire Emblem game becoming the punching bag) for silly reasons. Similarly, this happened way before the 2010s when some would hate Sacred Stones (even Sacred Stones can still get hated on the more modern-day of the internet) just for not being challenging or having fewer chapters than Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (also simply known as Fire Emblem in the west). Another example would be how some hate Radiant Dawn for having a cast that is way too large. Yes, even modern-tards do this when they exalt the newer games.
  2. Because of supports being common in the series, there are way too many shipping conflicts. They would go as far as saying that a certain ship is more canon than another ship just because they can customize their ship.
  3. Speaking of the shipping, some of them would only care about the ships rather than what other features Fire Emblem has to offer such as the story. Besides, Fire Emblem is just a tactical RPG, not a romance simulation.
    • Another type of war involving best character wars. It mostly goes into that area when we have things like fan polls, the Voting Gauntlet, or Choose Your Legends.
  4. The Classic vs Casual debate. What else do we need to say about this? If you don't know Classic is a game mode feature that permanent death to units while Casual is another game mode that removes permanent death. Please remember that a mellow fan of the series would maturely pick a game mode just as long as they feel right about it. Also, keep in mind that they would say things like "You are not playing Fire Emblem right".
  5. Edgelords are also present in this community because some characters looking "edgy" such as Tharja, Karel, Dimitri (his time skip version), Arvis, Kronya, Lyon, etc.
    • Not even this fandom is safe from fangirls. Yes, these are the same fangirls that always get pissed when they see a character they like to have a legit crush on another character (Marth x Caeda is one good example of this since they would nitpick on Caeda).
  6. Some of them think that their fandom isn't toxic when they have done some toxic moments before that is enough for them to be toxic.
  7. Some make incest ships which would involve anything related to Ephraim x Eirika (twin siblings), Ike x Mist (brother and sister), Chrom x Lucina (father and daughter), and Alm x Berkut (cousins).
  8. Back when Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (now known as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE) came to existence, they were happy at first. However, they started to be ungrateful as time went by. They went as far as thinking that Atlus is trolling the fans just because of how it looked nothing like Shin Megami Tensei or Fire Emblem according to them thus blaming Atlus for the atmosphere the crossover game had (the toxic fans used cringey insults such as "J-Pop trash" or "waifu bait"). This made them join forces with the Shin Megami Tensei Fandom in terms of toxicity.
    • Another instance of them being ungrateful would be Dragalia Lost getting a Fire Emblem Heroes event in the form of Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes. They were not please because it didn't happen to be what they wanted. At least you got Tokyo Mirage Sessions characters in the game.
  9. As mentioned before in pointer number one, they take their hatred towards Fire Emblem: Fates to the next level. They would even think that this game does not exist. Oh boy, cue the facepalm!
  10. A chunk of them loves to overhype some selected characters into God levels. Numerous examples include Ike, Nino, Reinhardt, Oliver, Hector, Claude, Bernadetta, Ways, Lyn, Fredrick, Dorothea, Raphael, and much more. It really does get bananas afterward and it really is.
    • On the flip side of the coin, they chastize some selected characters they hate such as Corrin, Peri, Micaiah, Sully, Severa, Lucina (to some extent), and some more characters like they were Satan's messengers.
  11. When it comes to liking characters, some would make up weak reasons to like them such as he's/she's voiced by the same person who voiced *insert any character(s) here* or he's she's popular.
  • This can also apply to haters who would hate on certain characters for lame reasons such as he's/she's ugly, he's/she's old/, he's/she's popular, she's fanservice, she's lesbian (not making this up! we wish we were, but no), etc.
  1. They tend to have double standards towards anything related to the games. For instance, they like it when a character they may like has done some bad things before (such as Oliver and Henry), yet they look down onto characters who also have done bad things before (like Edelgard and Peri).
  2. While some theories are alright, some of the theories that they make can be pretty stupid like how Hardin is Joseph Stalin and compared Hardin to Stalin (not making this up, no kidding).
  3. They can be pretty picky towards voice acting or character designs towards the characters themselves. Though they ignore that many characters from older Fire Emblem games have never been voiced before until Heroes came to existence. Besides, be thankful that the older characters are coming back somehow. (Voices or how the character is drawn do not dictate the quality of the character.)
  4. every time character who somehow gets treated as a religious figure loses to a character they dislike in the Voting Gauntlet (a feature from Heroes) as if it were the presidential elections! Oh boy, we might have heard something like that before!. This can also apply to polls as well.
  5. On the topics of Heroes, they act immature when they don't get their favorite or 5-star character. How typical for a gacha game and it's not even unheard of.
  6. Sometimes, when people get their favorite character (especially if it's a 5-star character), they will mock others who don't even get the said character. In fact, they may even spam their recently obtained character on social media, especially iFunny. It's fine if you want to show people the character you got, but (we can't just go that far!).
  7. They get pretty unhappy when they see some characters having more alts than others in Heroes like Camilla, Lyn, and Lucina being the best victims of this. Also, petitions don't help either.
  8. Some of them are trolls who would want to spoil a game without warning by showing these. Is there really anything else to explain?
  9. A portion of them beg Nintendo and Intelligent Systems to give Fire Emblem another anime adaptation just because this anime only lasted two episodes (the reason behind this is due to lack of funding and/or interest). They even went as far as making these petitions.
  10. On the topic of petitions, some of them sound unnecessary or feel forced such as "Have AVGN review Fire Emblem Gaiden" or Convince Mason Ream to buy Fire Emblem Fates.
  11. When it comes to their favorite games and characters, they would act way too hard defending them like they are one of God's gifts.
  12. Evertime silhouettes of some new characters coming to Heroes were going to happen such as these, some would get too aggressive if they were to find out who are the characters in these pics.
  13. If you were to look up anything related to the Gacha mobile game (Heroes), you will find some videos that consist of thumbnails that feature something unconvincing (including clickbait) such as getting orbs faster.


