Game Freak Ironic Hatedom

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Game Freak Ironic Hatedom
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These haters have become way more freaks than this company!
Nickname: NatDexers
Type: Company Hatedom
Status: Extremely Active

Game Freak is a Japanese company most famously known for the mainline Pokémon games. They have also worked on series like Pulseman, Drill Dozer, Harmoknight, and Little Town Hero. However, following the decision to not be able to transfer all Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, they have become hated with a toxic hatedom.

Why They're Freaks Themselves

  1. Many of them basically hate the company just because of the fact that they weren't able to port all the Pokémon over to Sword and Shield, which has caused all of the reasons listed.
  2. They make up the majority of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Hatedom and the Bring Back National Dex movement, as well as the Know Your Meme Community.
  3. They accused Game Freak of lying just because of an article claiming that they had to make new models when they never were intended to, they had to rework the models so they could fit the Switch properly (such as Rimbobee, who's wings are noticeably larger than they were in Gen VII). So the whole "lie" was nothing but fake news.
  4. They shamefully call Game Freak lazy over not being able to port all Pokémon over, but considering how much work has to be done for an HD game and handling a multimedia franchise as they plan the games after the release of Sun and Moon.
  5. They praise both Pokémon Battle Revolution and Temtem, just to spite Game Freak and make them look bad.
    • Considering the fact that Battle Revolution had also done the same practice of reusing animations from the previous Stadium titles as well as models being used from a 64 console, its blatant hypocrisy.
  6. They compare the company to EA, even going as far as calling them Game FrEAk, when it such a ridiculous comparison to begin with. How a company that decided to not allow all previously playable characters being allowed to be transferred in one game is even closely comparable to a company that not only put microtransactions and loot-boxes in their games but also tried to consider that loot boxes weren't gambling is completely out of the question.
  7. Their arrogant claim that “Game Freak is a 94 billion dollar company” shows that these haters have absolutely zero ideas or logic on how business works. They ignore that not all the money goes to Game Freak, but also the fact the budgets still exist and the fact that the multimedia aspect of the series has actually put them in pressure.
  8. They fail to realize the real reason that the decision was made was so they were able to focus on the overall game and new Pokémon instead of wasting resources to put all the old Pokémon back even though most of them aren't without transferring. This was also done in a collab decision with Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company.
  9. Also speaking of the collab decision, it's complete proof that this hatedom has double standards. They have bashed Game Freak, accuse them of being greedy and lazy, and compared them to EA just because they cant have all Pokémon available, but yet they not only chose to ignore Nintendo but even defend them despite they also contributed to the decision.
  10. They label fans who defend Game Freak as "apologists", "bootlickers", "shills", and even "fake fans".
  11. They even went as far as making a hate page out of them on Crappy Games Wiki, before it was shortly deleted due to being nothing but NatDexer propaganda.
  12. They claim that Game Freak doesn't care about their fans, but yet they ignore the fact that has responded to the outlash, responding to various criticism from the last generation's flaws. Such as giving some non-Kanto Pokémon regional variants, revealing less before release, being able to skip tutorials and cutscenes, and lastly even doing DLC after people claimed the US/UM should’ve been DLC.
  13. They want Game Freak to hand-over the Pokemon series to Genius Soronity when it’s completely unlikely for a company, in general, to give up a franchise, and in addition, if another company was to work on the main series, they would face the same problems such as being forced to finish games under a timeline and not being able to delay the game due to the multimedia aspect.
  14. Their bullying of the staff has given the staff low morale, and these people showed nor sympathy or feeling towards this company.
  15. When people spread #ThankYouGameFreak (due to the previous point), many of these selfish people said "#ThankYouGameFreak for removing Pokemon" or #FuckYouGameFreak which is disrespectful.
  16. They accused Game Freak of bribing reviewers just because Sword and Shield were given positive reception.
  17. Their treatment of Junichi Masuda is just as horrible as the company in general.
    • They scapegoated him because of the decision when he isn't even directing the games
    • They compared Thanos to him, how is a guy who is producing Pokémon games or someone in game development, in general, is even comparable to a genocidal maniac.
    • They also wanted Masuda to be fired with the #FireMasuda hashtag, Masuda has nothing to be fired for since he didn’t make the entire decision.
    • They even disrespected Masuda on his own birthday and whenever he praises fan art as well as someone’s wedding.
  18. They think that just because Sword and Shield sold well means that Game Freak wouldn’t care about the series. Not only do they ignore all of the QOL improvements from the Sun and Moon criticisms, but also just shows how disrespectful they treat the company.
  19. Considering all of the disrespect towards the Game Freak staff, these man-children have the nerve to claim themselves as “Pokémon fans”, but with the disrespectful and shameful attitude towards the staff, they don’t even deserve to be labeled as fans of Pokémon. They have gone to inhumane lengths to demonize Game Freak and their staff, as well as insulted everyone who liked Pokémon Sword and Shield.
  20. Even the Know Your Meme community is part of this hatedom, as they are extremely biased towards Game Freak, and will downvote and attack anyone or anything that defends GF.