Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom and Hatedom

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Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom and Hatedom
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No pizza for you!
Type: Video Game Fandom
Video Game Hatedom
Status: Active (Fandom)
Semi-Active (Hatedom)

Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror video game franchise whose first entry was released in August 2014, developed by American game developer and film animator Scott Cawthon. When it got released, it got a toxic fandom. After the fandom got toxic, people grew a big hatedom on the game just because of them.

Why They Both Should Get a Jumpscare


  1. Some parts of the fandom harass Scott Cawthon for not making games quickly enough.
  2. The other part of the fandom makes inappropriate and outright questionable fan-art of the characters (usually anthromorphic animals) sexualized, which is disturbing since they are animatronics.
  3. The majority of the fans in the fandom are pretty immature.
  4. When Scott Cawthon ended up canceling Five Nights at Freddy's 6 (which later he technically didn't as revealed, his FNAF-based Simulator Game was a real final canonical game of the series), the fans went insane and began attacking him for it. It got so bad, that he was horrified by what had happened!
  5. They can't handle people's negative views on the franchise. They will attack someone for hating FNAF and spam awful grammars, emojis and death threats.
  6. A Vyond user who loves FNAF even made a grounded video out of the Purple Guy.
  7. Recoloring every FNAF characters as OCs somehow.
  8. Animatronic porn/fetishes by Yiffers or objectophiles who are fans of the series (especially with Chica and Foxy in the first game, and Mangle/Toy Foxy and Toy Chica in the second one). This in turn just ends up giving the furry hatedom fuel for their fire.
  9. They completely ruined the reputation for Chuck E Cheese's, for example, they think the 1980s Chuck E. shown here comes out at every Chuck E. Cheese at 3 AM-midnight, when it's false because they are either at collector's houses, at the Chuck E. Cheese's Dept. 18 and/or most likely, in the scrapyard.
  10. You're almost guaranteed to get mass hate for your opinions and theories on the series and endless attempts to change your opinion; finding Mangle to be a male and disbelieving Purple Guy and the Phone Guy to be same the person being the two worst cases. People spam arguments for Female Mangle or Purple Phone Guy over and over again like it's an objective fact. Before it was confirmed by Scott, disbelief in the Bite of '83 was the third wheel in this countdown and would also lead to mass resent.
  11. There are some who are part of the Team Fortress 2 Fandom, PewDiePie Fandom and the My Little Pony Fandom (because of the Five Nights at Pinkie's fangame).
  12. They believe the "Foxy is a good guy" theory, and they will bash you if you say that Foxy is a villain, and there are reasons why he is bad.
    • In the first game they say he caused the Bite of '87 without any proof and they do not realize he is orbiting his jaw at you, for that matter all the animatronics (except for Golden Freddy) have the same scream.
    • In Five Nights at Freddy's 2 they say he is saying freedom and he is "hugging" you, but most of the animatronics share a scream and they fail to acknowledge Foxy is trying to bite you, which is also true for Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
      • Speaking of Foxy they don't just like him, they look up to him.
  13. They make some bad shippings such as Foxy x Chica, Freddy x Bonnie, Springtrap x Golden Freddy, etc.
  14. They make terrible fan games (especially in Scratch), see on Crappy Games Wiki.
  15. They mostly start flame wars with the Undertale Fandom just because Undertale was more popular than FNAF back then.
  16. The infamous "I want to be an animatronic" line.
  17. They are the reason why the sequels were rushed because of number 1, causing them to be even worse than the first game.
  18. Some of them can be pedophiles, since some of them draw porn/NSFW fan art of the animatronics. (The animatronics from the first game are implied to have dead children in them, and not only is that considered child porn but also necrophilia).
  19. Some make poor reasons to love the franchise, especially for the characters. They even go as far by thinking they are stronger than characters from other series and that the FNAF animatronics are real.
  20. Just like the Undertale fandom, some can't stop saying that they love FNAF and they would comment on non-FNAF-related videos.
  21. Though some animations are great, there's some really terrible animations of FNAF on YouTube.


  1. Many of them went overboard with their hate on Scott Cawthon (the creator) as they wished DEATH on him!
  2. They allied on other hatebases like UTTP, the Anti-Furry Community, My Little Pony hatedom, PewDiePie Hatedom and many others.
  3. They only hate the game because of its fandom.
    • They even think that the fanbase and the shippings killed the game, even when the fanbase doesn't count as a quality of the game and the ships aren't canon.
  4. They made a lot of anti-FNAF communities on Google+, and stated they were going to level raid on FNAF users or FNAF communities. Thankfully, this raid level ended permanently.
  5. If you make part of the community or make content involving the series, you'll get called out regardless if you're a sane fan. A FNAF fan got doxxed and pizza bombed for just simply liking it.
  6. There are tons of hate videos and hate art involving the FNAF series.
  7. They're completely hypocritical. While the hatebase admitted that the fanbase can't take criticism at all, the hatedom is no different.
  8. It got to the point where they thought that all FNAF fans are "sub-humans" and wanted to commit a second Holocaust on them!
  9. They're everywhere on TheTopTens.
  10. They are otherwise soccer moms who accuse Scott of being a pedophile just for featuring dead children in his games, seriously! (This is not how pedophilia works. Pedophilia is a mental disease that makes a person sexually attracted to children, FNAF doesn't contain anything sexual, let alone sexual content on children!)
  11. Some of them are a part of the Chuck E Cheese's and Undertale fandoms.
  12. Some of them treat the series like it was worse than Adolf Hitler. (How can a video game franchise be worse than a man who killed a lot of innocent persons?)
  13. Some of them are part of the toxic side of the Resident Evil fandom and the JoJo fandom.

How They Survived The Night (Redeeming Qualities)


  1. Since late 2015 with Five Night's of Freddy's 4 release and hype dying out, the fandom is slowly decreasing of following and by the time with Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator (which acts as last game of series), most the former fans moved on to other fandoms and creating new or current video games to popularize.
  2. Some of the fan games are very well made. Examples include:
    1. Five Nights at Candy's; by Emil Macko
    2. Those Nights at Rachel's 1 & 2 and The Joy of Creation; by Nickson.
    3. POPGOES; by Kane Carter.
  3. Some fans are pretty mature, and they respect the views on the franchise different from theirs.
  4. Some theories are actually well thought-out.
  5. Some fans make great fanart.
  6. Some FNAF songs are pretty good as well. (E.g Die In a Fire, Break My Mind, Daddy's Little Monsters, etc.)
  7. There's some really great SFM animations, despite it's toxicness.
  8. As mentioned in #1, the fandom became much less toxic as it used to be during the first two games.
  9. They helped to increase Chuck E Cheese's popularity.


  1. They have good (or at least valid) reasons to why they hate Five Nights at Freddy's.
  2. At least they do have good points towards the fanbase, not counting some of their insane ramblings.
  3. Some haters simply just dislike the game and respect the people who enjoy it.
  4. Some reasoned haters, like I Hate Everything, who hates it because it's boring.

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"Why They Both Should be Banned from the Pizzeria"

That's not fair. Don't ban all FNAF fans from the pizzeria just because specific fans are toxic. I promise, I'm not one of those fans, and I do respect the opinions of some of the haters since they sometimes do have valid reasons.


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About SFM FNaF animations? Some of them can be well animated and enjoyable. Well, they can be funny, spooky, interesting, dramatic and stuff.