  1. Some of them used to be former Fire Emblem fans, but turned back when things like modern Fire Emblem games (like Fates) or even the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes existed.
  2. They mostly come from the Super Smash Bros. Fandom. The answer? It's because they always rage when they find out that a Fire Emblem character gets added to the roster. We bet you saw that coming!
  3. Moral Guardians complain about the game series featuring "false gods", violence, fan-service, and even some characters having the option to have LGBT pairings. (such as Niles, Rhajat, Rhea, Linhardt, etc.), and some more messed up claims.
  4. Ironicaly enough, they (especially the Smash fanboys) never played Fire Emblem before yet they would hate it. It's pretty obvious that they can be bandwagoners. this post will talk about what we mean.
  5. Many of them hate the games for having an anime-like art style. How simple can you get? However, they don't seem to be bothered by anime-like art style featured in other games they may enjoy or even legit animes themselves.
  6. Some hate groups are still present in the hatedom such as the Moms against Fire Emblem group on Facebook.
  7. They stereotype the fans as weeaboos which is silly and offensive since not all of them are weeaboos. It does not help the fact that they still pin the blame on the anime art-style.
  8. Because of some characters being in the trope as lolis or "cute" characters (like Nowi, Tiki as she appears in Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, Elise, Sanaki, Delthea, Sothis, etc), they think that the fans are being pedophiles. They also forgot that some loli characters are aged differently than the average human such as Sothis (who is 1250+) or Nowi (who is said to be over 1,000 years old).
  9. Some dummies in the Smash Bros. Fandom would always think that nobody likes Fire Emblem which is false since some can either like it or be neutral towards it. They can still be present on anything related to both Smash and Fire Emblem.
  10. A few of them are from the Advance Wars Fandom and the Paper Mario Fandom. They blame Fire Emblem for hogging the spotlight to both series just because Intelligent Systems worked on these games.
  11. Some may be part of the Christianity Hatedom and the Judaism Hatedom due to how they found out about the etymology of some of the characters having names that reference these things such as Raphael (who has a name that is a reference to the archangel who announced the end of times in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), Nino (because of Saint Nino who is famous for introducing Christianity to Georgia in the 4th century), Priscilla (who has a name based on one of the earliest Christians who traveled with her husband (Aquila) on one of Saint Paul's journeys), Ephraim (who has a name that comes from the second son of Joseph), Judith (originates in the Hebrew Yehudi, and means "Jewish woman"), the Golems from Three Houses (being based on creatures from Jewish folklore), etc. This also applies to non-characters as well such as the spell Seraphim.

How Did They Win The War Anyways


  1. If you can look deeper, you can still find some good folks who either enjoy or don't care about the series for a legit reason.
  2. They may have good judgment about Fates being the mixed bag in the series.


  1. Some of them are mellow enough to take criticism and accept whatever goes on.
  2. Back then, the fandom wasn't too toxic. That's until the Awakening appeared.
  3. Some are patient for a possible new anime series.
  4. They can still make up good fan work such as art, cosplays, or OCs.
  5. Some fans of the older games started to like the newer games and some modern fans started to appreciate the older games.
  6. A chunk of them started to like Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. Similarly enough, some may enjoy Fates.
  7. Some of them may provide honest reasons to like or dislike certain ships, characters, and some games in the series.
  8. Most or a good number of them keep spoilers to themselves at the very least. They can also do a spoiler warning.
  9. They can be pretty good at giving tips to people who are in a struggle in the series.


  1. They may have a point that the game can still be frustrating for some people since this is a tactical RPG after all. Plus, some downsides are still present in the games such as Skill level growth being slow in Three Houses or some characters having ridiculous recruitment requirements (The Blazing Sword is a good example of this).
  2. Some haters are fine with Fire Emblem characters joining Super Smash Bros. They might main them!
  3. Not all of them hate the anime-art style or whatever else is there.



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